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  1. I purchased an Apple Watch on May 14. I’ve been calling Apple back-and-forth since then (it is currently mid August). They finally figured out my refund five months later. This was such an inconvenience, and makes me never wanna buy anything from Apple again. The customer support was rude and didn’t make my issues feel validated.

    1. In order to stay fair and objective, I don’t take submissions from vendors. You can try other sites. As you may know, many of the major tech sites are really just marketing in guise of journalism. 9-to-5 Mac is a good example. Just read their headlines, and it’s painfully obvious. They delete negative comments about Apple, even if they are true and offer specific details about product flaws. They’re basically doing marketing for Apple and make it seem like a tech website. Other sites do this for other corporations. I just mention 9-to-5 Mac because they are an obvious example of marketing disguised as journalism.

      I get a fair number of offers, often with promises of payment, to write favorable reviews. I don’t do it. I don’t like that the Internet has so much fake news. I really don’t do many reviews, as I prefer to focus on instructional content. I only write reviews for products I use and feel strongly about (like or dislike).

      I don’t fault you for trying. I’m sure you’ve read that this is the way it works, and in general, it does. There’s nothing wrong to ask, but this site doesn’t work like that.

      My advice — create a website and update it with new content regularly. Learn SEO. I just Googled “propaganda TV” but I couldn’t find a website. It’s really easy to create a website with WordPress or Blogger. Then just update it regularly with new content. Given the subject matter, you can definitely add new content regularly. It will pay off over time.

      You can also buy ads. I recommend using Google’s AdWords, as your ads will only show up for specific keywords that you bid on. They also go to great lengths to ensure that you get what you pay for.

      I recommend staying away from Facebook and their advertising, as it is a sham. They use click farms to fake engagement. In general, the social media strategy for product promotion is highly overrated. Facebook is designed to make Zuckerberg and their stockholders wealthy. They don’t want users to take their eyes of Facebook. This is why you typically see the same old ads on Facebook. I guess the Dollar Shave Club hasn’t figured this out yet.

      You can also spread the word about your app on various online forums. Just don’t be too spammy about it, or else they will delete your account.

      As for Appledystopia, I grew this site simply through hard work. I focus on writing content and stay away from the schemes. Google doesn’t like the schemes, so they eventually crack down on them. Just be careful, because there are all sorts of scams out there. Facebook is just one of them. In my experience, the only way to get high quality traffic is to focus on high quality content. Start a website, write content for it, and you will get page views. It won’t happen overnight, but in the long run, it will be worth it. Learn about SEO so you can write content that your potential customers can find.

  2. It’s quite possible the iPad Pro outsold the Surface Pro. As we’ve discussed and are both in agreement that there is really NOTHING Pro about the iPad Pro. It’s an over sized iPad. Heck, how lazy has Apple gotten since Steve Jobs made sure the company did things the right? If you look at the iPad Pro UI, Apple did not allow for additional App Icons on the horizontal rows. It’s the EXACT same layout as they use on every other iPad.

    Come to think of it, the iPad is still stuck in 2010 as it really has not changed the user experience a whole lot. In fact it’s safe to safe things have gotten worse. Meanwhile Microsoft to their credit has moved on to a well balanced Tablet Hybrid aka Surface Pro. And other vendors are following Microsoft’s lead.

    And you wonder why analyst who follow Apple are concerned that they are living off of “Daddy’s Inheritance” aka Steve Jobs?

    1. I read that on some Apple-biased site. That’s the optimistic view. But the reality is, when we look at every touch-screen 2-in-1 Windows machine, the iPad isn’t selling well in comparison. They also seem to have selected a time frame to Apple’s advantage. The Surface is quite expensive. I am still considering buying a Windows 2-in-1, but the Surface isn’t in the running. It’s too expensive for what I need.

      I agree. The iPad is old hat. It was never very good. I use it for writing up articles when I need to be in my living room referencing my Apple TV. Even for this small task, it is very frustrating. It will randomly select text, and if I am not careful, it will overwrite what I have written. I just had a bad experience with that this morning, and I am unsure whether I deleted part of my article. It’s not even good for the most basic tasks, because of the UI design. Even if it didn’t have this critical flaw, I am three times more productive on a Mac. Just the simple process of highlighting text, copying, cutting and pasting are so clunky, no matter how new or fast an iPad is. It’s OK when you can’t get to a proper computer. I know, there are tradeoffs with mobile computing. Does Apple know this? It would seem they don’t as they are trying to sell a mobile OS to corporate users for doing actual work. It might be appropriate for field workers. If you are checking gas pipes or electrical lines, an iPad is great. I saw an AT&T guy using an iPad for some field work he was doing. It has its place, but I think Apple is a bit delusional about its capabilities.

    1. The table market is saturated and there’s no need to upgrade. I think they have also alienated people like us, who bought tablets hoping the technology would improve, only to find that it has become worse.

      I think Apple made a big mistake using iOS for the iPad. They should have done what Microsoft did — use a full, desktop OS for a tablet. I saw a headline from some Apple-biased site claiming that the iPad Pro outsold the Microsoft Surface this Christmas. If that’s true, what about the myriad 2-in-1 devices made by PC makers? They count, because they can be used as tablet. Also, the time period in that report may be misleading. The Surface has been around longer, so it may be more saturated. People aren’t going to buy a new Surface every year.

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