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Don't believe the hype

Don’t Believe the Hype (DBTH)

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Remember the days when the news told the truth? So do we. Unfortunately, some were born after the rise of misinformation and have never experienced truth in the media.

Much like there are left-wing and ring-wing news outlets, technology news and information are similarly polarized. You have your Android sites, Apple portals, and maybe a little love for Windows, but the vast majority project the corporate narrative — this new product is the best/worst thing ever, depending on who’s paying the bills.

Then there’s the clickbait. No, there won’t be an Apple Car.

We loathe social media. So much that it’s not even worth explaining… Once in a while, we get drawn in by the hype, but mostly we try to dissuade people from wasting their lives online.

But most of the hype we combat comes straight from Cupertino. We love Apple. They make some great products. But Dynamic Island? Come on…


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