Air Wings for Apple TV

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Air Wings for Apple TV

With a limited selection of games, Apple TV gaming is still in its infancy. This article reviews Air Wings, one of the best games for Apple TV.

The latest Apple TV is a radical departure from previous models. Apart from being slightly taller, the actual device looks the same. Inside, the device features a powerful 64-bit A8 processor, enabling mind-blowing gaming capabilities. Don’t judge Apple TV by its diminutive size. This little hockey puck supports graphics and buttery smooth animation rivaling any dedicated game console.

Apple TV is Powerful

Apple is known for packing a tremendous amount of power into small devices. Apple TV is no exception. Their A-series processors are designed to run Apple operating systems and apps. They’re not off-the-rack processors running inefficient operating systems with apps that run in virtual machines. Apple TV even features Metal, the API enabling graphics code to run directly on the hardware. With apps compiled to machine language and a ridiculously efficient OS, that little Apple TV is a powerhouse gaming device.

Siri Remote Is Excellent for Some Games

System integration is another thing that Apple does well. The Siri Remote is a perfect example. Instead of providing a generic gaming controller or ugly, 50-button remote, Apple supplies a simple, elegant controller. With a gyroscope, accelerometer and Touch surface, the Siri Remote makes for an excellent gaming controller.

The Siri Remote doesn’t work well with every game. After all, most console games rely on industry standard gaming controllers, which are compatible with Apple TV. That said, games designed to work with the Siri Remote offer impressive and intuitive controls. Players can drive a car by tilting the remote like a steering wheel. Aircraft can be controlled in a similar manner. The responsiveness is simply amazing, because the system integration is so tight. Apple TV is not a hodgepodge of disparate technology glued together with sloppy code. It’s tight!

Apple TV App Store Doesn’t Have a Lot of Games

Unfortunately, Apple TV, being relatively new, doesn’t offer a vast collection of games. The tvOS App Store gets bigger every day. Many of the games are ports of iOS games. This is low hanging fruit for developers, as tvOS is based on iOS. There are a few amazing games that blow away anything you’ve seen on more expensive gaming consoles. Air Wings is one of them. In fact, Air Wings is exclusive to Apple devices. Pangea Software, the developer, only creates apps for Apple products.

Disclaimer: Appledystopia Does Not Take Payola

Unlike many other websites, Appledystopia does not pass off marketing as journalism. This practice is rampant on the web. Many of the major sites you trust are being paid to write favorable product reviews. It’s perfectly legal to do this. Anyone who has studied history will know that this practice preceded the World Wide Web. Billionaires don’t buy newspapers because they’re directly profitable.

I’ve been approached by developers and media companies to write favorable content, and so far I have refused. I think it only pays off in the short-term. Trading integrity for a few hundred bucks is not my business model. I personally don’t enjoy writing marketing copy or being a shill.

This review is completely independent and based solely on my experience with the product. I enjoy playing Air Wings and I think this game just hasn’t earned the attention it deserves. Apple has never given this game its “Editor’s Choice” seal of approval. The games that get this distinction are usually not very good. Some of them are downright unplayable. next page →

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