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Apple TV tvOS Apps

Apple TV tvOS Apps

The new Apple TV brings apps to your living room with the tvOS operating system. This article lists the top tvOS apps and contains a video with every Apple TV app available in the App Store.

TV devices, such as Apple TV, are steadily gaining a presence in homes across the world. The latest Apple TV runs the tvOS operating system, which is similar to iOS for the iPhone and iPad. In fact, tvOS is based on core iOS code. This means that Apple TV is fully capable of running apps, just like your iPhone and iPad.

Previous models of Apple TV only offered “channels” and not apps. There was no App Store. Instead, Apple worked with developers and pushed new channels as they were made available. This kept the number of channels down, as developers just didn’t have the technology to develop apps or the market to deploy them. Furthermore, the technology only allowed for simple apps. At best, they could play video and retrieve data such as weather forecasts. The 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TVs were quite limited.

Apple launched the new and improved Apple TV 4 running the tvOS operating system. Along with tvOS, Apple created the App Store for Apple TV, providing a market for developers. Although the number of apps pales in comparison to the iOS App Store, they offer much more functionality than previous Apple TV channels. In addition to video content apps, the tvOS App Store offers games and other utilities. In fact, some tvOS games rival those found on game consoles.

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There’s a lot of tvOS apps in the App Store — too many to list in an article. New ones are added every day. It’s a moving target. Potential Apple TV owners are often curious about apps available to Apple TV. Unfortunately, they can’t browse the tvOS App Store without an Apple TV. A quick overview of the top 10 free and paid apps can assist potential Apple TV owners. Make sure to watch the video (below) showing every Apple TV app in the App Store.

Top 10 Free Apple TV tvOS Apps

Updated July 12, 2019

Netflix1. Netflix: Watch TV shows, movies and Netflix original programming. Requires a paid monthly subscription.


YouTube2. YouTube: Watch videos posted by creators from around the world. YouTube Red subscription (ad free experience and access to YouTube original programming) is optional.

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3. Amazon Prime Video: Enjoy thousands of TV shows and movies using your Amazon Prime membership. Requires a paid subscription.


Hulu4. Hulu: Watch recent and past episodes of popular TV shows and movies. Requires a paid monthly subscription.


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HBO NOW5. HBO NOW: Watch every HBO show and movie on demand. Requires a $14.99/mo subscription after the free trial expires.


6. FOX Sports: Watch live sporting events, such as the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019. Requires a TV provider subscription for activation.


Watch ESPN7. ESPN: Watch live and on demand sporting events. Requires activation with a participating TV provider.

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Spectrum8. Spectrum: Watch live TV and on demand video on your Apple TV. Requires a Spectrum cable and Internet subscription.


NBC9. NBC: Watch free episodes of popular NBC shows such as This is Us, Will and Grace and The Voice. Activation with a TV provider allows access to even more shows.


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HBO GO10. HBO GO: Watch every HBO show and movie on demand. Requires a TV provider and HBO subscription for activation.

Top 10 Paid Apple TV tvOS Apps

Updated July 12, 2019

Chameleon Run1. Chameleon Run: Fast paced auto runner game with excellent graphics and realistic physics. Price: $1.99


2. Live CCTV Spy Camera Footages: Watch live CCTV footage of your favorite streets and places. Price: $0.99

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ISS Live Feed3. ISS Live Feed: Watch the International Space Station’s live feed in high definition. Price: $0.99


Player for Spotify4. Player for Spotify: Play Spotify music natively on Apple TV, without AirPlay. Price: $9.99


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Infuse Pro 65. Infuse Pro 6: Watch almost any video format on Apple TV. Stream videos stored on you Mac, Windows PC, NAS or other device. Price $24.99


TV Box6: Tv-Box: Watch live TV channels from around the world with this IPTV app. Price: $4.99


Quiplash7. Quiplash: From the creators of You Don’t Know Jack, this party game tests participants’ “wit and wittiness”. Price: $9.99

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Rush Rally8. Rush Rally 3: Race friends, automated opponents and online in this fast-pace auto racing game. A game controller is optional Price: $3.99


Maps for TV9. Maps for TV: Mapping app for tvOS. Maps for TV can display the location of a company based on its phone number. Price: $0.99


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AG Drive10. AG Drive: This fast-paced, futuristic racing game is an excellent challenge for the dexterous gamer. A game controller is optional. Price: $2.99

All Apple TV tvOS Apps

If you want a complete overview of every Apple TV app, YouTuber AskUncleDavecom has created a video with a full list of tvOS apps. It features screenshots taken directly from the App Store, as he searches and scrolls the entire catalog of apps.

As you can see, Apple TV offers tons of tvOS apps. While it pales in comparison to the iOS App Store, the selection of tvOS apps continues to grow. As the platform gains in popularity, the selection of apps will expand.

If you’re looking for a specific Apple TV app, please leave a comment below. I’ll search for the app and post a reply.

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