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As the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac become more complicated, Apple’s documentation seems unable to keep up. You can always head to the Apple Store, but that’s inconvenient. It’s not good for the environment, and we all know Apple is gravely concerned about climate change. Plus, gas is expensive, so there’s that.

Fortunately, Appledystopia hosts numerous how-to guides and tutorials, and we’re creating new ones every day. We specialize in explaining complicated subjects to non-technical people. Many of our popular how-to articles have been around for over a decade and are updated frequently to keep up with rapidly changing technology.

How-To Guides

August 9, 2023iPad Not Charging? Here’s How to Fix It.
July 8, 2023How to Turn On Private Browsing in Safari
July 5, 2023Haptics on iPhone: A Complete Guide
June 13, 2023How to Fix Your iPhone’s Screen
May 21, 2023How to Calibrate Your iPhone’s Screen
May 4, 2023How to Fine-Tune the Best Equalizer Settings
March 29, 2023How to Reset Battery Health on Your iPhone
March 24, 2023Apple TV+: How to Watch and Get Three Months Free
March 3, 2023How to Get a Free iPhone
February 28, 2023Easy Steps For Watching YouTube on Your TV
February 25, 2023A Step-by-Step Guide to Screen Record on iPhone
February 22, 2023How to Browse Websites With Your Apple Watch
February 13, 2023How to Drop Pins in Google Maps and Apple Maps
February 6, 2023How to Do Account Creation in Gmail
January 22, 2023How to Replace Your Apple Watch Screen
January 16, 2023How to Use Your iPhone, iPad, or Mac with a Video Projector
January 15, 2023How to Find the Best Apple Music Plan
January 13, 2023Apple Pencil Not Charging? Here’s How to Fix It.
January 9, 2023How to Sign In to Apple Music
January 6, 2023How to Block Emails on Your iPhone
January 3, 2023Deleting Apps on Your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Apple TV
January 3, 2022How to Fix AirPods Not Connecting to Your iPhone
December 31, 2022How to Find the Cheapest iPhone
December 10, 2022Use Your iPhone to Wake Up to Your Favorite Song
December 5, 2022How to Use Your iPhone’s Microphone
December 3, 2022How to Cancel Accidental iPhone Emergency SOS Call
December 1, 2022How to Use iPhone Optimized Battery Charging
November 30, 2022How to Fix Incorrect Dates in Google Search Results
November 26, 2022How to Remotely Disconnect Devices from Netflix
November 26, 2022How to Use iPhone Emergency SOS via Satellite
November 24, 2022How to Use Your iPhone’s Always-On Display
November 22, 2022How to Adjust Volume Limiting on Your iPhone
November 21, 2022How to Setup eSIM on Your iPhone
September 6, 2022How to Fix iPhone Auto-Correction
August 7, 2022How to Find Loved Apple Music Songs
August 1, 2022How to Identify Plants, Dogs, Cats, Landmarks, and Art With Your iPhone Camera
June 22, 2022How to Cancel Apple TV Channel Subscriptions
August 17, 2021How to Fix FaceTime Black Screen Flashes
May 26, 2019How to Use Your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot
May 24, 2019How to Make WiFi Calls on Your iPhone
May 22, 2019How to Use Less Cellular Data on Your iPhone
February 21, 2019How to Turn off iPhone and iPad Auto-Brightness
February 18, 2019Getting Started with Google Fi for the iPhone
February 8, 2019How to Use iOS Control Center
February 5, 2019How to Use 4G LTE for Home Internet
February 3, 2019How to Adjust Netflix Video Quality on the iPhone, Mac, and Apple TV
January 9, 2019How To Submit a Bug Report to Apple
December 30, 2018How to Make Your iPhone Last (Almost) Forever
September 15, 2018Use iWork on macOS, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS for Free
May 4, 2018How to Speed up Your iPhone
January 8, 2018Replace iPhone Battery for $29
January 6, 2018Check If Failing Battery Is Slowing Down Your iPhone
December 18, 2017Use Less Cellular Data on Netflix
August 26, 2017Stop WiFi Theft
July 29, 2017Check and Charge SteelSeries Nimbus Battery
July 18, 2017Apple TV Music Visualizer
June 29, 2017iPhone: Fix Rest Finger on Home Button to Open
June 22, 2017Check How Much Storage Space Is Left on Apple TV
June 20, 2017Adjust Subtitles on Apple TV
June 15, 2017Make Siri Talk on Apple TV
May 29, 2017Customize iPhone Without Jailbreaking
April 17, 2017Prevent AirPlay from Dropping Out
February 23, 2017Force Reminders to Sync
February 21, 2017Add a Website to Your iPhone Home Screen
February 12, 2017Turn off Apple ID Two Factor Authentication
February 2, 2017Fix Stuck iPhone Software Update
January 17, 2017How to Check If a Used iPhone Is Stolen
December 24, 2016Watch Google Play Movies and TV Shows on Apple TV
November 26, 2016Rent iTunes Movies for 99 Cents
November 16, 2016Tweak Mac Dock for More Screen Area
October 7, 2016Apple TV 4: Fix Distorted Audio
September 29, 2016Apple TV 4: Using the Home Screen Marquee
September 4, 2016Fix Flickering Apple TV 4
August 31, 2016Apple TV 4: Using Folders
August 26, 2016Apple TV 4: Peer-To-Peer AirPlay Without WiFi
August 18, 2016Rename Apple TV
August 12, 2016Charging the Siri Remote
July 21, 2016Watch News on Apple TV 4
June 11, 2016Apple TV 4: Fix WiFi Problems
June 6, 2016Adobe Flash: Fix Choppy Full Screen Video
May 8, 2016Apple TV 4: Using the Remote App
April 23, 2016Getting Started with the Google Ecosystem for the iPhone
April 20, 2016Apple TV 4: Hidden Advanced Settings Menu
April 11, 2016Play Spotify on Apple TV 4
March 28, 2016Fix Frozen Apple TV 4
March 22, 2016Apple TV 4: Using AirPlay
March 12, 2016Apple TV 4: Using the App Store
March 11, 2016Block Calls on iPhone
March 2, 2016Apple TV 4: Fix Blank Screensaver
February 25, 2016Apple TV 4: The Unofficial Manual
February 17, 2016Apple TV 4: Restrictions and Parental Controls
February 5, 2016Siri Commands for Apple TV 4
January 24, 2016Apple TV 4: Using the Siri Remote
January 15, 2016Getting Started with Apple TV 4
December 10, 2015How to Extend iPhone Battery Lifespan
November 27, 2015Secure iPhone on Public WiFi
October 3, 2015How to Cancel Apple Music
September 5, 2015Fix “An Error Occurred Loading This Content”
July 28, 2015Getting Started with Apple Music for the iPhone
June 23, 2015Fix iPhone WiFi
June 8, 2015Get Two Weeks of Hulu for Free
June 2, 2015Use Headphones with Apple TV
May 31, 2015Fast-Forward and Rewind iPhone Video Without Scrub
May 27, 2015View HTML Source for Free on iPhone, iPad, and Mac
May 18, 2015Find the Best TV Shows
May 16, 2015Save Over $1 a Month on HBO NOW
May 13, 2015How to Watch YouTube on Apple TV 2
April 25, 2015iPhone Headphone Controls
January 2, 2015How to Erase iPhone
December 4, 2014How to Connect Apple TV to a Stereo
October 9, 2014iOS 8: How to Install Widgets
October 7, 2014iOS 8: How to Install a Keyboard
August 24, 2014How to Replace Your iPhone’s Battery
August 8, 2014Change iTunes Video Quality on iPhone, Mac and Apple TV
June 13, 2014Watch World Cup for Free on the iPhone
May 30, 2014How To Search Within Page in Safari for iPhone
May 28, 2014How to Fix an iPhone That Won’t Turn On
April 3, 2014How to Restrict Apple TV Content and Purchases
March 26, 2014How to Fix Cannot Connect to App Store, Apple TV, Apple Music, and More…
March 4, 2014How to Free up Space on Your iPhone
March 1, 2014How to Clean Your iPhone
February 27, 2014How to Arrange iPhone Icons in iTunes
November 30, 2013How To Find the Best Price for the iPad
November 28, 2013Find Lost iPhone
November 11, 2013How to Play Adobe Flash on the iPad
November 9, 2013How to Delete Music From the iPhone
October 1, 2013How to Calibrate Your iPhone’s Battery
August 15, 2013How To Upgrade iOS
May 30, 2013Setup Free Visual Voicemail
May 1, 2013Schedule iTunes Downloads
December 1, 2012Make Your iPhone Speak
August 3, 2012Fixing the Magic Trackpad
July 8, 2012Secure Your Files

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