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As the iPhone becomes more complicated, Apple’s documentation seems unable to keep up. You can always head to the Apple Store, but that’s inconvenient. It’s not good for the environment, and we all know Apple is gravely concerned about climate change. Plus, gas is expensive, so there’s that.

Fortunately, Appledystopia hosts numerous how-to guides and tutorials, and we’re creating new ones every day. We specialize in explaining complicated subjects to non-technical people. If you still need clarification, drop us a comment, and we usually respond within a few days.

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  1. Trying to factory reset my macbook pro I bought in 2013. Want to use a USB flash to install the OS possibly and format the c drive. Is this site for iPhones strictly?

    1. We probably won’t write a how-to guide on this issue, but, very quickly, if your MacBook Pro is a 2013 model, the latest version of macOS you can run is Big Sur.

      You’ll need to download this from Apple. Here’s the info:

      Newer versions of macOS can be reset much like an iPhone. But if you’re using something older, you can re-install the OS from an external source.

      1. You replied! I figured out how to reset my MacBook. I found a link with instructions and commands, one of which I pasted into the terminal app. This erased the usb flash drive and turned into a bootable installer of Catalina.

        My MacBook has an intel processor and was released in 2012. I then followed the link’s instructions on rebooting the computer, holding the alt button down and getting to a disk utility or recovery mode which then allowed me to erase my Mac and then install the new OS.

        Wait a minute, I see that it is the same link you gave me. Thanks, say hi to Chando for me.

  2. If I already subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, etc. when I click on these apps, how do I sign in as a paid customer to these apps without being charged again?

    1. It depends on which device you’re using. Generally, you tap or click on a “sign in” link, which asks for your username (usually an email address) and password. If you don’t remember either, just go to the video streaming provider’s website, and they will have a tool to reset your authentication.

    1. There are numerous ways to watch live TV on Apple TV. I have reviewed Sling TV, Sony PlayStation Vue and DIRECTV NOW. Each of these services brings a live TV experience to Apple TV. Hulu and YouTube also offer live TV bundles for Apple TV.

      Of the three I have tried so far, I have to admit, they are inferior to cable. There’s a problem with missing content. Some bundles have missing channels, such as CBS and Comedy Central. This is because Viacom is charging a premium for others to stream these channels. A lot of sporting events and even movies and non-sports TV shows are blacked out.

      The technology is here, but it is stymied by cutthroat competition. The powers that be (networks, telecoms) want you to subscribe to cable or satellite TV.

      My advice would be to go ahead and get an Apple TV, but keep the receipt. You can try all of these live TV streaming services for free. If none of them work out, just cancel the trials and return your Apple TV.

      It seems like a lot of people have sold their Apple TVs. There’s a glut of used models. I wouldn’t recommend buying a used one, as they are often more expensive than a new one.

      I have been using Apple TV since 2010, and I prefer it to cable. That said, I am not a sports nut and I just watch TV in the evenings. It’s not for everyone. A family that watches a lot of TV will do better with cable.

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