Apple Employees Demonstrate Groupthink

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Founded in 2012, Appledystopia’s mission is to provide independent technology news, reviews, tips, and tutorials, mostly revolving around the Apple ecosystem. With our small, dedicated team of experienced writers, you’ll find we differ from corporate websites that regurgitate Apple’s public relations and marketing. Unlike large corporate websites, our writers also know how to write code. We’ve all worked in technology for decades. Appledystopia can offer insight far beyond the corporate media.

With two team members in the Silicon Valley and one in Boston, we’re well-situated to absorb any information from big tech. We know and have worked with Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft employees. Our editor-in-chief worked at Intuit and CVS/Caremark for most of his professional life. At Appledystopia, we live technology.

Appledystopia is fiercely independent. We can get away with being honest about technology because we’re not accountable to any corporation. We work for you, the reader. We never host sponsored content. We don’t abide by tech corporations’ marketing and PR departments. Our goal is to provide high-quality articles to improve your technological life.

The Hype Stops Here

Are you sick of clickbait? So are we. Unfortunately, the majority of big, corporate tech websites thrive on hype.

The Apple Car is a perfect example. Top tech writers bring out Apple Car rumors whenever it’s a slow news day. First, we heard that the Apple Car was coming in 2020. It’s 2022, and still no Apple Car. Now they pushed the goal post up to 2025. Apart from some beta testing, there aren’t even self-driving cars, let alone one from Apple. The “best” tech writers made it up so you’d look at ads on their website.

Appledystopia wrote about the Apple Car years ago, saying it was complete hype. We were right. Apple isn’t working on a car. Unscrupulous writers were working on enriching their employers and wasting your time with Apple fan fiction.

We’re not perfect, but we don’t profit from hype, misinformation, and lies.

Beyond the Superficial

Don’t you hate it when you read an article or watch a YouTube video, and they only mention the most superficial aspects of a product? So do we. We can all see that the new iPhone comes in various colors. Yes, the screen looks nice. It feels good in one’s hand. But what can it do? Why should anyone buy it? Those are questions we answer.

We love getting into the nitty-gritty of technology. If there’s a new security flaw, we’ll explain how it works in great detail and how you can fix it. Curious about how batteries, processors, and software work? We love to explain complicated subjects to regular folks.

We Are Not Laypeople

The problem with tech journalism is that laypeople mostly create content. They’ve never written a line of code. Many of them barely know how to use an iPhone. Yet they write articles that seem more like fiction than reality. Many are dishonest and make up false leaks, clickbait, and other garbage. Because they work at major publications like BloombergThe Wall Street JournalThe VergeBGR, and many others, they’re cloaked in a sheen of legitimacy. We see right through it.

Twitter is like some supernatural force to the average tech journalist. I’ve read some who think every time a user posts a Tweet, it’s added to every follower’s feed. That’s cute, like a momma bird regurgitating worms into many baby birds’ mouths. But that’s not how it works. Also, Twitter is one of the least-used social networks, but since journalists use it to earn extra income and fame, it helped propel a scrappy, bare-bones social media platform to superstar status.

I remember back when the iPhone 5S came out. It was the first smartphone with a 64-bit processor. The media panned it as Apple releasing the same phone all over again because it looked the same. They’re unaware of the difference between a 32-bit and 64-bit processor. Today, we see the media drooling over Dynamic Island, because Apple told them it’s impressive. It’s animated graphics on a phone screen. Time for a reality check!

We’re not quite sure how these people gain employment. If you’re a sports writer, you know about football, baseball, and related activities. Someone covering the White House usually knows about the government. But when it comes to technology, we let anyone who owns an iPhone tell us technological fairytales. Because they’re considered journalists, some assume they’re unbiased and knowledgable. We don’t make this assumption.

Each one of our writers has a background in technology. We were never impressed by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platform. We don’t even consider these companies to be big tech. Is Frito-Lay a big tech company? They employ far more sophisticated technology than Twitter. Yes, the company that makes your Cheetos is more technically advanced than Twitter. So why all the fuss?

If you’re educated in technology and bristled by ridiculous tech reporting, then Appledystopia is for you. Even if you’re not versed in technology, we love to explain complex subjects to regular people. If you need help understanding something, leave a comment, and we’ll most likely get back to you within a few days.

Beware of Copycats, and Copycats Beware

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, about a dozen websites love Appledystopia. They take our original articles, paraphrase them, add some extra, unnecessary steps, and magically appear at the top of search results. Beware of these sites, even if they smell right. It’s just the corporate cologne — some spiffy graphic design. When they steal our content, they add additional, unnecessary steps, some of which are detrimental. They’re trying to profit at your expense.

Our popular article, “How to Calibrate iPhone Battery,” is a decade old, updated regularly, and ripped off frequently. A few big corporate sites owned by media conglomerates are stealing our content. We report them every time. Unfortunately, to evade detection, they alter our helpful content into less useful material, making you perform extra steps in a tutorial so they can rank higher. That’s so unfair to readers.

Appledystopia Is On Your Side

We are consumer advocates. We always take the people over profit or corporations. To that extent, we like to help people find the best prices and deals on Apple products. We know Apple gear is expensive, but you can find fantastic deals if you shop around.

Although we partner with Amazon, we also create and maintain content to help you save money at other retailers. We have no relationship with them. Our goal is to find you the lowest price on an Apple product. If Costco sells it for less than Amazon, we’ll inform you.

We’ll also tell you when last year’s model is a good deal. Sometimes Apple’s product refreshes leave much to be desired. If so, buying last year’s iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or MacBook may be an excellent value. If this is the case, we’ll let you know.

We Don’t Do Social Media

It may surprise a lot of folks, but Appledystopia doesn’t have a Twitter account or Facebook feed. We don’t Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok either. We see it as a waste of time. It’s a better use of our time to create content.

We don’t have a high opinion of social media. In the Silicon Valley, Twitter and Meta employees think they’re rock stars. That analogy fits because many rock stars have no talent other than having cool hair. What do they do all day at Twitter and Meta? Maybe they read Appledystopia.

Feel free to share our work on social media. Email also works. You can link to our articles from your blog or website. Send your friend a news story via Messages. I wouldn’t recommend reciting our URLs to friends, strangers, or relatives, but it’s possible.

We Don’t Do Sponsored Content

Many website owners are landlords. They rent out their websites to any Tom, Dick, or Harry who pays them to publish an article. Most of the pieces are ads masquerading as content. This business is known as “sponsored content.”

Appledystopia does not participate in any sponsored content scheme. Our team writes all of our articles. We refuse all requests to publish sponsored content and guest posts.

We Care About What You Think

As the Internet has become hostile, many websites are removing their comments section. We won’t do this. Appledystopia cares about what you think. No question is too stupid. Drop us a line if you love, hate, or relate to one of our articles. If we make a mistake, let us know, and if we agree, we’ll fix it.


  1. I like that you’re not an Apple fanboy and that you’re independent. I can’t trust what I read on the sites where the bloggers are paid to promote something.

    Is this a good place for a non-techie to “ask a tech geek why my device is doing (blank)?” For example, tonight my iPhone and iPad both buzzed with pic sharing suggestions that I’d never seen before. It startled me. Is that some kind of update?

  2. Request for Guest Paid Post on [appledystopia.com]

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    My name is Shay and I recently came across your blog – https://www.appledystopia.com/.

    I really like the content that you’ve published, and wondered if you’d be open to me writing a guest post for your blog?

    If you are, I’d like like to know if you have any formal requirements or is there are any charges that would be incurred?

    Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon.



    1. Thanks for the interest, but I don’t write sponsored content. I just write what I know and try to be as honest and fair as humanly possible. I’m not a fan of fake news and media bias, therefore, I don’t indulge in it at all. To me, sponsored content, in the context of this website, is fake news.

      I understand marketing is a legtimate and essential profession. My father was a marketing professor. I would recommend advertising your product or service with… (wait for it…) …advertisements. That way you can do statistical analysis to find your target audience and deliver ads to them. There has never been a better time to target potential customers with surgical precision. My advice —- do that instead of trying to convert publishers into generators of fake news.

      That said, there are plenty of other websites that will take you up on your offer…

  3. Email Guest Post/Sponsored Post – https://www.appledystopia.com/


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    If you’re interested in a guest post, do you have any specific terms and conditions?

    If you’re interested in a sponsored post, is there a fee or any charges to be paid?

    Hope to hear from you soon,



    1. I don’t write sponsored content. I write what I know and earn revenues through advertising. I don’t think the articles should be ads. I understand, that’s how the majority of tech websites operate.

      Nonetheless, thank you for the offer. It’s just not what this site is about.

  4. I love this summary. I’m more of a Linux devotee myself, and the same nonsense goes on in those spheres, yet with a slightly different slant. There are the blogs aimed at new Ubuntu/Mint users that overblow everything to high heaven, and then there are likes of the Archlinux IRC channel, where you’d better have damn good evidence of your knowledge and time & effort spent on an issue before anyone will agree it’s a flaw.

    For Apple it’s your money & freedom you have to part with. The Apple and Linux crowds could each do with being influenced by the other. Fanboys should go on a spiritual journey or something. We could do with more people in technology with your attitude.

    1. Yes, because certain networks make their channels available on multiple devices. Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, Showtime, etc. are on both devices and other devices too. That said, Apple TV got HBO NOW and Showtime months before any other streaming device. Apple seems to be better at putting together exclusive content deals, which is one reason I prefer Apple TV.

      Roku has more built-in channels than Apple TV. With AirPlay, however, Apple TV can play just about anything from an iOS device or computer.

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