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It’s not easy being an Apple user. As the company adds more features to its products, many users are lost in the shuffle. Fortunately, Appledystopia is one of many resources offering help to those who need it. In addition to tutorials and how-to articles, you can drop a comment on any page and get an answer within a few days. The following articles have provided much help to distressed users across the globe:

Discover how to improve battery metering and avoid unexpected shutdowns by periodically calibrating your iPhone's battery

Whether it's a problem with Apple's data center or your Internet connection, this guide helps you connect to the iTunes Store or App Store.

Cold weather can force your iPhone to shut down unexpectedly. Follow these tips to keep your iPhone running in inclement conditions.

Follow these tips to extend your iPhone's lifespan and keep your device in peak condition.

Use your iPhone's headphone controls to take calls, skip tracks, take photos and launch Siri.

Apple engineers can't develop better products if they're unaware of defects. Learn how to submit bug reports and feedback to Apple.

Are you tired of paying for Microsoft Office? Find out how to use iWork for free on virtually any device.

Purchasing Apple products at the right time saves money and prolongs the useful life of your device. Find out how to predict Apple's product release schedule.

Cleaning your iPhone the wrong way can ruin its oleophobic coating and diminish touch screen sensitivity. Follow this guide to clean your iPhone the right way.

Make movies, TV shows, and music sound better by connecting your Apple TV to a stereo.

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Let’s face it; Apple hypes its products and services more than any other company. Fanboys shill for the Cupertino tech giant, recommending every gadget it produces. If that’s not enough, public relations, influencers, and payola shape most of the news you receive. So-called journalists who have never written a line of code or worked in technology mislead us. It’s becoming difficult for consumers and investors to understand the company and its products and services.

Fiercely independent, Appledystopia does not profit from affiliations with tech or media companies. There’s no sponsored content on this site. Funded solely by advertising, Appledystopia’s mission is to provide the most accurate information about the Apple ecosystem and beyond.

Unlike many tech writers and YouTubers, I’ve worked in technology for a long time. I’ve written millions of lines of code and used just about every gadget, operating system, and app on the planet. I also use Windows, Linux, and Android devices, in addition to Apple merchandise. Apple makes some great products, but sometimes there’s a better option out there. Appledystopia keeps all possibilities open, never defaulting to Apple.

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  1. I have bought Apple products since the Power PC Mac’s and the introduction of the iPod and everything since and yes Apple at one time dotted their I’s and crossed their T’s is product quality. But it does seem like Apple has begun a slow degrading sink into products that do not live up to a higher standard of quality. I am not saying Apple has reached China made mediocre product status. But certainly, their measure of quality has decreased. Their product releases are not a smooth and uneventful and bugs take months to address. The ideal of Think different has developed more of a think illogically or think profit only sort of motto. Think unrepairable or think throwaway devices comes to mind. Sure, Apple tout’s recyclable but how many of these devices should actually have longer lifespans to begin with?

    1. I agree. I use Windows PCs more than ever. I had to buy an iPhone 13 Pro Max to write for this site. But I prefer my OnePlus 8 Pro, which is over two years old. It’s just as good as the more expensive iPhone 13 Pro Max. In fact, it’s really fast.

      I’ve suffered through many Apple quality issues. I no longer use a Mac because I bought two in a row that failed spectacularly for no good reason. I’ve owned so many Windows machines, and the worst thing that happened is broken WiFi on a cheap Dell Inspiron. If you get a decent Windows laptop, like an LG Gram, they’re much more solid than a MacBook.

      My iPhone 13 Pro Max is dead slow! Apple brags about the A15 Bionic. Impressive specs, but it’s a poor user experience. My Android phone is so much faster; it’s not even funny.

      I don’t think Apple can hire the best and brightest anymore. I don’t see why any top school engineering grad would head off to Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, or other established tech companies. You’re not going to get wealthy anymore. You have to work with idiots. They will only acquire bad habits from corporate sociopaths. I am still working to shed the karmic load from 20 years of working with just a few demons (among many talented and decent people).

      Dan Riccio, the Apple executive who used to be in charge of the Mac, essentially ruined the product. Under Bob Mansfield’s leadership, the Mac was the most reliable computer ever made. Dan Riccio turned it into the least reliable computer in a quest to make it as thin as possible. Don’t worry. All the Apple fans went online and posted rave reviews of their fragile MacBooks. Only Apple fans buy Macs. Most iPhone owners use Windows PCs, if they own a computer at all.

      I have a theory that Millennials and Gen-z have inferior work ethics. They cannot focus. For all the yoga they claim to do, karma yoga remains elusive. They all claim to meditate, but I think they’re just high. Instead of working on code and having pride in their job, it’s merely a source of income to fund the next outdoor hiking trip. I’ve never seen people so obsessed with hiking. As someone who made the grueling Philmont backpacking trip as a 12-year-old Boy Scout, I’m not impressed with all the hiking photos. It’s mindless conformity. “Yes, Instagram, I will do whatever you desire.” Can they ever take a picture without their mug?

      This is why I got out of working at corporations. The Millennial and Gen-z coders are horrible. I don’t want to take responsibility for their work. I don’t want to work until 2 am, fixing their code while they’re off hiking or getting high.

      I believe this is why technology is so poor these days. I see so many bugs that QAT should have caught. Perhaps they did, but the coders didn’t fix them. It happens. My iPhone 13 Max Pro is so slow; I can only think this is due to some inefficient coding produced by some youngster whose mind was thinking about the next hiking trip.

  2. Hi! Is there any way I can gain early access to iOS 14? My friend told me she had it, but I’m not sure how to get it.

  3. Yesterday, while I was at work, my cousin stole my Apple iPad and tested to see if it can survive a forty foot drop, just so she can be a YouTube sensation. My Apple iPad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is totally off topic but I had to share it with someone!

    1. Yes, they have a Yes TV app for Apple TV. It’s pretty cool — free and no need to activate it with a TV provider. I am seeing more networks cutting the cord themselves!

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work in the US.

  4. Hi. Are you familiar with the iPhone 6s home button issue? I had this new phone a year ago, after unboxing I quickly noticed that the home button is not responsive if not pressed hard enough. Do you have any tips or solution for this? Thanks.

    1. I have an iPhone 6, which has pretty much the same Home button. I’ve had the phone for two and a half years, and the Home button still works fine. I’m not familiar with the issue. I did some research and most of the fixes involve cleaning the Home button with alcohol, which I don’t recommend. The best thing you can do is to take it into the Apple Store (especially if it is still under warranty) or a qualified service technician. You can also alter some Accessibility settings to turn on AssistiveTouch, which will present an on-screen Home button.

  5. Can you tell me if there is a procedure to follow when looking for channels I want to watch on Apple TV? For instance, check the channel web site; check the Apple Store, etc?

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