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iOS 7: Worth Upgrading?

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iOS 7 worth updating

iOS 7 was released today at 10:10am PST. The update is a major overhaul of Apple’s popular mobile operating system. iOS 7 is worth upgrading only for devices that are not mission critical. I have encountered some bugs. Most notably, I have experienced a few app crashes (the app just closes).

At first the upgrade feels sluggish compared to iOS 6.1.3, at least on an iPad 2. For the most part, this latency is only temporary. The new operating system goes through a post-upgrade optimization process, after which performance improves. Overall, iOS 7 is a pleasure to use and my iPad feels like a brand new device.

Upgrade to iOS 7 if you have an extra iOS device. Keep in mind, once you upgrade, you cannot revert back to iOS 6.1.3. Check out this article for more information on iOS 7 bugs and workarounds. After a few days of use, it seems pretty solid, especially considering it is a “.0” release. Everyone will have a different experience. We all use our devices differently and run different apps.

How Long Does It Take?

At about 700 MB, the upgrade takes less than an hour to download with a 3 Mbps Internet connection. You may fare better, as I downloaded it the second it was released. There were probably a lot of people doing the same, which can slow down Apple’s update servers. Regardless of your broadband connection speed, there could be too much demand on Apple’s servers. Many people have been eagerly awaiting iOS 7.

After the update is downloaded, it has to be processed, installed, and configured. The entire process takes about two hours on an iPad 2.

Make sure to set Auto-Lock to “Never” (Settings > General > Auto-Lock) when downloading and upgrading. Even if you plug in your device, when the screen locks, the download will stop. It’s also a good idea to plug in your device, as the download will take some time and the whole process will drain your battery. I upgraded my iPhone without plugging it in. The charge went from 100% to 70% during the two-hour upgrade process.

Smooth Process

The update process was relatively smooth. The only hiccup occurred after the update was downloaded and processed. After tapping “Install Now”, a warning popped up: “Software Update Unavailable”. The “Install Now” button was grayed out. I simply tapped the “General” tab to go back, tapped “Software Update” and then tapped “Install Now”. After that, it worked flawlessly. I agreed to the user agreement and the update process began. The upgrade process isn’t perfect, but it’s a pretty small flaw. This error is due to too much demand on Apple’s update servers.

After iOS 7 is installed, the user is guided through configuration screens. The user is first welcomed in different languages, a staple of the Apple user experience. After configuring Location Services, one enters their Apple ID to authenticate. Next, your iMessage and FaceTime account information is displayed. Information is presented about Find My iPad (or iPhone). Users are then encouraged to enter a passcode. After configuration has completed, users are informed that Spotlight has “moved” and is now accessible by swiping down on any home screen. Make sure to swipe down on the screen and not from the top, which will instead display Notification Center. (continue…)

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