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Picture Collage Maker for iPhone

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Picture Collage Maker for iPhone

iPhone users often have a lot of photos, but don’t always know what to do with them. Why not create a picture collage? There are a few free apps to create picture collages, but one of the best I have used is Picture Collage Maker.


Picture Collage Maker is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor for creating photo collages. The free app lets users adorn photos with frames, borders, text, and other decorations. You can create an electronic greeting card and share it over social networks and email.

The app comes with 10 templates, several backgrounds, and “stickers”, which are additional graphics to decorate your collage. With an in-app purchase, you can add more templates, backgrounds, frames, borders and stickers.

The add-ons are quite inexpensive and offer a lot for the price. For 99 cents, you get 4-5 templates with many backgrounds, frames and stickers. That’s less expensive than one Apple greeting card. Of course, Apple prints and sends the card for you. With a little more effort, you can make a beautiful picture collage and send it to a loved one for a fraction of the cost. You can also email or share the picture and save a tree. It’s the thought that counts!


Picture Collage Maker is so easy to use, it’s almost unnecessary to provide a walk-through. However, some people may want to know how it works before they download the app. I have created a few collages with the app, and it is very easy to use. The object-oriented image editing reminds me of Microsoft Image Composer, which was superior to Photoshop in some ways. Instead of layers, Image Composer used the concept of objects, much like Picture Collage Maker. It’s a more intuitive way to do graphic design.

After starting the Picture Collage Maker app, the first step is to pick a template. There’s a choice of 10 free templates, suited for different occasions. Once you have picked a template, tap on a photo area to add a photo. You can add a photo by taking a picture with the camera or selecting it from the camera roll or Facebook.

Add photo to picture collage

The photo can be edited with some surprisingly advanced tools. The photo editor can enhance photos, render effects, crop, remove redeye, and more. The editing tools are better than the stock iPhone Photos app. Even if you don’t want to create a collage, you can use this app to edit a photo. Simply insert your photo, choose a minimal border and enlarge it to fill the whole project. Then edit your photo as desired. (continue…)

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