Apple TV 4: Watch Live TV with Sling TV

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Apple TV 4 Watch Live TV with Sling TV

Sling TV provides live TV channels for Apple TV 4. This article examines Sling TV for Apple TV 4.

For those who cut the cord and purchase an Apple TV, the transition can be harrowing. Due to collusion in the TV provider industry, TV appliances like Apple TV are often missing content found on cable and satellite. To add to the frustration, activation of many Apple TV content channel requires a cable or satellite subscription.

Sling TV recently launched a lineup of 25 live channels for only $20 a month. Subscribers can enjoy up to 65 channels with add-on packages. I spent a few days with Sling TV to find out if it’s too good to be true. Overall, Sling is an excellent substitute for those missing cable or satellite channels, however, it lacks some channels and features offered by TV providers. It’s not as reliable as cable. Sling TV makes up for these shortcomings with a low price. At $20 a month, it may be good enough to cancel that expensive cable or satellite subscription.

About Sling TV

For those who are new to Sling TV, this is not a new, fly-by-night company. Sling TV is owned and operated by the Dish Network. The product was unveiled at CES in 2015 and launched in the same year. It now has over 600,000 subscribers.

Sling TV is different from the Sling Media company, creators of the Slingbox. It’s a bit confusing, because both products operate in the same space of delivering broadcast television over the Internet. Sling Media sells the Slingbox line of products. These devices attach to cable or satellite and deliver content to your devices through the Internet. Slingboxes require a cable or satellite subscription. Sling TV provides access to TV networks without any additional hardware or a cable/satellite subscription.

Sling TV Overview

The basic Sling TV service offers 25 live channels for $20 a month. The tvOS (Apple TV 4) app is actually better than most cable or satellite box user interfaces. The screens are intuitive and the app is easy to use. Let’s take a look at advantages and disadvantages of the Sling TV service.

Sling offers 25 channels for only $20 a month. Many of these are essential channels, such as ESPN, AMC, CNN, TNT and Comedy Central. Subscribers can expand the lineup to 65 channels by purchasing add-on packages. It’s basically like cable without a cable box.

If you’re fed up with your cable remote and ugly, confusing menus, Sling TV for Apple TV is a refreshing alternative. Sling TV users navigate elegant menus using the simple Siri Remote. Information, such as TV schedules, channels and on-demand options are clearly presented and easily accessible. Sling TV uses the overlay panels in tvOS to present an interactive channel guide directly on the video playback screen. It’s also easy to get program info and turn on subtitles using an overlay on the top of the screen. Video quality is excellent and can be adjusted to conserve bandwidth. Sling TV will work on multiple platforms with just one subscription. You can use it on your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PC, Roku, Fire TV, Android smartphone and virtually any device. It also comes with a free 7 day trial, so you can figure out if Sling TV is right for you.

Sling TV isn’t perfect and leaves a few things to be desired. The on-demand options (which they call “Available Now”) are weak compared to cable/satellite and pathetic compared to services like Hulu and Netflix. Most networks only offer a handful of on-demand programming through Sling TV. It’s really only useful for live TV channels. Major networks, such as NBC and CBS are not available on Sling TV. (continue…)

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