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Best Websites With Free Movies

updated by Chad Evans
April 16, 2023 at 5:46 p.m. PST
  • It’s possible to enjoy full-length, unedited movies without paying a cent by watching them on the World Wide Web for free.
  • Almost any computer manufactured within the past 15 years can stream web-based movies.
  • Streaming movies from websites can also be accomplished with most smartphones and tablets.
  • It’s better to stream movies than watch them on TV because you can enjoy them on demand with the ability to pause and control video playback.

Best Websites with Free Movies

The following websites offer free movies and TV shows. Click on the heading to visit each site. You can bookmark this page and use it as a portal to your favorite free movie websites.

ABC (American Broadcasting Corporation)

ABC Website With Free Movies

Number of Streamed TV Shows: > 500
Geo-Restrictions: United States (including the following territories: Puerto Rico, Guam, Saipan, American Samoa, and U.S. Virgin Islands)
Resolution: 1080p
Required: No
Available on Cable: Yes
Popular Shows: The Bachelor, American Idol, The Rookie

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Although ABC doesn’t really offer any movies, the site serves as a portal for a family of networks. You can access ABC, Freeform, FX, and NatGeo from a single website. It also offers a bunch of live TV channels for free without signing in or creating an account.

It’s best to create a free account with An account enables access to more content. It also allows advertisers to track you, but this is part of the cost of enjoying free content.

Some may feel it’s creepy, but trust me, no one at ABC is looking at your data and laughing, “Ha ha ha, she’s really into The Bachelor.” If anything, creating an account gives you a better ad experience.

ABC iview

ABC iview Website With Free Movies

Number of Streamed Movies: 700
Number of Streamed TV Shows: 300
Geo-Restrictions: Australia; limited global availability
Resolution: 1080p
Required: No
Available on Cable: No
Popular Movies: The Light Between Oceans, Eat Pray Love, Mao’s Last Dancer
Popular Shows: Gardening Australia, Traces, Aunty Donna’s Coffee Cafe

Don’t confuse this ABC with the American Broadcasting Corporation. ABC iview is an Australian Broadcasting Corporation service sharing the same abbreviation.

Although ABC iview is an Australian organization, it serves the rest of the world to some extent. You don’t need to live in Australia to watch ABC iview. In fact, much of its live-streaming content can be enjoyed across the globe.

Bounce TV

Bounce TV Website With Free Movies

Number of Streamed Movies: 4
Number of Streamed TV Show Episodes: 334
Geo-Restrictions: United States
Resolution: 1080p
Required: No
Available on Cable: Yes
Popular Movies: The Help, Lackawanna Blues, The Last Stand
Popular Shows: NCIS: New Orleans, In the Heat of the Night, Karamo

Founded in 2011, Bounce TV provides free movies and TV shows focusing on African American stories. Beyond a website, the Bounce network offers programming on cable networks, in addition to Dish Network and DirecTV.

Since Bounce is a television network primarily, its website serves as an adjunct. Don’t expect to watch every movie and TV show on the web portal, but there’s quite a lot of free content.

Bounce typically offers four streaming movies and 12 shows (with multiple seasons and episodes) for free. Bounce lists other films which are only available over cable or dish. You’ll have to watch these on your TV at the scheduled time or set a DVR to record them.

Although Bounce only offers four movies at a time, they refresh titles often. There’s also an abundance of TV shows, so there’s always something new to watch.


Tubi Website With Free Movies

Number of Streamed Movies & TV Shows: > 50,000
Geo-Restrictions: United States, Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand
Resolution: 1080p
Required: No
Available on Cable: No
Popular Movies: High Crimes, Flipped, Chain Reaction
Popular Shows: Gilligan’s Island, Deputy, Hannibal

Debuting in 2014, Tubi is a free video streaming service owned by Fox Entertainment. It’s one of the best streaming services available at no cost. In fact, it rivals many paid streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu.

The company was originally an independent startup founded in San Francisco. Although it featured a wide array of content, Fox’s acquisition improved the network significantly. Shortly after it acquired Tubi, the company purchased MarVista Entertainment to offer even more viewing options. The result is a massive video portal that’s absolutely free.

Tubi is like YouTube but with much better content. If you’re lonely and looking for a vicarious friend, YouTube’s rambling videos may provide comfort. Some prefer 24-hour news channels for companionship. For those who have friends and just want to watch a free movie, Tubi is an excellent choice.

The best thing about Tubi is that you don’t need an account. You don’t need to sign in. Of course, an account gives you extras, such as adding TV shows and movies to your list. You can also do this externally by copying and pasting web addresses (URLs) to a text file. Give the file a “.html” extension and open it in a browser, and you can just click to watch your favorite films. Or, you can search for the show or movie every time.

Remember, as with all streaming services, movies and TV shows don’t stick around forever. This is because licensing is often temporary. It’s best to prioritize your viewing list so you watch the best movies before they disappear.

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Why You Should Watch Free Movies on Websites

In 2023, there are numerous ways to watch movies, with some being more expensive than others. Some may rent or purchase movies from a cable box, app store, or other online sources. Typically, these rentals cost between 99 cents to $6.

Over time, renting movies or paying for streaming subscriptions adds up. But you don’t have to pay. Many websites allow you to watch movies and TV shows for free. Most of them don’t even require creating an account or signing in.

These websites typically earn revenues through advertising on the site and within movies and TV shows. It’s just like basic cable or terrestrial antenna television. Every few minutes, you’ll see a commercial break, which is necessary to pay for licensing the video you’re watching.

Commercials aren’t all bad. I went through a phase of watching streaming apps that didn’t have any ads. None of my friends watch cable TV either. One day, I visited family and watched cable TV. I was amazed at all of the new products and services I’d never heard of. It’s as if I had just crawled out of a cave.

I’m not a huge fan of TV commercials, but they serve a purpose. How can you know about new products and services if you’re only watching ad-free Netflix or Apple TV+ all the time?

The best thing about TV advertising is that it subsidizes programming. Advertising enables websites to stream movies for free. After all, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. And if you want to grab a quick lunch, a commercial break affords you that ability. I always postpone extraneous activities until commercial breaks when I watch ad-supported streaming video.

Now that we know what to expect from websites offering free flicks, let’s look at the best websites with free movies. Unlike other websites, we don’t feature illegal or pirated movie portals. We believe people deserve credit for their content, and in some jurisdictions, authorities could punish users viewing pirated content.

Additionally, we discourage viewers from employing VPN to fool a network’s geo-restrictions. These websites are already offering free videos supported by advertising. If you’re using VPN to watch from another nation, the ads have little value to you or the advertiser.

While it’s not illegal to use VPN to access geo-restricted content, it’s immoral. We sympathize with websites earning revenues through proper and fair action.

Every website listed here is legal and legitimate. They’re entirely free, and you won’t even need a credit card to watch movies.

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