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Hulu has joined the fray of cable-over-the-Internet providers. This article provides a thorough review of Hulu with Live TV for Apple TV.

The times are changing, but not as fast as some would hope. Digital media is in an awkward phase. The technology is here and has been for some time. Unfortunately, networks and content providers are playing hardball as they negotiate deals with streaming video portals.

Those who want the future now must set their expectations accordingly. Every cable-over-the-Internet provider offers an incomplete channel lineup. Stability and reliability are often challenges for the new wave of services that stream live channels to your TV device.

Hulu with Live TV Shows Promise

I’ve used just about every cable-over-the-Internet service available to Apple TV, including Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW and PlayStation Vue. They all have one thing in common — missing channels. Hulu’s new service suffers from the same fatal flaw. Typically, the missing channels are owned by Viacom. They are charging exorbitant fees to broadcast channels such as CBS, AMC and Comedy Central over the Internet. Viacom also has their own streaming solution in the works.

Most of these services simply forgo these costly channels. Including them would necessitate higher fees for customers. These services need to be less expensive than cable, as users must supply their own Internet connectivity. Competing with cable bundles is pretty difficult these days.

Although these services are all flawed, they do show promise. The flaws are not technical, but are instead rooted in greed. Eventually, either Viacom or the streaming providers will capitulate or find middle ground.

The technology offered by these services is actually impressive. On demand actually works, which is not always the case with digital cable. With smarter user interfaces, simple DVRs and complete caching of live TV, cable-over-the-Internet will be a desirable product when the channel lineup is complete. Hulu’s live TV service, currently in beta, has some very impressive features, although reliability, usability and stability are glaring issues. Let’s take a look at how to get started with Hulu with Live TV for Apple TV.

Getting Started with Hulu with Live TV for Apple TV

This article assumes that you have a 4th generation (or later) Apple TV. If your Apple TV Home Screen does not have an App Store, you have an earlier version of Apple TV. The older models cannot run Hulu with Live TV, but they do support the standard Hulu streaming service.

If you own a compatible Apple TV, open the App Store and search for Hulu. You can also hold down the Siri button and say “Hulu”, however, it may be interpreted as “Who Lou”. Sometimes Siri is just more trouble than its worth.

Once you are on the Hulu app installation screen, click on the Get button to install the app. There is only one Hulu app, but it works with all variations of their service. The app will be installed on your Home Screen, but you can just click on the Open button to launch the app. You will see the main Hulu screen with prompts to restore a purchase, login or other options. next page →


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