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This section contains tips on using Apple and related technologies.


    1. There’s a native BritBox tvOS app. You can install it from the tvOS App Store. It offers a 7 day free trial. From there, the subscription is a very reasonable $6.99 per month.

      1. Well, it would seem that with a subscription there would be some top movies for free… I have the acorn app on my Vizio TV….

        1. Try the Crackle app. It has tons of free movies and TV shows. There’s even some cool retro sitcoms like “What’s Happenin’!!!” and “All in the Family”. Crackle is run by Sony and there’s ads, but it’s free and has great content that changes constantly.

  1. I need some help on how to fix my VPN Configuration. I don’t know my Server, Remote ID, Username and Password. iPhone 6s

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