USB-C vs. Lightning

USB-C vs. Lightning

Apple’s iPhone uses a proprietary Lightning connector instead of the industry standard USB-C port. This article compares USB-C vs. Lightning.

UPDATE: September 23, 2021

The European Union drafted new rules requiring USB-C ports on all relevant devices, such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, and notebook computers. The upcoming legislation, still years away from going into effect, aims to curb e-waste and consumer frustration. Research conducted by the EU found different charging ports on devices flustered consumers. Furthermore, the average EU resident owns three chargers.

The move is part of an overall program that has brought the number of charging ports down from thirty to three in the past decade. Apple’s Lightning port continues to impede EU consumer protection and environmental goals.

A gradual transition is necessary because many Apple devices have Lightning ports, including the Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, Apple TV Siri Remote, AirPods, and Beats headphones. It’s unclear if the new rules apply to keyboards, mice, and other accessories. According to the EU’s press release, these devices aren’t subject to upcoming regulations. 

Most modern Apple chargers use USB-C. USB-C to Lightning cables accompany many new Apple devices. Thus, backward compatibility isn’t an issue in this respect. However, one cannot plug their Lightning headphones into a future USB-C ported iPhone without an adapter. Other accessories, such as external microphones, cameras, speakers, or music equipment, will also need adapters. With Apple Music going high-fidelity, a slew of new external digital-to-analog converters are just hitting the market, many with Lightning plugs.

The EU rules make it clear that applicable devices must have USB-C ports, not just chargers. This means that the iPhone and other devices will either need to go wireless or adopt USB-C. The iPhone will likely go wireless before the EU rules go into effect, with accessories like AirPods cases, Beats headphones, and others adopting wireless charging or USB-C.

The new EU rules also require unbundling chargers and devices, a move first made by Apple. Samsung and other companies have followed suit, no longer supplying chargers with select devices. This limits e-waste and also conserves packaging and shipping weight for devices.

The new rules will likely pass the legislative process. Manufacturers have 24 months to comply after the regulations are finalized.

The ruling works in Apple’s favor. If the company switched to USB-C, they’d likely suffer the same media wrath that accompanied the last dock connector’s fate. The switch upsets some consumers who have invested in Lightning-based accessories. Also, accessory makers now have to re-design products to work with USB-C ports or wirelessly. Apple is off the hook. They must comply with the EU, and these changes will affect Apple devices worldwide. Unlike the last switch, no one can blame this on Apple.

UPDATE: August 23, 2021 — Tegic, a company specializing in cable manufacturing, now makes a cable with convertible ends. One end of the cord can switch between USB-C and USB-A while the other can handle either USB-C or Lightning. The cable provides numerous combinations and should satisfy even the most egregious Lightning troll. The Steelix cable is available from Tegic’s website. Although the price is steep, it may be worth the money for those who wish to pack lightly.

image credit: Tegic

UPDATE: March 3, 2021 — According to MacRumors, reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo doesn’t expect the iPhone to use USB-C. Apple’s iconic smartphone will stick with a Lightning port until it goes wireless:

“If the iPhone abandons Lightning in the future, it may directly adopt the portless design with MagSafe support instead of using a USB-C port… At present, the MagSafe ecosystem is not mature enough, so the iPhone will continue to use the Lightning port in the foreseeable future.”

Being innovative isn’t easy. To innovate, one must often go against norms and standards. For over a decade, Apple used its proprietary 30-pin dock connector. This connector worked well for Apple products, as it provided room to grow. As Apple devices started adding support for video and other features, the data could be transmitted in parallel through the connector. The problem was that the connector was rather large. For a company that prides itself in making slim devices, it was time for a change.

A Brief History of the Lightning Connector

The Lightning connector was introduced in 2012, much to the dismay of vocal critics. Any change that Apple makes is destined to be criticized. The removal of the iPhone’s 3.5mm headphone jack also created a furor. The common complaint was that people would need to buy new accessories, or at least an adapter. The truth is that the 30-pin connector actually had a very long lifespan. A decade is an eternity in the world of technology. Apple’s 30-pin Dock connector impeded innovation.

The reality is that Apple once again had to go proprietary in order to innovate. Lightning was released two years prior to USB-C. Contemporary technologies, such as micro-USB simply weren’t good enough. Indeed, Apple’s Lightning connector influenced the design of USB-C. Apple actually contributed to the design of USB-C.

The similarities between Lightning and USB-C are obvious, but they’re not the same thing. Lightning ports are slimmer and more suitable for mobile devices. Despite what the rumors suggest, Apple is not going to replace Lightning ports with USB-C on the iPhone and iPad.

UPDATE: 2019 iPad Pro models feature a USB-C port. The iPhone and other iPad models still use the Lightning connector.

A Brief History of USB-C

Debuting in 2014, the USB-C standard evolved from a group of contributors, including 18 Apple employees. There’s a perception that Apple doesn’t play well with others, which is undeserved. The original iMac was actually the first computer that offered USB ports, back when PCs still had parallel and serial interfaces.

USB-C is an evolution of previous USB standards, and an attempt to be future proof (yeah, right). It’s possible to connect an older device to a new computer using a USB-A/B to USB-C cable. There are numerous USB hubs and docking stations that can multiply ports and provide connectivity for older USB devices. That said, the future of device connectivity is wireless, which is why some newer Apple notebooks only have one USB port.

It’s important to note that USB-C and the USB 3.1 standard are not the same thing. It’s possible for a USB-C port to not support USB 3.1. This exactly the sort of confusion that Apple tries to avoid.

USB-C vs. Lightning

Although Apple contributed to the development of USB-C, it’s not the same thing as Lightning. The most obvious difference is that Lightning ports are smaller. This gives Apple an advantage. They can make slimmer devices.

Lightning may also be more durable than USB-C. With Lightning, the connecting tabs are on the cable itself. USB-C has connecting tabs on the port. Since these tabs are possible points of failure, Lightning ports are more durable. If you happen to break the tabs on a Lightning cable, it’s easily remedied by replacing the cable. If they break on a USB-C port, the port on the device must be replaced. This is a huge difference in durability.

Both Lightning and USB-C are capable of conducting power at varying wattages. Apple doesn’t publicly disclose these specifications, however, they are available to third-party manufacturers. It seems that the power limits of USB were one of the reasons why Apple developed Lightning in the first place.

It’s safe to assume that Lightning can handle up to 12W of power, as provided by the iPad charger. Lightning can probably handle much more wattage, however, since it is designed for mobile devices, it’s simply not necessary. USB-C on the other hand, is known to handle up to 100 watts. This makes sense for desktop computers that are plugged in to a power source. USB-C could power a fairly loud amplifier or even a screen. This doesn’t mean that Lightning can’t do this, but your iPhone isn’t going to power a 100 watt amplifier. Since Lightning is not available on desktop computers, transmission of high wattage power isn’t necessary, although may be theoretically possible.

Data transmission speeds depend more on USB standards for both Lightning and USB-C. Lightning devices usually connect to a computer for data transfer. This is facilitated by a Lightning to USB cable. The data throughput actually depends on the ports on the source and target device. The first Lightning devices transferred data at USB 2.0 speeds. Newer devices have embraced newer USB standards. Apple hasn’t divulged the maximum theoretical data throughput for Lightning. In the real world, it is fast enough to take advantage of the newest standards.

Lightning connectors use far fewer pins than USB-C, but the latter doesn’t use all of its pins. Although USB-C uses 18 pins, only 9 are used at the same time. This allows the connector to be reversible. Lightning only uses 8 pins, however, the plug fits into the receptacle in a way which allows it to be reversible. Furthermore, electronics inside Apple devices determine the orientation of the plug and adjust accordingly. It sounds like a lot of effort, but it makes for a slimmer receptacle. This enables Apples to make such slim iPhones and iPads.

Lightning Is the Right Tool for the Job

Apple developed Lightning at a time when chunky USB ports were the only standard option. In order to make slimmer iPhones, it was necessary to develop their own proprietary connector. USB-C was two years away, and it still ended up having a larger footprint than Lightning.

Lightning is simply the right tool for the job. It’s intended for mobile devices. Not only is the connector smaller, but it is more robust. If you think about the abuse a mobile device takes, the latter aspect is appealing. Apple customers pay a premium price for iPhones and iPads and expect them to last. If Apple went with USB-C, their devices would be larger and more fragile.

Apple haters recoil at the very notion of Lightning. Once again, they claim Apple is creating something proprietary. “They don’t play well with others”. This simply isn’t true. Apple was a significant contributor to the USB-C standard. They quickly adopted this standard and added it to their MacBook lineup. The slimmer design of USB-C allowed them to create the thinnest MacBooks ever, while still retaining compatibility with standard peripherals.

The fact that MacBooks use USB-C and not Lightning demonstrates that Apple conforms to standards. But they also use the right tool for the job. For iPhones and iPads, the slimmer and more durable Lightning port was a great fit.

A lot of these decisions and outcomes are based on history. Lightning debuted two years prior to USB-C. Apple needed to make slimmer iPhones right away, and existing USB technology just didn’t provide the right solution. Now that Lightning is ingrained, Apple can’t just replace it with USB-C. This would be a slap in the face to customers and accessory makers. Also, USB-C is larger and less robust than Lightning. It’s simply more appropriate for mobile devices.

Wireless is the Future

Clickbait bloggers raised the possibility that Apple is replacing Lightning with USB-C. As we’ve covered, Lightning is still much more appropriate for mobile devices. Why would Apple replace Lightning with something that’s bigger and more fragile? They would also anger customers and accessory makers with such a move. It just doesn’t make sense.

Wireless is the future of device connectivity. This is exactly why Apple removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7. It’s why the MacBook only has one USB-C port. People are simply not plugging devices into their computers, tablets and smartphones. Wireless headphones have replaced their wired ancestors. Printers, scanners and external drives are all wireless these days. You can even wirelessly connect to some displays. As wireless technology improves, the need for cables and ports will gradually be eliminated. Apple will replace Lightning with nothing. Your future iPhone won’t have any ports, making it much more durable and waterproof. When this day comes, critics will cry foul, but the vast majority of consumers will be better off. The days of dongles, adapters and messy cables are almost over. Good riddance!


  1. correct : we don’t relly know what Lightning Connector is able to do because Apple does not tell us. Apple just keeps talking about how good it is.

    But really – we know already that USB C is superior : The data transfer rate is superior (by a lot), it support fast charging and USB C cables are way cheaper simply because Apple does not get a cut on each cable & connector.

    1. The problem with your theory is that Apple uses USB-C on the MacBook. They were one of the first, and everyone was so outraged, because it didn’t have 8 big ‘ol USB-A ports.

      The next port on the iPhone will be wireless.

      1. Sucks, it’s outdated and you’re making the weird claim that lightening is better by omitting facts and saying “who cares, wireless is next”. Very disingenuous and I’m not happy I read this

        1. You’re making that claim, not me. My point is that Apple had to develop Lightning because none of the other standards of the time were appropriate. Lightning is still thinner than USB-C. That’s the main reason why Apple developed Lightning. They wanted to replace the huge dock connector. Why would they go with something thicker, for no benefit? Who wants to run a 100w power amp off their iPhone for 5 minutes before the battery drains? Just cockamamie…

          They are sticking with Lightning on the iPhone because it would upset both consumers and the accessory industry if they changed. There are a lot of accessories, particularly medical and pro audio, that only work with Lightning. These companies would have to redesign their products and consumers would need to buy the new USB version when they upgrade their iPhone. For what reason? So the iPhone can embrace another ephemeral standard?

          Wireless is the future of iPhone accessories. They killed the headphone jack and they will soon eliminate the Lightning port.

          1. You give too much importance to the phones being slim, irl people doesn’t always (and mostly they don’t want at all) a phone that’s so slim it could be broken easily so if that’s the reason you think lighting is superior you are wrong, truth is Type C is superior, more durable (because let’s be honest I have both on my house and I still have the very first Type C that came with my phone and it’s my 4th iPad lightning charger) and more versatile.

          2. Do you have any market research to back up that claim? I do. The iPhone XR is the best selling smart phone in the world, and it’s thin. People don’t mind the Lightning connector. There’s a reason you don’t work at Apple. Some people have some Captain Ahab-like obsession with USB-C. Not me. I don’t want to have to go out and buy a bunch of new accessories because a tiny group of people are misled by clickbait bloggers. The tech bloggers you follow have never worked in technology. They’re like morbidly obese armchair quarterbacks. But because their message is so prevalent and it gets you to click, you actually believe it. Sad!

            Your claim about going through 4 iPad Lightning chargers is hilarious. Yes, let’s be honest, starting with you. You’re dishonest. I doubt you even own an iPad. I’ve been using Lightning since it came out and have used the same charger with every device for over 6 years. I leave the new ones coiled up in the original box. I live in the SF Bay Area. Everyone has an iPhone and iPad. I don’t know anyone who has gone through Lightning cables, as you claim.

            You seem like a sad, bewildered fan boy, obsessed with some blogosphere clickbait that Apple absolutely must have USB-C adapters. They’re going wireless. You can stay in the past with your USB-C cables.

            My guess is that you’re paid by an Apple competitor to trash them. I am getting a bunch of these comments within the past month. Looks like one of Apple’s crappy competitors hired some contractors. Easier than designing devices people actually want to buy, I guess…

          3. The wire of lightening is fragile, not connector itself and it is wide problem as many people using phone for longer period achieve it as well there are ton of DIY to put spirals on both ends of wire(none of usb-micro or usb-c have do that for me ever).
            As for thickness iPhone XS isnt even thinnest of iPhones and same thickness can be achieved with usb-c.
            USB-c is not past, it might be present and will be for few more phone generations.
            Why people hate lightening, as I see it, because it breaks conformity, for no apparent reason:
            *wireless headphones: usb-c
            *powerbank: usb-c, usb-micro, could be lightening(but overpriced and makes no sense when there are other devices you charge)
            *watch: usb-c or usb-a

          4. Your wireless headphones use USB-C? Very strange. Mine are wireless. You might want to ask for a refund.

            As for charging, my wireless headphones use Lightning.

            So people have problems with cheap, counterfeit Lightning cables? That’s more Amazon’s problem than Apple’s.

            because it breaks conformity

            They’re the company which popularized the slogan “Think Different”. Apple had to “think different” and develop Lightning because the existing USB standard wasn’t acceptable. Now they’re “thinking different” from most corporations, by not screwing over their customers and accessory partners with another port switch.

  2. Sure, sure your wireless headphones still need to be charged with wire, same as mine.
    Lightening connector, let me guess AirPods? And to my knowledge that is only choice, boxing you in. How is that thinking different?
    Mine, in my family and for few close friends I know they were OEM, but surely 3rd party product existence Apple considers as sore pain,
    as buying used iPhone parts is incredible sin they wanted to ban.

    I read that they are now making tablets with usb-c. But that must be great innovation of thinking different now when they have decided that.

    Great that you agreed to me on that usb-c has little to no effect on thickness, as quiet as it was.

    I am not saying that having lightening was bad when it was made, it served as good platform for usb-c at the time.

    With “conformity”, probably meant uniformity using same connector for multiple devices,
    as they have usb-c for MacBook too, that could be used to fast charge your phone something that you have to buy extra to get with iPhone.

    1. Nope. Powerbeats Pro. Wrong again…

      Both in comments and in the article I mention that Lightning is thinner than USB-C. I never agreed with you that USB-C has little effect on thickness. I figured you have some semblance of an intellect, so I wouldn’t need to reiterate that point. You proved me wrong! You have very poor intellectual capabilities. I’m reiterating the points in my article, over and over, for some fanboy moron who doesn’t even own an iPhone.

      I read about how Apple’s competitors hire students, mostly in Asia, to troll Apple-related sites. Why don’t you spend your time studying? You can barely write a coherent sentence.

      1. You know if you want people to read your article, maybe try being less of a c*** in the comments.

        1. Looks like someone has been spending their stay-at-home time productively, with lots of binge drinking and hangovers. Thanks for your deplorable feedback, or should I say “danke schoen”? Now back into the basket with you…

          I’m actually impressed that you can read and form a mediocre sentence. Your English is improving! Awesome show, great job!

          BTW, I can tell by your IP that you’re the same German a-hole who has been trolling this site for months. I’m reporting you to your ISP. You’re too dumb to even use a VPN! If you’re gonna troll, at least do it right. Get a life, you alcoholic loser…

          Millions of people have read this article, but you have a hair up your a** about Apple adding USB to the iPhone. You don’t even own an iPhone. You only possess a horribly diseased and damaged mind, from years of alcoholism.

          This is my site. I’m not some corporate tool working for Viacom who has to bite his tongue. I respond to trolls by ridiculing them, like I did to you, you drunk German a**-clown.

          VE day yesterday and today! Another victory for the Yanks!

          Clearly, I have upset you, and it makes me laugh! You keep ruminating over it, coming back, again and again and I make money every time! Every comment makes this page rank higher. Danke Schoen, you beautiful Teutonic alcoholic! Thank you so much, adorable deplorable.

          The funniest thing is that you’ve help make this article rank #1 for its titular keywords. You also don’t get it. Lots of Apple and Beats products use Lightning. This is beyond the iPhone. You wouldn’t know that. You clearly don’t own Apple products. You’re just bothered by them, because you’re an alcoholic troll with no friends.

          Well, I guess I’ll see you again when ALDI has a sale on beer? Prost!

          1. Nice Hat Tip to Tim and Eric!
            The bit utilizing V-E Day was a nice touch. EXCELLENT way to add “ruminating” into a sentence whose subject is not an animal; kudos on that one.

            That said, I agree in the durability of lightning. Been with it since launch. The cables NEVER break outside of user sided trauma. The point where the cable meets the connector on the device end is ALWAYS the weak point no matter what format the connection. With the lightning cables, the shielding separates, but the wires stay connected. For safety reasons, you can tape it and still use it, but even better, you can use heat shrink tubing and a butane lighter to add a professional looking and feeling fix. I know this because my ORIGINAL lightning cable had this happen last winter after over 6 years of faithful service. Still using it in my car!

            Catching a glimpse of the future with the new 2020 iPad Pro (11 inch model) and the Magic Keyboard combo. If they trend in this direction with each new release, expect some SWEET stuff. Gotta say, I was a little grumpy about having to buy new 2 meter USB C to USB C cables for the set up though.

          2. Ruminating doesn’t refer specifically to animals, so thanks for recognizing that.

            According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the primary definition of ruminate is: “to go over in the mind repeatedly and often casually or slowly”. I think obsessing would be a better word to describe you, Klaus.

            Figured out VPN, but not English? That’s OK. I still know who you are. We had a similar discussion about “affect” vs. “effect”. One is a verb and one is a noun. Do you know which one?

            I’ve never had a problem with a Lightning cable or connector. Every Apple customer I know, including me, has dozens of brand new Lightning cables coiled up. That’s because virtually every Apple and Beats product comes with a Lightning cable. I usually buy an iPhone every 4-5 years, yet I have so many brand-new, unused Lightning cables. People who buy a new iPhone every 1-2 years and the usual accessories have boatloads of Lightning cables. I don’t know anyone, apart from you, who has resorted to herculean efforts to fix a Lightning cable. Most people have a drawer full of them, because most people actually own Apple products!

            Also, in all of the years I have used Apple products, I’ve never broken a Lightning cable, nor has anyone in my family or circle of acquaintances. But I’m well aware you’re full of manure. You’re an alcoholic with a lot of free time, coming here to spew vitriol and post fake smarmy comments when you’re hungover. That’s cool with me. This article ranks #1, thanks to all of the comments and engagement. Google sees that users are very engaged with the material. Thanks!

            You’re a type of sociopath. You use false authority and dishonesty in an effort to control people. You clearly don’t own any Apple products. You have a poor grasp on the English language, yet act like an authority. You bear false witness, claiming you have all these broken Lightning cables you have to fix. Oh, and the iPad needs all these extra cables just for the initial setup. You’re a pathological liar and a sociopath. Period.

          3. 2 meter USB C to USB C cables

            Hey Klaus, the next time you VPN out of Virginia, you might want to realize that Americans use Imperial units, and not metric. Of course, you didn’t really buy a 2 meter USB C cable. Exactly how is this necessary for setup, which has been OTA for years? File transfers? Apple users have been using AirDrop for years. You didn’t really buy a 2 meter USB-C cable to setup your brand new iPad Pro, because you don’t own one. You’d never buy one. All you need is an old HP Windows computer and a hangover.

            Dishonesty pervades everything you write. It’s hilarious, as though you have 5 brain cells left after years of binge drinking.

            Prost Malone! I’m sure you have the Krupp industrial-strength beer bong going on.

            I just read that David Hasselhoff is a major proponent of Lightning. He said that KITT went through the same thing in the 80s. KITT was way ahead of its time and Knight Industries had to develop new connectors to miniaturize KITT’s electronics. When MIDI came out, everyone complained that KITT wasn’t MIDI-compatible. Instead, Knight Industries used a 7-pin connector! There was a lot of conflict. Devon Miles wanted to “upgrade” to MIDI, just because it was a standard. Bonnie correctly pointed out that it would allow A-ha to control KITT using a DX7 patch. Bonnie and Michael won!

            Hey, how about those audio connectors on B&O and Redux stereos! Ugh! They should be RCA! What’s the deal with that?

          4. I own an iPhone and the lightning cable is balls. I want to switch to android but I have to use FaceTime and such because Apple is a stupid monopoly.

          1. Appledystopia, you’re so smart. Do you have a Ph.D.? There’s so many articles claiming the iPhone should switch to USB, but none of them are written by Apple customers.

            You’re right. It’s beyond the iPhone. So many Apple products use Lightning and come with Lightning cables. You can’t just switch the iPhone over and expect consumers to go out and buy new accessories. They won’t even exist until the accessory makers pivot to USB. Even then, it’s not like a USB accessory will work with both Android and iOS. The software is fundamentally different, and most accessory makers favor the iPhone.

          1. Yeah, guy is affirming his own comment under a pseudonym. Seriously, get some mental health care. It’s just a port. The EU went bananas over cookies too. It’s a mess and has ruined web browsing for billions of people.

        1. I can see that Maxwell Demon and Notmyname are from the same IP address. I think you have mental health issues. You should seek help. It’s just a port. I don’t think anyone is so fanatical about it as you. Seriously, get some help.

    2. No hate, but there is no need for toxicity
      I know some people are just biased to apple, and I accept that
      I have owned an iPad Pro 10.5 and I currently own an iPhone SE 2020 and they are both great devices. I don’t hate apple nor do I hate their competitors. I agree apple innovates and tries hard to deliver the best products to us but have you ever considered other companies? It’s not like all companies make bad products.
      Based on what you have said, it seems to me like the apple lightening port is the perfect port. There is nothing which is able to beat it. There are no disadvantages listed on the website and nothing saying about how long the connectors last. I have not seen any of the common apple lightening problems which make this review seem quite biased. I have broken a brand new lightening cable from apple just by normal wear and tear. This is a mere suggestion and I would like to ask you try and document these problems so consumers who just wanted to know which connector is more suited for them, know both the advantages and the disadvantages of the product.

      1. Yeah, totally. That’s why Apple’s OnePlus 8 Pro phone is my daily driver, because I’m a mindless Apple fanboy. I like Apple’s new LG Gram 15 laptop. Apple makes that, right? That’s what I’m typing on now, because the last two Macs I bought broke within six to eighteen months. I’m glad Apple makes the LG 15 Gram laptop.

        Am I finally making sense? What does it take to get through to you? I don’t even use an iPhone or Mac anymore. By your own admission, you’re a bigger Apple fanboy than me. I don’t think the iPhone SE 2020 is good at all. It has poor battery life and for the same price, one can get a much, much better Android device.

        I’ve never seen anyone go so apes**t over a port. Do you have a job? If so, I feel sorry for the people who have to work with you. I’m sure your personality defect extends far beyond Lightning vs. USB-C. You’re an abrasive sociopath. You don’t communicate or respond to others’ points. You just create this strawman of me being an Apple fan! That’s hilarious. This site is called Appledystopia. I use an Android phone and Windows PC for my daily drivers. I have a few Apple devices for the sake of writing for this site, but I’m focusing more on OnePlus these days.

        1. I guess I see your point. Yes, I don’t have a job and I have a lot of time on my hands. Maybe I should volunteer somewhere or be productive. It is just a port. I just searched on Google and found out they make Lightning to USB-C adapters. They’re only a few Euros. Sorry for going insane over that.

          I finally looked at your articles, and yes, your site is actually quite critical of Apple. I only read this article, and because you seemed to advocate for Lightning as the better port, I figured you were an Apple fan. Heck, I use an iPhone SE every day. I gladly hand over my money to Apple. I guess that’s why I’d like a USB-C port, but maybe I should just give Apple this feedback, instead of bothering a hard-working Silicon Valley technologist.

          1. I’m not on Apple’s or any tech corporation’s side. I’m not against them either. My job here is to report the facts. Your anger over a particular use case with Apple’s Lightning port is unique. You’ve had your say through the comments. You’re entirely free to write your own article about your nightmarish Lightning experience. I don’t expect many people to agree, empathize or sympathize.

            I’ve read and researched this issue extensively, analyzing Apple customers’ comments on this and other sites. Most do not want Apple to switch to USB-C because they own Lightning accessories. They’re hoping to use these with future iPhones.

            If Apple switches to USB-C, some customers won’t upgrade their device because they have to buy new accessories. For example, if they use a set of Lightning EarPods, which came free with past iPhone models, they will be required to purchase new headphones if the iPhone switches to USB-C. Switching to USB-C is detrimental for most consumers and also Apple. Accessory manufacturers must redesign Lightning accessories to use USB-C, which is no small task.

            In the past three months, I’ve written several articles which are neither pro nor anti-Apple. They simply report facts. I present my analysis, which is valuable, having worked at Intuit and iScribe/CVS for over two decades. At CVS/Caremark, a Fortune 5 company, I reported to a manager who reported to the CIO. Because of how CVS/Caremark integrated our once-startup company into the larger corporate structure, I was pretty high up on the corporate ladder, not a peon. I had face time with the CIO of a Fortune 5 company. Who do you know? What have you done? What gives you any right to claim you’re a subject matter expert?

            I’ve experienced far more than any tech journalist on the planet, from the inside. Yet, because this isn’t The Verge or Forbes, my insight garners a limited audience. To Google, the size and wealth of a corporate news provider determines its authority. Forbes is a perfect example. Its tech news is highly biased clickbait. Every title is a Chicken Little “sky is falling” indictment of Apple, yet the actual article is nitpicking on some minor flaw. Forbes continues to rank high in SERPs and Google News.

            Wired had a cover story about a decade ago, proclaiming that the web is dead. Yet here I am, publishing on the web as my audience grows. Once again, hype and lies beat reality and truth because Google is only concerned with revenues, not authority or truth.

            Social media is on the edge of implosion, yet Wired and others don’t seem concerned. Perhaps they’re on the payroll of these corporations. Maybe they play ball to access and interview the executives, to propagate even more corporate dishonesty. Whatever the case, the corporate news licks Big Tech’s a**.

            “Leaders” like Dorsey and Musk become elevated to God-like status. Dorsey wrote a few dozen lines of Ruby on Rails code and surfed a tsunami of hype. He’s now pitching “his” great idea for an open-source social media protocol, which others have been working on for years. I wrote about this years ago too.

            The most celebrated tech writers, penning columns for the NY Times, Bloomberg, The Verge, Wired, and other esteemed publications, have never worked a day in technology. They’ve never written a line of code. Most haven’t even done something as simple as building a PC. They go to press events and regurgitate the corporate line. This is what Google considers to be authority.

            These half-witted journalists make my work difficult because tech corporations are dishonest. They’re echoing back the corporate line because they don’t know how to analyze and refute it, if necessary.

            Just today, we see Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and Sundar Pichai’s sociopathy shine through. They cannot tell the truth. They can’t even answer a yes/no question. Their products are often exploitative because the corporate culture is. From the top-down, Big Tech is rotten from the crust to the core. Later, I’ll read some article in The Verge or Wired that gets it all wrong, but it ranks so high.

            The bulk of the tech media seems to believe Apple is working on a car whenever it’s a slow tech news cycle, usually after Christmas. They do little but disseminate misinformation yet rank so highly. This is part of what Congress is grilling Big Tech over today. It may also be a shakedown for campaign contributions. Big Tech is just starting to build its cozy relationship with lawmakers.

            Now I understand why Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard. He cannot answer a yes/no question. He can’t follow instructions. He doesn’t know how his company operates or what they do. The same is true for Pichai and Dorsey. They’re an embarrassment to The Valley. They’re non-technical, hands-off dilettantes, daydreaming about parasailing in paradise.

            There’s no greater falsehood than accusing Appledystopia of being an ally of any corporation, notably Apple. Here are ten articles published within the last few weeks that are critical of Apple:

            To claim that I’m an Apple apologist only detracts from your credibility. You didn’t do your homework. You read one article and went apes**t all over the comments.

          2. Here’s some more truth about corporate tech journalists. BGR stands for “Boy Genius Report”. It’s a highly regarded tech publication among the uninitiated. Google thinks highly of it, based on its rankings. Yet…

            While running BGR, Boy Genius kept his identity concealed. On April 27, 2010, Boy Genius revealed himself as Jonathan Geller, a 23-year-old Greenwich, Connecticut, high school dropout who never attended college.[11][12] Geller chose to remain anonymous at first due to the marketing opportunities that being anonymous afforded him and his site; however, when BGR joined Penske Media Corporation, Geller decided it was best for both him and his site that he reveal himself as the site’s founder and editor-in-chief.[13]

            Why not go after this guy? He built a fortune from leaking some Apple information. He calls himself a “genius”, yet he dropped out of high school. BGR is typical tech news — regurgitate the press event with misleading analysis, if any. None of these people have actually worked in tech, yet they fool so many. It’s the blind leading the blind. They find a thermometer in the Home Pod, and their imaginations run wild with all of the click-bait they can generate. I skipped writing about the thermometer. It’s not newsworthy. I wrote about the Apple Car twice — once when it surfaced about five years ago and recently. Both articles explain why an Apple Car is unlikely. That popped up again because it was a slow news day. Yep, when there’s not much tech news at the beginning of the year, these guys make it up. Is this the news you admire? Is this the news you trust? I don’t. I loathe it with a passion. But the boy genius who dropped out of high school is exactly the narcissist that Americans admire. Of course he’s done well for himself. He’s the embodiment of America — idiots who get wealthy from random luck and believe they’re geniuses!

    1. I believe Samsung or a competitor is trolling this article. I read that they hire college students in Taiwan to troll Apple sites. I guess it’s cheaper and easier than making a better device.

      Samsung can’t even design their own chips. They use off-the-shelf components, like Qualcomm processors. It’s a generic device running generic software. Apple designs everything to work together seamlessly.

      I really didn’t care much about bashing Samsung, but since they seem to be sending trolls to my site, I think it’s time to write a few fair and honest reviews about their products…

      Yes, no one is clamoring for USB on an iPhone. Apple will eventually remove the port entirely. Charging and accessories will all be wireless, and without ports, the device will be more rugged and waterproof. Apple has a plan and Samsung plays dirty tricks. I’ll never buy a Samsung product, not even a TV. I’ll get an LG TV. They make displays for Apple and their TVs are better than Samsung’s.

      1. Samsung make displays for iPads, so apple don’t have such a poor opinion of them as you do, or are you saying Apple are wrong.

        Why is it difficult for you to accept that some peoples Ligthning cables break?

        It’s a shame you don’t have the specs of the Lightning ports to compare with USB C 3.1 to make a fair comparison.

        There is a problem with the future being wireless; although it is very convenient, there are some use cases for wanting ports.
        For example wireless charging is slower and less efficient than direct charging via a cable.

        You do seem to be slightly deluded to the realities of normal life.

        1. I knew it! Samsung is trolling this site with their paid minions. You just admit it right here. You’re beyond a Samsung fanboy. You are a paid shill! You don’t own an iPhone. What’s your motivation? Are you the great tech evangelist who has come to save us from the darkness of Lightning? Ha ha! You’re some college kid in Asia, working for Samsung. That’s how they roll. They can’t beat Apple through innovation, so they hire paid trolls.

          You do seem to be slightly deluded to the realities of normal life.

          That’s like the most awkward and weird sentence I have ever read. Yes, you’re an Asian college student hired by Samsung to troll websites. There’s no other motive to be so upset about Lightning, especially when you don’t own an iPhone. Why don’t you get a job in the cafeteria or whatever, like a normal college student?

          What is normal life? Charging an iPhone with a MacBook, yet not having $3 for a USB adapter? Hooking up a 100w amplifier to an iPhone, using it as a power source? Just the most absurd ideas I have ever read. iPhone users don’t transmit data over Lightning cables either. That went wireless years ago.

          You also confirm what I knew about Business Insider and Trusted Reviews… Just like “Not a Fan Boy”, their monikers are ironic. Business Insider is written by outsiders who have never worked in tech. Trusted Reviews can’t be trusted. It’s sociopathy. The big liars tell big lies, and about 30% of people believe it, because they’re not intelligent. All they can do is follow the idiot, because they’re idiots too, so the idiot makes sense to them.

          I wonder why Samsung would bother hiring such a moron to troll this site?

          I can tell by the time that these comments are written, and your tactics, that you’re one of Samsung’s paid trolls. I’ve read about this. They got busted for doing this in Taiwan, but it’s legal in the rest of the world. I guess it’s flattering that my site has grown so large, I am being trolled by Samsung. Good luck. Keep it coming. I’ll keep making you look like an idiot. It’s so easy to do, and kind of fun too!

      2. Ain’t Apple doing the same thing. Are they not buying parts from others too. Both Apple and Android are good in my opinion. I used and like both.

        1. The parts are either designed by Apple or built to their specifications. They typically don’t use stock parts. Manufacturers bend over backwards for Apple, because they buy hundreds of millions of components.

          TSMC currently manufacturers processors for Apple, however, Apple designed them. It’s like how a band records an album, and the mastering engineer renders the final product. The music is the intellectual property. The CD, MP3, or AAC is the end product.

          I saw a documentary about Apple where they showed how they had to invent new manufacturing methods to make the unibody aluminum cases for MacBooks. This has been copied by virtually every PC maker in the business.

          1. I don’t understand what’s wrong with this guy! All he needs to do is buy a USB-C to Lightning adapter. I know former East Germans aren’t as wealthy as their Western counterparts, but sheesh! If you can’t afford a few Euros for an adapter, maybe you shouldn’t buy a smartphone at all!

          2. I don’t get it either. My hunch is that he’s hungover and doesn’t have anything better to do. Yes, there are so many adapters and cables. In my research, most iPhone owners want to stick with Lightning, so they don’t have to purchase new accessories. Accessory makers also prefer if Apple sticks with Lightning, because re-designing their products is a cost.

            Appledystopia welcomes everyone in the world — Eastern Europeans, Africans, Asians, South Americans! Whether you’re rich or poor, you’re welcome here!

  3. Not saying everything in this article is correct but it’s much less fanboy

    Lightning cables transfer data at USB 2.0 speeds, although there are some reports of USB 3.0 speeds with newer models

    It’s not a consistent interface from Apple, you can’t charge your phone from your mac book pro without extra cables (there isn’t a usb c – lightning cable provider with either device, the lightning cable ends in USB A and the mac book pro only has a usb c port)

    the included Lightning cable doesn’t even support fast charging

    but changing the port on the phone will annoy a lot of people.

    However if it’s mandated by the EU, then there is no problem…

    After all it’s been in circulation for 8 years

    1. Everything you wrote is inaccurate and disagrees with the sources you cite. I doubt you actually own an Apple product. I’m not sure why people who don’t own Apple products are so worried for us Apple users? I know, that Lightning port is so upsetting to some people who use Android. Grrrr! Lightning!

      iPhone users don’t care. It just works and there are myriad accessories. I believe there’s some notion that if the iPhone went USB, other devices could use the best accessories. Those wonderful iPhone accessories still might not work with non-Apple devices. The accessory makers would need to create apps and interfaces to work with non-Apple devices.

      Anything that tells the truth and disagrees with your idiotic idea of technology is “fanboy” to you. I’m very critical of Apple and people who follow this site are well aware of that. Appledystopia is a fanboy site? You gotta be f—ing kidding me!!!

      This armchair-techie obsession with ditching Lightning is pathetic and lame. Real iPhone users don’t care about USB-C for the iPhone. They want the accessories they bought to be useful with a future iPhone. If Apple were to change the port, a lot of consumers would put off upgrading, because they would need to buy all new accessories. Some people don’t understand that, because they don’t own an iPhone. People like you…

      Business Insider is a biased, corporate news source that takes money from tech companies in exchange for favorable coverage. When they’re not doing that, they’re busy generating clickbait for Apple haters, Android haters, and all forms of haters. It’s a cheap trick to get traffic. That said, it seems as though you didn’t read point 5 in that ridiculous example of “tech rhetoric”. It’s hilarious, actually, because the author thought Apple was going to ditch Lightning back in September 2019. Well, that didn’t happen. Did you actually read the article you linked? Because the “less fanboy” article on the nice, corporate media site was totally wrong. Apple stuck with Lightning in 2019. It’s clearly an article designed for fanboys, because it attracted and convinced you that Apple is going to switch to Lightning in 2019. It’s 2020, and you still think this is correct, true and honest journalism. It’s clickbait for Apple haters. The article was totally wrong, yet you eat it up like chicken chow mein.

      You can rapidly charge an iPhone. Just use a higher wattage charger. This has nothing to do with Lightning. The charging is managed by the power management IC on the iPhone. I looked up this part and read the documentation for it, because I actually do research before I write. I worked in tech at large corporations as a senior software engineer. I know how “stuff” works. The BI clown doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But some people see the big, corporate site and believe whatever they read. Their writers are paid nothing and have no skills. They hire anyone who does a little smartphone fiddling and has a few opinions about how Apple could do better — people who would never be hired by Apple in a million years. They couldn’t even get a job in the Apple cafeteria. They’re so smart! Yes, change all the ports so you can charge an iPhone with your MacBook. Everyone was clamoring for that!

      Apple hasn’t revealed the true, theoretical data throughput of Lightning. The speed is determined by the slowest connected device and how fast that port can transfer data. The Lightning cable, in and of itself, is not the limiting factor.

      A USB-C adapter is readily available, but why would you charge an iPhone off a Mac? These are ridiculous and exceptional use cases, but you suggest Apple should redesign their products for them? For edge cases? Someone may drop their iPhone into a pot of boiling water. Should they account for that too? It’s a very rare situation where one would drain their MacBook Pro’s battery to charge an inferior device. If someone wants to do that, they would have to pay a few bucks for an adapter. Oh, the humanity!

      If you bothered to read the article, it agrees with my point — the next thing beyond Lightning is no port at all. Everything will be wireless.

      This is from the article that you linked, yet didn’t bother to read:

      “The law might encourage Apple to rush to adopt port-free iPhones and support wireless-only charging ahead of the game, prompting competing brands to follow and drastically cutting down on e-waste in the long run.”

      Yeah… That’s my point too, and I wrote this article years ago, before the BI and articles. All you’ve shown me is that inferior writers who have never worked at a tech corporation in their lives are finally coming to the same conclusion — Lightning will stick around until it’s replaced by a completely wireless i/o implementation. I came to that conclusion years ago. The sources you site seem to have finally figured it out. Now, it’s time to go read over everything and try to comprehend it, instead of making a fool out of yourself.

      It’s so funny that you think this is a fanboy article. How delusional are Apple-hater fanboys that they obsess over the iPhone’s ports? It’s mental illness. Go use your crummy phone and leave us to our supposed ignorance. No one I know who uses an iPhone, from soccer moms to CS Ph.D.’s in the Silicon Valley, give a hoot about USB-C on the iPhone. If anything, moving away from Lightning is upsetting, because people will have to buy new accessories. Accessory makers will have to redesign their products. People who own an iPhone have money, but not as much free time as you. So they just order an adapter if they want USB-C connectivity. They don’t troll websites about it.

  4. Appledystopia, you are right but you should not blame other companies like Samsung, Apple’s displays are made by Samsung and they use their own Exynos processor.

    1. It is a known fact that Samsung hires Asian college students to troll Apple sites. What other motive does someone, who doesn’t even own an iPhone, have to troll an Apple-related site about how the iPhone should use USB-C? It’s pretty much the same guy who keeps coming back and I’m pretty sure he was hired by Samsung.

      You are incorrect. Most Samsung S10 models use an off-the-shelf Qualcomm processor:

      “International models of the S10 utilize the Exynos 9820 system-on-chip, while the U.S., South American, and Chinese models utilize the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855.”

      As for iPhone displays, it’s true that Samsung manufactures them, but to Apple’s specifications. They end up with better displays than Samsung.

      Does anyone else want to correct me? Hmmmm? Let’s go… I went to a top university and have worked in technology for 15 years, including 10 years in Fortune 500 companies. Come on… Is this the best you can do? Can’t even bother to Google your facts?!? You want to quote something from BI, BGR, The Verge? Those articles are written by industry outsiders with community college degrees. They’re paid peanuts, but it’s way more than they deserve.

  5. As an electrical engineer I have noticed that you have omitted a lot of information about both connectors.

    USB-C is designed to have the cable wear out first that is why the contacts and the connecting tabs are on the socket instead of the plug as over time due to unplugging and plugging a cable the spring contacts loose its springiness and is unable to hold itself.

    You mention that the connecting tabs wear out first, this happens when the manufacturer uses a spring steel that is way too stiff or is too hard (for example using a higher carbon steel) for the job, or the housing is too weak which is the case for lightning, USB-C doesn’t fail this way due to the fact that the connecting tabs are not restricted by the contact pcb and so allows it to use a thicker housing, basically you are using a problem found in lightning and assuming it happens in USB-C to try to make your point stronger.

    I’ve also noticed in the comments you always mention market research well if you did market research you would find that the 2019 iPad (which uses USB-C) is actually thinner than the iPhone (there is a 2.4mm difference), granted this is due to the 2019 iPhone compromising thickness for battery life but it does show apple is willing to compromise for better performance and longevity.

    You are also omitting USB-C’s data transfer speeds, the maximum speed Apple allows on lightning is 35MB/s which is a very slow speed compared to USB 3.0 which has a speed of 625MB/s or USB-3.1 speed which is an incredible 10GB/s.

    You also mention that moving to usb-c will screw over people with all lightning accessories as they will have to throw out the old accessories, this did not stop apple from switching from the 30 pin connector, and the same thing will also happen if apple moves to wireless (which I consider immoral) people will have to throw away all lightning based accessories.

    There is a lot more about USB-C that you are omitting but this is just the relevant information for this article.

    1. Apple switched to Lightning in late 2012, well before USB-C existed. Apple wanted to make thin iPhones in 2012, not wait a few years. The USB-C standard was developed mostly by Apple engineers. They dominated the consortium.

      Yes, USB-C is better than previous USB standards; however, Apple couldn’t wait around for a new standard. What they learned by developing Lightning was introduced into USB-C.

      You’re conflating today’s USB-C standard with 2012 USB technology. Apple had to go proprietary because it wasn’t getting done. They were instrumental in developing the USB-C standard, and the 2015 MacBook Pro was one of the first notebooks to use it. Remember? People were screaming bloody murder, because the MacBook Pro only had 2 USB-C ports, in 2015, well after the standard evolved. No one had USB-C accessories. People were upset because they had to buy new accessories and adapters.

      This leads me, once again, to the point that Apple won’t change ports whimsically. I am well aware that they switched from the Dock connector to Lightning, after over a decade of using the former. That’s precisely why they won’t do it so readily. Apple is not a company that makes a bunch of one-off devices. There are about one billion people who own devices with Lightning connectors. They’re not going to play “let’s switch the ports again”.

      The iPhone is not the only device that uses Lightning. Non-Pro iPads use it, as do the Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard. If you actually owned and used Apple products, you’d realize Lightning is not going anywhere. It’s entrenched in the Apple ecosystem. Want to charge the Magic Mouse? You have to use Lightning to do so.

      Why are people who don’t use Apple products so set on the iPhone adopting USB-C? Just buy a smartphone that uses USB-C, and leave all of us iSheep in the dark. We are so dumb. We don’t want to go out and get new cables and adapters so we can brag to all of our friends about USB-C. We just want products that work and are consistently useful over time, with the least planned obsolescence of any other brand.

  6. First, I have both an iPhone and a USB C Samsung phone in my household (as well as an iMac, windows and linux PCs). I personally prefer the feel of the lightning connector over USB C. It feels slightly more stable. I have never had problems with either connector, although I have damaged a few cables of both types due causes unrelated to the connectors.

    One thing that no one ever mentions in these discussions is that having different connectors on iPhones vs Android makes sense because they run different software platforms. It’s way easier to identify a target platform through different connectors than having to say on the box which ecosystem a given device works with. Many people who want Apple to use USB C want it because they want all of their accessories to work on all their devices. Even if Apple switched to USB C, not everything that works on iOS would work on Android (or vice versa). As much as I would love one universal standard that works regardless of platform, that isn’t likely to happen any time soon. Until that happens, I’m happy to keep different connectors on my iPhone. It’s not a better or worse solution, just different.

    1. Excellent points. Yes, if both Apple and the Android world ran on USB-C, accessories wouldn’t be magically compatible with all devices. Given that so few users run the latest version of Android, audio and video capabilities of accessories would have to support the lowest common denominator. Some devices would still be exclusive to the Apple ecosystem.

      Also, I mentioned how Apple’s accessories are charged by Lightning cables — Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and the Magic Keyboard. My new Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones also charge with Lighting, as do most Beats devices.

      All of this demonstrates that Lightning isn’t going anywhere…

  7. The fact is that Apple and Samsung fanboys don’t understand is that both these companies do business with eachother, The display, camera modules are made by Samsung whereas the iSight is just a stacked ExmorRS sensor from sony, The lighting jack has a maximum Transfer speed of around 480mbps Whereas USB-C is 10Gbps that is a huge gap, back in the day they had a problem with microusb and lighting was okay now lighting is just antiquated and if you’re going to tell me that wireless is the future of iPhones, I’m sorry to break your bubble it’s not, though all phones will have wireless charging they won’t be the primary mode since the maximum supported speed is only 7.5 watts which has got to do with the latency, the same thing Apple suffers with wireless headphones, the latency is too unbearable while editing and if you’ve used it you’ll know what I’m talking about, Apple is known to use antiquated hardware on its phone’s and bring features which existed years ago in other devices like they just invented it, If Apple shifts to USB-C nothing is going to change because we still get 30pin connector cables, you will still be able to get lighting cables for your old phones whereas newer ones will have USB-C it’s exactly going to be the same scenario when Apple took away the headphone jack and sold dongles to use your old Apple 3.5mm headphones and now totally phased it out so it’s something Apple is used to doing, Lighting jack being slimmer is irrelevant because it’s of no use when it performs like a 90 year old, Apple already has used USB-C for iPad pro but no matter what Apple uses Apple fanboys will definitely buy it and defend it, so will Samsung fanboys

    1. Who transfers data over a Lightning cable? I use iCloud or AirDrop. You seem to be stuck in the 1990s. I haven’t connected my iPhone to a computer in about a decade. I don’t know anyone who does this.

      You may want to learn about the Apple ecosystem. You’re inferring a lot about something that’s a black box to you. Most of your inferences are wrong. At a core level, you don’t understand how the Apple ecosystem works. Apple users don’t connect devices with cables anymore. That went away a decade ago.

      Again, this is beyond the iPhone. Apple and Beats use Lightning for EVERYTHING. Buy a new pair of Powerbeats Pro earphones? They use Lightning. AirPods? Lightning. AirPods Pro? Lightning. This is for charging. They exchange data wirelessly.

      Nice try trying to obfuscate your presence, Klaus. Thanks for writing more free content for me!

      1. Really, u use iCloud, the buggy hell. Use Google Drive instead. I say doing it the Internet way is better than directly sharing

          1. Some apps are not fully uploading their data to iCloud. The upload is half done and stuck. I have anabled iCloud in that app.

  8. I have a lightning cable and it is 7 years old, its cable is really fragile, one bend and the cable will tear. Yeah i know that lightning is smaller but that does not mean apple is making smaller iPhones. And the port is actually pretty durable. And one thing you cannot merely depend on wireless. Debugging and software development will still need a wire. You cannot merely depend on wireless as even though it may be dongle free, it take long to connect and set up to work properly, and Bluetooth, don’t even think of that as a way of sharing. It really is slow. And there will be a day when your wireless charger will stop working but the USB-A port will still function. You should be knowing that you cannot depend 100% on technology as one day, it will fail.

    1. You can debug from a wireless connection. If Apple makes the iPhone all wireless, they’ll add that to XCode. Also, an operating system can bootstrap a low-level mode to connect wirelessly to other devices, to fix a device that won’t start up. The Mac does that already. You can start up a dead Mac with a damaged hard drive, and it can connect to WiFi and restore the operating system, without any wired connection.

      I’ve debugged enterprise java apps with over a million lines of code without connecting a wire to the server. At the time, I worked in Redwood Shores and our server was in Scottsdale, Arizona. Engineers have been doing remote, wireless debugging since the heydays of NASA in the 1950s and 60s.

      If your Lightning cable is seven years old, that may explain its state of disrepair and fragility. I have more Lightning cables than I can use. Everyone I know is inundated with them. I still use the same one from my iPhone 6, which is 6 years old.

  9. This site is awesome!

    You’re saying Samsung is paying people to comment here? Thanks for letting me know. I fact checked that, and you’re right. They got busted in Taiwan, paying college students to troll HTC, posing as disgruntled users. Looks like the disgruntled “iPhone users” here are probably on the payroll too. It’s painfully obvious they don’t use an iPhone. They think they need to connect cables to do file transfers?!? AirDrop came out like ten years ago. Sheesh…

    If they do it to HTC, they’re doing it five times as hard to Apple. It’s only illegal in Taiwan. In the rest of the world, paid trolling is legal — influencer or whatever. More like influenzer, because they’re a disease.

    Good to see a site that isn’t on the payroll of some big corporation.

      1. I like Samsung. I just tried a Galaxy S20. I went with a OnePlus 8 Pro. Yes, I use Android now. Apple F’d me on two Macs — both were brand new and both broke within 18 months. I decided to try Android, and it’s way better. I can install Fortnite on my OnePlus 8 Pro. That can’t be done on an iPhone anymore…

        I checked out Android a few times in the past, and wow, has it changed! It’s better than iOS now. They’re both so similar, there’s no difficulty in switching. It’s more that iOS can only do a fraction of what Android can do, and Android’s multimedia capabilities are no longer substandard. I’m blown away by the games!!!

        But, as for Lightning, it needs to stay around. There’s so many devices and accessories that use Lightning. I use my Powerbeats Pro earphones with my Android phone and Windows PC. I charge these with a Lightning cable. It’s not the end of the world. If Apple were to move from Lightning to USB-C, people would need to go out and buy new accessories or adapters. USB-C is beyond the iPhone. A lot of third party devices use it too. They all have to change.

  10. You are the best dude. I argued with all my friends about this topic but none of then are convinced. I love Apple as much as you do and I like how they get very creative and introduce new tech to the world. We were the first company to make use of touchscreen efficiently. Of course some other company already made touchscreen but Steve is the one who made the proper use of it. And all all the smartphone designs are based on that simple piece. Very thank you for making this website bro. Love You

  11. Do not bulls**t my comment.
    I’ve got iPhone 4 (antenna gate you remember?) dock, switching by iPhone 5 (dock versus lightning) guess what ? EZ PZ no stupid dock accessories and be able to connect port from one side or reversed.

    Then switching to 6+ then X then… I wait usb-c iPhone.

    Why ?
    Computer ? Usb-c
    Tablets ? Usb-c
    Phones ? Usb-c
    Usb-c in the usb4 revision is (will be) able to supply, thunderbolt, DisplayPort, speed charge

    Now if you are not solo at home (like a bulls**ter like you) using one cable for all high tech devices and not be worried about what cable you need is this f***ing future we want !

    Do not bulls**t also by wireless charge that is less efficient and making battery as hot as a microwave.

    That is why I will no more by a new iPhone and still use X because it was future proof (by Face ID) but I wait usb-c as a key feature and no more lightning of full wireless (that is dumby because what ? It would force Apple to package a 45€ wireless MagSafe 15w)

    I will not debate of lightning is more durable than usb. I take care of my devices. I am not an idiot which is happy with a broken display.

    1. This is hilarious. I’m laughing so hard at this comment. I actually just bought a OnePlus 8 Pro and ditched the iPhone completely. If you’re so upset, buy an Android device. Apple isn’t going to change to please you. Lightning is beyond the iPhone. So many Apple products use it for charging, in addition to Beats. They’re not going to change because you only have one outlet in your home. Apple sells products to people who have multiple wall outlets in their home.

      My OnePlus uses USB-C charging. My iPad and PowerBeats Pro use Lightning. My LG Gram came with a pin charger, but it can also charge via USB-C. I just can’t get as angry as you about that. You know they make Lightning to USB-C adapters, right? Maybe instead of throwing a tantrum, you could maybe buy one?

      1. Honestly, I really have trouble understanding your point.
        Yes, if all you have got are Apple products, then obviously Lightning is nice. If the whole world would use Lightning, no one would argue in favor of usb c. The point is, that people want to use a universal charger for everything.
        I own SOME apple devices. 2 ipads and one macbook. I’m thinking of getting more apple products, but I will never buy an iPhone, or airpods. Not because I don’t want them, but because they don’t use USB C. It’s hard to migrate into the apple ecosystem, even if you already own several apple products.
        But I don’t like the magic mouse, the magic keyboard and I like my wireless Sony Headphone and I want to keep them. Guess what. They all use USB C. I have USB C cables in my flat everywhere where I use a device and every single device I own, from macbook to android phone to ipad can be charged there.
        Why would I get an iPhone? I would have to buy several new cables and if carry two different cables if I want to charge on the go. Its simply inconvenient.
        Apple users already have USB C in their home, because the ipad pro and the macbook use it and let’s be real most people own at LEAST one non apple device that uses USB C. USB C just makes sense.

        To wireless being the future. Why? I don’t see the benefit. Its slower, the charger is larger and more expensive and its not like the phone doesn’t have to sit on the charger. It’s not a Bluetooth headphones vs wired headphones situation where going wireless will give you more freedom. The exact opposite is the case. You can’t use your phone with a wireless charger attached (well you can, but it’s awkward and unreliable).
        And the USB C argument stands. I can’t charge my phone anywhere else but the places where I specifically put a wireless charger only for my phone.
        I like wireless charging at my desk. It’s convenient to just put my phone down and it charges. That’s neat. But I would never ever want to sacrifice the port for that.

        1. The point is that people bought Lightning accessories. Accessory makers created devices that work with Lightning. If Apple changes, they will have to buy new accessories and third-party companies have to redesign their products.

          I know you have trouble understanding my point, because you’re a narcissistic sociopath. You can’t see anything from anyone else’s point of view. Most Apple customers are OK with Lightning and actually prefer that Apple keep the port. They don’t want to go out and buy new headphones and other accessories.

          Ming-Chi Kuo said it’s not going to happen. They’re going wireless next, just like I predicted. He’s always right.

          Why don’t you go troll Apple instead? You lost…

          “People want to use a universal charger for everything”

          That should be updated to “person”, because it’s really only you who wants that. If they do that, they can only charge one thing at a time. I guess you didn’t really think that one through either…

          1. Dude seriously, you should stop with the personal attacks. I know you like to troll around, but not everyone who disagrees with you is a sociopath and it’s really not a good look on your part.

            Yeah, people who have a lot of lightning accessories would have to buy new ones. I get that, but there are simply more and cheaper usb C accessories out there. What about the people who have USB C accessories, that they can’t use with their iPhone?
            And honestly, how many accessories do you own?
            Most people have wireless headphones like airpods anyway and music stations where you plug your phone in are extremely outdated.

            Your only argument is “its hard to transition” but the EXACT SAME thing will happen, if they switch to completely wireless (and you get all the problems that come with that). Your acting like you would avoid that problem, but you simply won’t.
            The difference is, that the solutions will be even more expensive and proprietary.

            Seriously, give me a reason why going fully wireless is any better than having wireless charging AND a USB C port. I can only think of the space savings, but seriously, I don’t think anyone minds the size of phones these days. What people do mind is, that they have to use an inefficient charging method, that’s slow, is bad for the battery and is really annoying to use.

            Just because apple does a thing, doesn’t mean its not the right thing to do. Apple is not God you know?

            Well, you seem to have asked every single person in existence about this problem and I have simply dreamed about the people who told me lighting sucks and they want usb C instead, because I distinctly remember those conversations.

            Oh my god the argument “you can only charge one thing at a time” is honestly the worst argument for anything I have ever heard. Seriously? Damn…
            You could have *drumroll* TWO CABLES.
            Amazing isn’t it? You would have needed two cables anyway, if you had a lightning device. If you want to charge two devices simultaneously, then you need two cables, regardless of what plug you use. The difference is, that if you have just one cable, I can charge either device. I really fail to see how that’s so hard for you to understand

          2. You are severely mentally ill – an abrasive sociopath. Please get help. It’s just a f***ing port!!!

            Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple isn’t going to transition from Lightning to USB-C. One reason they’re sticking with Lightning is because it’s more waterproof than USB-C:

            “Kuo explained that Apple is reluctant to move to USB-C since it is a free, open standard, as well as less waterproof than Lightning.”

            Yes, Apple profits from licensing Lightning. They’re a for-profit corporation. That’s what they do. You can always go find a tech corporation with a heart of gold. Good luck. Apple is going to stick with Lightning precisely because it’s more profitable than USB-C and offers better water resistance. Why would a rational, profit-seeking corporation in Apple’s position go with USB-C? They won’t because it’s an irrational decision.

            They’re going directly to wireless. That’s one of MANY points I have made. I’m not just contending that “it’s too hard to transition”. I have enumerated my points, ad nauseum, both in the article and comments. You’re arguing with yourself and losing.

            Seriously, give me a reason why going fully wireless is any better than having wireless charging AND a USB C port.

            1. more waterproof
            2. more futureproof — wireless protocols can be updated through software; a USB-C port is forever a USB-C port
            3. thinner devices
            4. less expensive devices — they already support wireless; ports are for backward compatibility and charging
            5. less hassle — no cables to buy, break, lose, trip over or stretch across the room

            You may think you’re making great points, but I’m just laughing at the obsessiveness. Even Melville was more chill about the whiteness of the whale than you are about the wrongness of Lightning.

            I have an excellent idea — don’t buy an iPhone. I don’t use an iPhone anymore. I have a OnePlus 8 Pro. It has a USB-C port and, in my opinion, is better than the best iPhone 12 Pro Max, at almost half the price. That’s not because of the USB-C port, by the way. Like the vast majority of consumers, I don’t care. It came with an excellent WARP charger.

            It’s that simple. Just don’t buy an iPhone. There are plenty of better phones with USB-C ports. Apple is not going to change, no matter how outraged or obsessed you become.

            Oh my god the argument “you can only charge one thing at a time” is honestly the worst argument for anything I have ever heard. Seriously? Damn…
            You could have *drumroll* TWO CABLES.
            Amazing isn’t it? You would have needed two cables anyway, if you had a lightning device. If you want to charge two devices simultaneously, then you need two cables, regardless of what plug you use. The difference is, that if you have just one cable, I can charge either device. I really fail to see how that’s so hard for you to understand

            This is just plain mentally ill here… You’re arguing with yourself. I charge multiple devices in my home. I don’t see how Lightning or USB-C really affect one’s ability to charge multiple devices at one time.

            Your point seems to be, if the iPhone went with USB-C, you could use one charger and one cable for all of your devices. Most people are not that hard up. Apple sells premium products to middle-to-high end consumers. They tend to have more than one outlet in their homes.

            Seriously, seriously, seriously, I have never seen anyone go so apes**t over Lightning. It’s the case of an abrasive sociopath trying to get a company to do something they’ll never do.

          3. Damn, you get worked up on this s**t… You accuse everyone of being mentally ill, or paid actors. Just f**king chill mate, you are making yourself look like a idiot who can’t have an objective discussion.

            The waterproof argument is bulls**t. Don’t embarrass yourself. The iPhone isn’t any more waterproof than any other high end phone out there. Yeah, Apple does it so they can make more money. That’s the real reason. I know it’s a business decision, but it’s an anti consumer decision. If a company does stuff only to f**k over consumers and earn money, of course I can critique a company for doing that. What’s wrong with that?
            1) Do you really need more than a ip68 rating? What are you planning to do? Deep diving with your iPhone?
            2) More future proof? Sorry, but USB C is built to be the port of the future and hasn’t even come close to reach its potential. There is a reason why apple uses USB C on their laptops (who normally outlive phones anyway). I’m sure USB C will outlive any IPhone 13…
            3) I don’t think that’s a real concern of people. We don’t need thinner devices than we already have.
            4) with increased cost for chargers… The magsafe charger costs 40€. The lightning port probably costs less than 2€ to manufacture.
            5) are you actually stupid? Wireless doesn’t mean you don’t have wires. Wireless means you don’t have a wire from the phone to the charger, but you still need a wire from the charger to the wireless charging pad. You have the EXACT same number of cables…

            The difference now is only, that every single cable costs 40€ and sucks. My negative points still stand. Its worse for the battery, its slower to charge, its more expensive, you can’t use power banks, its less widespread.

            I don’t care that much about lightning. As long as they use lightning, I simply won’t buy an iPhone. I’m just allergic to bad arguments and damn, you making some of the worst I have ever seen.

            Okay, I will repeat it really really slow for you. If all my devices use USB C, I can charge any device with any charger. Got it? Nice! Now if I want to charge 3 devices simultaneously, what do I do? I use *drumroll* 3 chargers. Now, here things get tricky, so please pay close attention. Sometimes I don’t NEED to charge 3 devices simultaneously. I have ONE charger on my couch, one on my desk, one in my kitchen. If any of my devices are low on battery I just plug it in. If I had an iPhone, I would need TWO chargers everywhere, where I have one, because if my ipad runs out of battery, I use USB C and if my iPhone runs out of battery I would have to use lightning. That sucks. I have a powerbank in my backpack. With ONE cable, because its sufficient. When I’m at a friend’s house, and my phone runs out of battery, I can use their charger, because EVERYONE has a USB C charger. If I’m going to make a trip for a few days, I take ONE charger and ONE cable with me. All of these things are easier, if they would just stick to USB C. Come in dude, just admit it. It’s not that hard. If they change to USB C, things would be easier. You could use your iPhone charger for your ipad and vice versa. They would finally use the port EVERYONE is using and accessories would be compatible across platforms. Lightning isn’t a superior port and the reason they stick with lightning is because they make more money that way. That might be a good business move, but it’s sh***y for the consumer.

          4. I don’t think everyone who comments on my site is mentally ill. Just you and a few others. I’m actually surprised, given how many people visit this site, how few are sociopaths. It’s less than the 4% that Martha Stout estimates.

            This is hilarious. I’m laughing so hard at your comment. I like Germans and I’m planning to move to Berlin, but it’s like you’ve taken their stereotypical anal-retentiveness to an extreme. My guess is that you’re not from Berlin, but some small town. You clearly have nothing better to do.

            I guess I’ll see you again when there’s a sale on beer or the Lightning/USB-C/iPhone story trends again. The reason why it’s tending is because Ming-Chi Kuo agrees with what I predicted years ago. Apple will remain with Lightning until the iPhone is all wireless.

            Have you ever considered applying for a career at Apple? I mean, you have such great ideas, they’d surely hire you — on the spot!

            Just kidding. I think you should have all of your electronic devices confiscated and be exiled on a desert island… You don’t even deserve a 1990’s Motorola flip phone.

          5. Damn, no arguments and straight to insults. Well what do I expect? Arguments aren’t your strong suit anyway.

            And you’re wrong again kiddo. Like about anything else. I’m born in the Chartie Berlin and lived here in Moabit ever since (most of the time anyway). But hey, I’m just a sociopath, why would you belive me anyway?

            Please for the love of god, stay away from my beautiful city!

            So what? Apple does stick with lightning. I never said they will not do that, I said it’s bad for consumers and you have utterly failed to make any argument against that claim.

            But hey, keep on licking boots, I think that’s what you do best anyway. Just don’t try to think too much for yourself that’s not ending good as we already saw.

            While I’m giving advice you might get your anger issues and your paranoia checked out. I haven’t seen you treat anyone with respect who disagrees with you. Not a good look.
            You know people can have rational and nice conversations over things they disagree about. Just some food for thought for you.

          6. Yes, thanks for your kind words and insightful input, as always. I’m so pleased to know I’m corresponding with the mayor of Berlin. I’ll be taking up residence in “your” city soon. I hope you enjoy the products produced in “my” city — you now, the Google and Apple stuff. Perhaps we can grab a beer sometime. Best regards.

          7. why would you belive me anyway?

            What? Don’t they have spell-checking in Deutschland? No German I know would be so imprecise. Even a German American who drunkenly eats cheeseburgers off the floor uses modern text editing technology.

  12. There’s a fair few comments that are saying Apple ditched the 30 pin just to make thinner devices. Apple themselves said they couldn’t make thin devices with the 30 pin – but that’s garbage. My old iPod Nano is 6.1mm thick, the iPhone 12 is 7.44mm. Apple undoubtedly knew that USB-C was coming (they were involved after all!), but they just wanted to do their own thing so they could control the market. Lightning devices need to be licenced from Apple, USB devices don’t – I suspect the Lightning choice was commercial rather than technical.

    I use a Magic Mouse, iPhone, iPad and have PCs and Macs – I’d much rather Apple ditched the Lightning and changed everything to USB-C sooner rather than later!

    1. You’re right. I did some research and Apple does charge fees for licensing Lightning technology. It doesn’t allow them to control the market, however, it provides some revenues.

      I’m OK with Lightning or USB-C. The only compelling case I’ve heard for USB-C originates from people who only have one outlet. I guess, you’d have to bear the great indignity of swapping out power adapters.

      I switched to Android and my OnePlus 8 Pro charges with USB-C. Unlike Apple, OnePlus provided a power cable and adapter. It’s a “Warp Charge” adapter, so it charges my phone fully in less than an hour, without destroying the battery. I still have an iPad and an older iPhone I use for music and to manage my Apple Card. For some reason, Lighting and USB-C aren’t a bogeyman for me. I own a one bedroom condo, and it has at least 16 outlets. Yeah, I know. King in the castle!

  13. The article started reasonable but then became just straight Apple **** sucking.
    You already stated USB-C is superior in power and data transfer but then started hammering the only single point you find in favour of lightning, that it is more robust.
    “Lightning is simply the right tool for the job.” That’s for you to decide, it’s for the consumers. Either tell will want power and data transfer or durability.

    1. I’m not quite sure what you’re writing here. The grammar is cryptic. I don’t think you fully comprehend the article. I believe you’re the same malignant narcissist who pathologically trolls this article. Get help! It’s just a port!

      1. I’m a senior citizen layman device user, tech nerd, formerly worked in electronics, etc. so I can at least understand terminology, but no expert.

        I own an iPad Air 4th generation with USB C and looked for a lightning/USB C adaptor to use my previous iPad Pro lightning A/V adaptor…down the rabbit hole I went…
        Your blog is also insightful, albeit more contemporary, especially in its dealing with our increasingly polarized society, unfortunately even permeating into technology blogs. My conclusion after a “deep dive” morning:
        No lightning/USB C adaptor to use legacy Apple A/V adaptor for my iPad Air will work…buy a 2nd Apple USB C A/V adaptor.
        Sure learned a lot, however!

  14. My two cents.

    For the most basic needs of the iPhone the lightning connection works. Again for the most common use. It’s when you start to do something outside the norm of things do you fin out the limitations.

    1. Have you ever tried mirroring downloaded HD shows from Apple TV+ via lightning to hdmi on an iPhone while offline? I have and it doesn’t work. However. If the downloaded shows are in SD format then offline mirroring is possible. USB-C doesn’t have this problem.
    Not everyone can be connected to the internet(wi-fi) area or have enough data to stream on their cellular plan. So I find that a bit hard to believe that apple cripples lightning that way.

    2. No port iPhones should be OK perhaps in another 4 or so years.
    Right now not so many countries are able to be wi-fi connected like most places in America and perhaps some UK places are. They are trying and doing their best but many places still struggle with just having normal cellular connections let alone having wi-fi spots available. So many people still need cables to connect.

    Apple to Apple devices do have a solid way of sharing some materials via Air Drop. Some TV’s and some monitors are slowly adding Air Play to their lineups. But it is still not mainstream yet. So again people need cables to connect.

    Most of the complaints I think most are talking about are about when one has more devices using one kind of connection then a single device that has a total different kind of connection. Many were hoping for one for all to just simply make the jungle of cables more workable. Again simply put. One cable with one power port for all the portable devices no matter the maker.

    There will always be pros and cons about lightning vs USB-C but as long as most other devices embrace USB-C the iPhone is going to be that odd one out when it comes to hooking up cables or adapters to other devices.

    If indeed the lightning port can be upgraded to be more then what it is now then I wish Apple would do so already. But that still wouldn’t help a person who’s computer is USB-C, who’s tablet is USB-C or who’s device they need to attach a wire connection to is only USB-C.

    Having said what has been said if one has a Mac computer, Apple tablet or some other Apple device then yes one can simple use Air Drop. It just depends on what the end user needs to do.

    So what are your thoughts Appledystopia now that the iPhone 13 is just around the corner?

    1. Thanks for the comment. I believe Apple will continue with Lightning until the iPhone becomes wireless.

      I did some research, and there are Lightning to HDMI adapters that can handle HD content. Ideally, most people would use an Apple TV, however, this requires a WiFi network.

      The iPhone 13 will likely use Lightning. My guess is that the 2022 iPhone models will be wireless, but I could be wrong. I think the technological pieces will be in place by then.

      It’s not just the availability of parts, but Apple requires a massive component supply. This is one reason why OnePlus and Samsung have offered better screens for years. They don’t sell as many units, so they can acquire a few million high-end screens for their flagship devices. Apple will always be a little behind the curve, as they need massive amounts of components. They try to make up for it with software and a few proprietary hardware technologies that can be easily manufactured (dot projector for FaceID, LiDAR). Of course, their marketing convinces people that Apple offers the most advanced technologies, which is false.

    2. I also want to add that quite a few flat screen televisions offer built-in AirPlay 2 support. Eventually, it will be a standard in most TVs. Even Samsung supports AirPlay and Apple TV (the app and service) in some of their televisions. Sony, LG and others also support Apple’s AirPlay technology.

      Apple’s wireless vision is clear. In the future, virtually every TV will support AirPlay, rendering cables obsolete. If the TV doesn’t support it, you can always buy an Apple TV. I think Apple should make an AirPlay 2 dongle and sell it for less than $50.

  15. The biggest problem with lightning is the failure rate. I am constantly having problems with phones not charging. I never get this issue with USB-C.

    1. I’ve never had a Lightning cable or accessory fail, at least in terms of the charging/data port. I own several. I haven’t seen any evidence of a high failure rate. But it’s entirely possible you’ve experienced this.

      The last two Macs I purchased completely failed for no reason. They had USB-C ports. It was Apple’s own in-house designed components, such as the Fusion drive and the power IC and battery in my last MacBook Pro. It’s possible that USB-C had something to do with my MacBook Pro basically getting its power IC and battery fried from charging. The Apple Genius didn’t tell me much. They never do.

    1. I switched to a Samsung and then, shortly after, a OnePlus about a year ago. I did this because Apple sold me two brand new Macs which failed spectacularly, for no reason.

      At first, I found Android to be almost identical to iOS and the iPhone. In many ways, the phones are better. My OnePlus 8 Pro has more RAM and a much better screen. The screen is still better than the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s display.

      Unfortunately, Android is too defective for me to rely on. The other day, I set a reminder and it never went off. The autofocus on Samsung phones doesn’t work. OnePlus is better, but their portrait mode kind of blurs the edges of subjects. Google broke text messaging for me and a billion Android users. I actually thought someone I was dating stopped texting with me (and she thought the same), so this defect ended up in ending a relationship for me. Thanks Google!

      Needless to say, Android has the sheen of a reliable, competent, mobile operating system. iOS isn’t perfect. But when I set a reminder, I expect to be reminded. That’s the whole point of a reminder. I also think breaking text messaging for 24 hours is a deal breaker. The iPhone is just more reliable and the phones are actually cheaper. These flagship Android phones cost $1000 or more. Some of the Samsungs are $1800. Nice device, bad operating system.

      I tried Android for a year. I’m going back to the iPhone. I may even buy a Mac again, but a Mini. The iMac and MacBook Pro are still of questionable quality. The Mini is simple enough that not much can go wrong.

  16. Thanks for the lightning cable image. I’m scavenging all the micro usb cables scattered about home and autos now all has gone to usb C. I found an odd cable and thought it might be lightning. It’s not. Probably for an abandoned device. It gets the toss.

  17. “I feel sorry for people who put so much of their self-esteem in the products they own.”

    That’s a very intelligent and thoughtful statement. Clearly, you know how to act without desire. It’s true. One can never be happy when they attach themselves to the fruits of their action, especially a tiny little berry like a Lightning or USB connector. Some are even attached to the seeds! Blindness!

    I can see from this discussion, some are so attached to the fruits of their action — their iPhone — they can no longer see what really matters. Instead of being at peace and performing their duty, they flounder in a state of delusion and inactivity. Such people never achieve greatness. They never attain the highest goal in life.

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