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Best Free Games for Apple TV

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Best Free Games for Apple TV

Apple TV offers remarkable gaming capabilities rivaling dedicated game consoles. This article highlights the best free games for Apple TV.

The newest Apple TV runs the tvOS operating system and features the App Store. There are already thousands of apps with new ones added every day. Since tvOS is based on iOS, it’s relatively easy for developers to port iPhone and iPad apps to Apple TV. A lot of your favorite iPhone apps are already available on Apple TV.

Siri Remote Is an Excellent Game Controller for Racing Games

The Siri Remote for Apple TV provides an intuitive method of user interaction. Its Touch surface makes it easy to control Apple TV. Simply glide your finger across the Touch surface to navigate menus and even play games. The Siri Remote’s accelerometer is another feature enabling responsive gaming. Tilting the remote can steer a vehicle much more intuitively than a joystick or directional pad.

Apple TV Hardware and tvOS Provide Excellent Gaming Capabilities

Apple TV’s hardware makes for an excellent gaming platform. The 64-bit A8 processor is capable of providing fluid and responsive game play at the highest graphics settings. In fact, games such as Asphalt 8 and Riptide GP: Renegade are actually better on Apple TV than on dedicated game consoles. With its Metal API, graphics code is executed directly on the hardware with impressive results. Apple TV isn’t just a streaming media player. It’s actually an excellent game console.

Between the hardware, Siri Remote and efficient operating system, Apple TV is a surprisingly powerful gaming machine. Unfortunately, with lackluster sales, developers haven’t been attracted to the platform. This is likely to change over time. Since developers can reuse a lot of iOS code for tvOS apps, I expect the number of apps to grow rapidly. As it stands, Apple TV already has a decent selection of games, many of which are free. You can actually enjoy hours of entertainment without spending a dime.

Many Free Games in the tvOS App Store

The games highlighted in this article are all free. They can all be played using the Siri Remote. After all, if you have to buy a game controller to play a game, it isn’t really free. I have played all of these games. I don’t go by the top charts or Editor’s Choice designation to determine which are best. Some chart-topping games are actually not worth playing.

Developers typically make money from free games with in-app purchases. This doesn’t mean that a game is completely hobbled without spending money. Many of the games in this article can be enjoyed without cost. In-app purchases are usually a shortcut to progress in a game. For example, you can often purchase better vehicles in a racing game by spending money. You can also earn credits to buy these virtual vehicles by simply playing the game. I’ve actually succumbed to a few in-app purchases, but they’re hardly necessary. The casual gamer can enjoy hours of fun without investing in in-app purchases.

Asphalt 8: Airborne for Apple TV

Asphalt 8: Airborne is one of the most amazing games I have played on any system. It should be one of the first apps you install on Apple TV. Although the initial download has a small footprint, the app is quite sizable. Expect to spend some time downloading assets the first time you use this app and after some updates. Apple limits the size of apps in the App Store, so elaborate games tend to download a lot of data when launched for the first time.

There are a lot of racing games for Apple TV. Asphalt 8: Airborne isn’t realistic, however, it’s loads of fun. The physics are somewhat realistic. If you oversteer, you will lose control. Your car is steered by tilting the Siri remote like a steering wheel. It’s remarkably intuitive, responsive and addictive, but not realistic. That’s actually the fun part. Your car has a nitro booster which is charged by doing stunts on ramps. next page →


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