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iOS 7 Bugs

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iOS 7 bugs

iOS 7, being a new “.0” release, is destined to be riddled with bugs. Given the sweeping scope of the changes, the quality is surprisingly good. I have used iOS 7 extensively and I don’t regret upgrading. In fact, I have upgraded all of my iOS devices. Despite the overall quality of the release, there are some nasty bugs. This article documents these bugs, and is updated frequently as more bugs, workarounds and solutions are found. When Apple fixes these issues, the status will be updated. This article is not intended to trash Apple. Instead, it is meant to provide information for those contemplating the upgrade to iOS 7, as well as providing workarounds for many of these issues.

fixed iOS 7 bug

App Crashes


Description: I’ve experienced quite a few app crashes while using iOS 7. When the crash occurs, the app closes. Some apps just need to be updated to the latest version. Unfortunately, some stock Apple apps will crash. I’ve had crashes with Maps, Reminders, Safari, and the Apple Remote. The former three have only crashed once. Apple Remote will repeatedly crash when adding music to the “Now Playing” list. With about 16 hours of use between my iPhone and iPad, I have experienced about 5 app crashes. Unfortunately, apart from Apple Remote, one cannot update the stock Apple apps. Apple will update these in the background. Apple Remote can be user-updated, however there is no current update.

Severity: High

Workaround: Open the multitasking view by double tapping the home button or swiping four fingers up (on the iPad). Relaunch the app. You will usually resume where you left off. For the Apple Remote app, you can still add music to the Now Playing list. Just browse for the album or track in the main view and hold your finger on the item. A box will pop-up prompting you to play the selection now or add it to the Now Playing list.

Status: Fixed

fixed iOS 7 bug

Downloaded iTunes Videos Will Not Play


Description: If you download a TV show or movie in iTunes, and then try to play it in the Videos app, it will not play. This was very upsetting when I tried to play the latest episode of Breaking Bad. I almost had an episode of Breaking iPad!

Severity: High

Workaround: Open iTunes and find the show or movie you just downloaded. It will probably be on the main page. If not, search for it. Tap the “play now” button and enjoy the show.

Status: Fixed

fixed iOS 7 bug

FaceTime Calls Dropped


Description: For some users, FaceTime calls are being dropped in mid-conversation. This only seems to affect a few users, based on the volume of posts on Apple’s support forum.

Workaround: Reset network settings — go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. You will need to re-enter Wi-Fi authentication after the reset. Next, make sure that FaceTime is activated. Go to Settings > FaceTime and verify that FaceTime is turned on. Upgrading your device to iOS 7.0.4 will fix the issue.

Status: Fixed in iOS 7.0.4.

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