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World of Tanks Blitz Tips

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World of Tanks Blitz is one of the most popular online games. It’s also very fun. This article provides tips and tricks to improve your World of Tanks Blitz gaming experience. has created some of the most compelling and realistic combat video games on the market today. These games are realistic and offer a multitude of options to commandeer vehicles, equipment, and crew. World of Tanks Blitz is their first mobile offering. It is a mobile version of their PC-based World of Tanks game.

Mobile users aren’t losing much in this lite version of World of Tanks. The game provides an abundance of maps, tanks, equipment, consumables and training options. Some gamers actually prefer the gaming experience of a touch screen.

After playing the game for some time, I find myself hopelessly addicted. With hundreds of hours of experience, I offer these tips that will benefit both novice and experienced gamers. This article assumes that you have a rudimentary knowledge of the game and have completed basic training.

Use a Fast Internet Connection

If your Internet service provider (ISP) is slow or has a high latency, it may put you at a disadvantage. Other users with faster Internet connections will have the upper hand. You will know your ISP is a problem if you fire at an enemy and they suddenly disappear, only to have moved. Basically, because your Internet connection is slow, your actions were delayed. You’ll have a hard time making progress in World of Tanks Blitz with a slow Internet connection.

I have an iPad and an iPhone. The iPhone’s cellular data plan is actually much faster than my home Internet service and offers lower latency. I typically play World of Tanks Blitz on my iPhone using cellular data. The game uses very little data. You can verify this by going to Settings > Cellular and scrolling to World of Tanks Blitz.

If you only have one Internet connection and it is slow, the best you can do is make sure nothing else is using it. Turn off any devices that could be using up bandwidth. This includes Internet streaming devices for music or video, such as Apple TV.

You can verify the speed of your connection by looking at the ping number on the lower left corner of the World of Tanks Blitz battlefield screen. The number describes the ping duration in milliseconds. A lower number is better. You can also view the ping speed on the top left of the menu screens. Green is good, yellow is OK, and red is slow.

World of Tanks Blitz ping latency

Don’t Waste Your Money

World of Tanks Blitz is free, but offers many in-app purchases. Users can purchase coins, tank “packages” and premium memberships. Throwing money at this game won’t guarantee success. If you are new to the game and buy an advanced tank, you will be battling other advanced users. The game matches you up with comparable tanks for battles. This may be why I see so many unskilled players as I advance in the game. You should learn how to play the game before you invest money in advanced tanks. Ideally, you should earn your tanks by battling.

World of Tanks Blitz store

Not all virtual purchases are wasteful. Let’s take a look at how to optimize your virtual budget in World of Tanks Blitz. For more information on the World of Tanks Blitz virtual economy, please read “World of Tanks Blitz Economy“.

Don’t Buy Consumables

Consumables are virtual products consumed by your tank crew. They can boost performance and help in battles. These items include chocolate, cola, adrenaline, first aid kits and repair kits. Users can only buy three consumables per tank, per battle.

World of Tanks Blitz consumables

For the most part, consumables are a waste of money. If your goal is to buy new tanks and advance in the game, they won’t help. The edge gained by consumables is offset by their costs. I found that it took me much longer to save up credits to buy tanks and equipment when using consumables.

If your tank gets damaged or destroyed, it will be repaired for free after the battle. Crew casualties are also reset after each battle. This diminishes the utility of items such as first aid and repair kits. Usually, when you are pinned down and being attacked, a first aid or repair kit helps, but in most cases your tank or crew will be destroyed. I have never had a consumable make the difference between winning and losing a battle. Your crew can repair your tank without a repair kit. It just takes longer. (continue…)

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