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World of Tanks Blitz Tips


updated by Rachel Gold
March 15, 2023 at 5:50 p.m. PST

World of Tanks Blitz is one of the most popular online games. It’s also very fun. This article provides tips and tricks to improve your World of Tanks Blitz gaming experience. has created some of the most compelling and realistic combat video games on the market today. These games are realistic and offer a multitude of options to commandeer vehicles, equipment, and crew. World of Tanks Blitz is their first mobile offering. It is a mobile version of their PC-based World of Tanks game.

Mobile users aren’t losing much in this lite version of World of Tanks. The game provides an abundance of maps, tanks, equipment, consumables and training options. Some gamers actually prefer the gaming experience of a touch screen.

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After playing the game for some time, I find myself hopelessly addicted. With hundreds of hours of experience, I offer these tips that will benefit both novice and experienced gamers. This article assumes that you have a rudimentary knowledge of the game and have completed basic training.

Use a Fast Internet Connection

If your Internet service provider (ISP) is slow or has a high latency, it may put you at a disadvantage. Other users with faster Internet connections will have the upper hand. You will know your ISP is a problem if you fire at an enemy and they suddenly disappear, only to have moved. Basically, because your Internet connection is slow, your actions were delayed. You’ll have a hard time making progress in World of Tanks Blitz with a slow Internet connection.

I have an iPad and an iPhone. The iPhone’s cellular data plan is actually much faster than my home Internet service and offers lower latency. I typically play World of Tanks Blitz on my iPhone using cellular data. The game uses very little data. You can verify this by going to Settings > Cellular and scrolling to World of Tanks Blitz.

If you only have one Internet connection and it is slow, the best you can do is make sure nothing else is using it. Turn off any devices that could be using up bandwidth. This includes Internet streaming devices for music or video, such as Apple TV.

You can verify the speed of your connection by looking at the ping number on the lower left corner of the World of Tanks Blitz battlefield screen. The number describes the ping duration in milliseconds. A lower number is better. You can also view the ping speed on the top left of the menu screens. Green is good, yellow is OK, and red is slow.

World of Tanks Blitz ping latency

Don’t Waste Your Money

World of Tanks Blitz is free, but offers many in-app purchases. Users can purchase coins, tank “packages” and premium memberships. Throwing money at this game won’t guarantee success. If you are new to the game and buy an advanced tank, you will be battling other advanced users. The game matches you up with comparable tanks for battles. This may be why I see so many unskilled players as I advance in the game. You should learn how to play the game before you invest money in advanced tanks. Ideally, you should earn your tanks by battling.

World of Tanks Blitz store

Not all virtual purchases are wasteful. Let’s take a look at how to optimize your virtual budget in World of Tanks Blitz. For more information on the World of Tanks Blitz virtual economy, please read “World of Tanks Blitz Economy“.

Don’t Buy Consumables

Consumables are virtual products consumed by your tank crew. They can boost performance and help in battles. These items include chocolate, cola, adrenaline, first aid kits and repair kits. Users can only buy three consumables per tank, per battle.

World of Tanks Blitz consumables

For the most part, consumables are a waste of money. If your goal is to buy new tanks and advance in the game, they won’t help. The edge gained by consumables is offset by their costs. I found that it took me much longer to save up credits to buy tanks and equipment when using consumables.

If your tank gets damaged or destroyed, it will be repaired for free after the battle. Crew casualties are also reset after each battle. This diminishes the utility of items such as first aid and repair kits. Usually, when you are pinned down and being attacked, a first aid or repair kit helps, but in most cases your tank or crew will be destroyed. I have never had a consumable make the difference between winning and losing a battle. Your crew can repair your tank without a repair kit. It just takes longer.

a href=””>World of Tanks Blitz Tips

I just haven’t seen consumables pay off. The small advantage is offset by a huge cost. As you progress to better tanks, consumables cost even more. Unless you pay for them out-of-pocket (with in-app purchases), consumables will slow your progress.

Do Buy Equipment

Equipment are durable items that are permanently added to a tank, unless you decide to dismount and sell them. A tank can only have three items of equipment. When sold back, users can only recoup a fraction of the cost. For example, if you buy a camouflage net and decide to sell it back, you may only get 50% back. If you sell your tank, the depreciated price of equipment is taken into account. Given this reality, pick your equipment wisely. Don’t sell equipment to make room for another item.

World of Tanks Blitz equipment

My favorite equipment items are the camouflage net, binocular telescopes and tank gun rammer. These three pieces of equipment work in synergy, allowing me to be an excellent sniper. If you are getting attacked and can’t find out who is the aggressor, it could be me! If you have a slow tank, sniping is a great way to get kills, earning experience and credits. I find it surprisingly relaxing — almost like fishing.

Choose Ammunition Wisely

World of Tanks Blitz offers many options for ammunition. Typically, a tank gun will support two or three different types of ammo. When you purchase ammo, you will find that one type of ammo costs a lot more than others. This ammo usually has better armor-piercing capabilities and can produce more damage. You will be able to damage and destroy tanks better with high-end ammunition. The problem is that it doesn’t pay off. If you are paying 4400 credits for a single round, you will likely spend more credits than you earn. High-end ammo isn’t that much better. You are paying a premium price for something that only marginally improves your ability to destroy tanks.

Whenever you buy a new tank or upgrade to a new gun, you will need to buy new ammunition. As your guns get better, the ammo costs more, but you also earn more in each battle. Just keep in mind, if you upgrade your gun or tank, you will be required to buy new ammo, which will be more expensive. Make sure to account for this.

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World of Tanks Blitz ammunition

Don’t Purchase Extra Slots

As you progress in World of Tanks, you will be able to buy new tanks. The problem is that you have a finite number of parking slots. Players get eight slots for free. Purchasing additional slots is quite expensive. It actually costs more than some tanks!

World of Tanks Blitz garage slots

You should sell your old tanks instead of buying new parking slots. The sales revenues will enable you to buy new tanks or equipment. Furthermore, you probably won’t want to play an old tank. They are slow and don’t have the firepower. The only benefit to playing an older tank is that the battles are easier. World of Tanks Blitz matches up players based on their tanks’ capabilities, amongst other factors. It might be fun to play an easy battle once in a while, but I have never had this temptation. These battles also pay out fewer credits and experience. My advice — sell your old tanks when you start to run out of parking slots. I like to keep at least one tank from each nation — U.S., Russia, Germany and Britain.

World of Tanks Blitz Tips

Don’t Buy Training

When you purchase a new tank, you are presented with the option to send your crew to different training academies. This virtual training is instant. It is another item to purchase. Training increases the skill set of the crew, which increases battle performance. You will be able to fire your guns faster and more accurately as your crew training level increases. Your vehicle will also become more maneuverable. Crew training is important, but you can earn it by playing the game.

Basic training is free, which gets your crew up to 50% proficiency. The other options will provide up to 100%, but the prices are steep. You will find that it takes some time to save up and buy a new tank. You will likely get to 100% crew training, simply by playing the game, before you have enough credits to purchase a new tank.

Do Buy A Discounted Premium Account

The premium account is a purchase I recommend, but if you are patient, you can get one for a fraction of the price. I resisted buying a premium account for a long time. On occasion, I was presented with some discounted offers, but there was nothing compelling. I passed on these offers. Then, one day, I was offered a 30 day premium account for only $1.99. I snapped it up. You don’t have time to think about it. It is a one-time offer, but you will get other offers.

Be Brave, But Don’t Be Stupid

World of Tanks Blitz rewards players for being brave. You gain experience by moving and engaging in battle. Capturing the base also increases experience. If your tank or crew are destroyed in battle, don’t worry. They will be restored at the end of the battle. If your team wins the battle, you will be rewarded accordingly. Even if your team loses, you will still acquire some credits and experience, especially if you engaged in battle. There’s nothing to lose by being brave, but if you are too brash, you won’t help your team.

Being a sniper is sometimes the best strategy. If your tank is slow and lacks maneuverability, or your crew is poorly trained, being a sniper might be best for your team. In fact, I equip all of my tanks for sniping. I buy the camouflage net, binocular telescopes and tank gun rammer. Then I will find a good place to hide — usually somewhere I can quickly duck behind a barricade if I am attacked. When you have the right equipment, you can hold back and take out several tanks for your team. This will help your team much more than being overly aggressive and getting killed quickly.

You should decide your strategy based on your tank, equipment, map and the match up. If you are at the top of the match up list, being more aggressive may be a good strategy. Your tank and crew are better than the competition. If you are familiar with the map and know a great sniping location, being a sniper may also be a good idea. Keep in mind that being too sedentary will affect accrual of experience. You get more experience if you travel more distance during the game. But destroying tanks will get you the most experience. If you are good at sniping, you can easily take out several tanks in a battle. They won’t even know what hit them! This will get your far more experience than being aggressive and mobile.

World of Tanks Blitz Tips

Use Chat to Help Your Team

World of Tanks Blitz offers two ways to communicate with team members. Using the canned chat control at the bottom right of the screen, players can quickly send common messages to other players. These messages include useful phrases such as “capture the base”, “reloading”, “affirmative”, “negative” and a few others. These messages can only be seen by your team.

Players can also write short sentences by tapping the chat button on the top right of the screen. This will pop up the keyboard for text entry. After you have typed your message, you can send it to team members or the entire battlefield. The latter feature is great for intimidating enemies and trash talking.

If your tank has been destroyed in battle, you can still chat with players. You can also view the battlefield from the perspective of other team members. Simply tap on the tank icons to cycle between views from your team. You can move the point of view by sliding your finger on the screen.

Using chat and your team members’ point of view, it is possible to help your team even if your tank was destroyed. By keeping an eye out for enemy tanks and providing intel, you can really help your team. Even if your tank is destroyed, you will earn more credits and experience if your team wins. It is in your best interest to be helpful, but if the battle is a lost cause, cut your losses and play another tank.

Exit to Garage and Fight Another Tank

If the battle isn’t close (it’s a lost cause or a slam dunk), there’s no sense in helping your team. They will either win or lose without your input. In this case, it’s in your best interest to move on and play another tank. Tap on Exit to Garage and choose another tank to battle. This will improve the experience accrued to your other tanks, as well as earning free experience, which can be used to upgrade any tank.

Take Advantage of Experience Multipliers

When you first start World of Tanks Blitz, you may notice a “x2” or some other multiplier label on each tank. This means you will get two (or more) times the experience when you battle that tank. After a few times battling the tank, the multiplier disappears for that tank. This seems to encourage players to battle all of their tanks, instead of just sticking with the best one. It makes for better game play. Players will gain much more overall experience, as opposed to playing (and upgrading) one tank. This makes for more experienced players in advanced battles.

It’s a tough call. I usually prefer to play my best tank. I earn more credits and experience, and I really want to quickly progress to better tanks. However, if you take advantage of the experience multipliers, you may be better off in the long run. Instead of just having one advanced tank, you will have several. I also think it is more fun to play different tanks.

Take Advantage of the Terrain

World of Tanks Blitz offers several different maps, each with different terrains. There are hills, valleys, bodies of water, buildings and other features. Use these to your advantage, given the capabilities of a tank. For example, you can duck behind a hill or building after firing a shot. This provides cover while you reload. Buildings can’t be destroyed or penetrated. They offer solid protection. Some obstacles, such as hay stacks and shrubs only provide visual cover. If an enemy spots you ducking behind a hay stack or shrub, you are vulnerable to attack.

Keep in mind — the turret on a tank can only move vertically to a certain extent. This varies depending on the model of tank. So if you are on top of a hill, you may have to drive down the hill a little in order to fire. Some tanks don’t have fully rotatable turrets. The whole tank may need to rotate in order to aim at a target. Keep this in mind in case you need to retreat behind cover.

You can use the map overview on top left to quickly assess the terrain. As you play the game, you will likely find your favorite hiding spots, as well as vulnerable areas.

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