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iOS 7 Battery Life Tips

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iOS 7 Battery Life Tips

After every major iOS upgrade, some users complain about diminished battery life. The tips featured in this article can help you get the most out of your iPhone’s battery. These tips will work on any iOS 7 device — an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

New operating systems have new features, many of which can drain the battery. It’s also necessary to maintain the battery monthly and after major upgrades. By turning off some of the unnecessary features and maintaining the battery, one shouldn’t experience battery life problems with iOS 7.

These tips should be followed as needed. If you need to use Bluetooth all the time, for example, don’t turn it off. Turn off the features you don’t need, and you will improve battery life. Since the iPhone’s battery lasts a very long time, you should be able to find an optimal balance between features and battery life.

Calibrate Battery

Even though Apple provides battery maintenance instructions, they’re often overlooked. To prolong the life of your iPhone’s battery, it is important to calibrate the battery once a month and after major (and sometimes minor) upgrades. Follow the instructions in this article to calibrate your iPhone’s battery.

Keep in mind, after major upgrades, iOS does some housekeeping. An optimization process runs in the background. You device will seem sluggish at first, and your battery will drain faster than normal. Don’t worry. When the optimization process is complete, your device will run faster and battery life will improve. When I first upgraded to iOS 7, I was upset with the poor performance. I put my iPad down for 20 minutes, and when I used it again, it was much faster. The optimization process doesn’t take long, but will vary based on device speed and available storage capacity.

Turn Off Bluetooth

After upgrading to iOS 7, I noticed that both my iPhone and iPad had Bluetooth turned on. These were turned off prior to the upgrade. Furthermore, it seems my iPad will turn on Bluetooth after being restarted. While Bluetooth isn’t a huge battery drainer, it will impact battery life. You can turn off Bluetooth by sliding your finger up from the bottom to launch Control Center. Next, tap the Bluetooth logo to toggle Bluetooth on and off. If you use Bluetooth a lot, just leave it on. It doesn’t drain the battery that much, especially on newer iOS devices.

Lower Screen Brightness

The backlight is one of the most battery-intensive features. Adjusting screen brightness will have a huge impact on battery life. Of course, you need to be able to see the screen. Make sure that Auto-Brightness is turned on (Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Auto-Brightness > ON). This will automatically dim your screen in low light conditions, eliminating the need for manual adjustment. Some contend that Auto-Brightness will drain the battery more than manual adjustment. I haven’t found this to be true. If you choose to manually adjust brightness, simply launch Control Center and adjust the brightness. I usually turn brightness all the way down when I watch video over AirPlay. I can stream an hour-long live news broadcast, and it only drains 4% from my iPad’s battery. (continue…)

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