Best Deals on Apple Products

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Best Deals on Apple Products

Apple’s iPhone, iPad, MacBook and other devices are usually less expensive if you buy them from third-party retailers. This article presents the best deals on Apple Products, updated monthly.

Apple Products Are Not Overpriced

Apple products used to be expensive, but they’ve really come down in price. Critics have a lot less to complain about. The higher price of Apple devices used to fuel the flames of online discussions. Angry Apple-haters’ primary complaint was that “iSheep” would buy any overpriced gadget from Apple. Like much of what we read on the Internet, it was never really true.

Apple actually provides great value for a reasonable price. While other smartphones, tablets and computers are obsolete or broken after a few years, Apple devices have longevity and relevance. I’m writing this article on a 2011 iPad 2, which after years of service, still works, runs a fairly recent OS and still gives me 10 hours of battery life per charge. My Mac is 8 years old and I have no immediate plans to replace it. I even have a 12-year-old iPod that still “just works”.

I’m no iSheep. My brand loyalty comes from the fact that Apple has never sold me junk. Before I started using Apple products, every computer I owned or was given in the workplace was complete garbage. I tried a few different mp3 players that were either deeply flawed or poorly made. I owned a few popular WiFi routers that were frustrating to use and chintzy. While Apple isn’t the only company that makes high quality products, it’s just too much of a risk to look elsewhere. Between the marketing hype and dishonest, payola-funded online reviews, I can’t really trust any other company.

Anyone who has explored Appledystopia knows that I am no iSheep, fan boy or shill. I am very critical of Apple products. I recoil at the notion that an iPad is a “real computer”. I firmly believe that iTunes, Safari, Maps, News, Apple Music and virtually every Apple first-party app is mediocre at best. I subscribe to Google Play Music. I rent movies from Google Play and watch them on my Apple TV. I use Chrome and Photon browsers on my Mac and iOS devices. That said, Apple makes the best devices. Period.

It’s also a myth that Apple products are overpriced. The term “overpriced” means that a product isn’t worth what it costs. No one should equate a $200 notebook computer with a MacBook. It’s like saying a Toyota Corolla is as the same as an “overpriced” BMW. You can’t honestly compare a cheap smartphone to an iPhone.

Beyond value, Apple’s limited product line and massive manufacturing efforts results in reasonably priced products, due to economies of scale effects. The first iPad I owned cost $699. I will soon be replacing it with an iPad that is far more powerful, has twice as much storage, but costs almost half the price. Apple products aren’t expensive anymore. The most expensive habit is buying more cheap junk to replace other chintzy garbage that broke or became obsolete. I learned, the hard way, that if I buy something good, it will usually last a long time.

Best Deals on Apple Products Methodology

This article is compiled using a fairly simple process. I find the best price on each item using Google Shopping. The prices are for new products sold by online retailers. The total price (tax, shipping to San Francisco) is used to determine the best deal.

Club stores such as Costco and Sam’s Club are omitted from this article. Not everyone has a membership to these clubs. They often offer the best price on Apple products, so members should inquire further. I also don’t list any deals found on eBay or individual Amazon sellers. These are moving targets and there are too many disreputable, fly-by-night vendors.

iPhone and iPad prices are for unlocked devices. There are simply too many factors to present the various deals from carriers. For example, I am grandfathered into device replacement deals from Verizon and purchase my iPhones at Costco. I’ve never bought an unlocked iPhone. But if you want to stick it to the man by paying full price for an iPhone, Appledystopia has you covered!

Macs come in many different configurations. For the purposes of this article, only featured models are listed. You can probably find the exact Mac you want from the least expensive retailer. It’s simply not practical to list hundreds of possible configurations. next page →

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