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Buy iTunes Gift Cards at a Discount

iTunes gift card multipack from Costco


iTunes gift cards are currency for the Apple ecosystem. You can use them to buy apps, music, movies, TV shows, books and more. This article covers how to buy iTunes gift cards at a discount.

Updated April 29, 2018

iTunes Gift Cards from Costco

Costco is one of the largest warehouse stores in the world. If you have a Costco membership, you can take advantage of a range of discounts on Apple products. Beyond gift cards, Costco offers low prices on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Costco will often throw in a free iTunes gift card with the purchase of an already discounted Apple device.

Costco usually offers a four pack of $25 iTunes gift cards for $94.49. This is a 5.5% discount, but you can save even more. If you have an Executive membership, you will get an additional 2% back. I confirmed with Costco that iTunes gift cards are eligible for the Executive membership rebate, even when purchased from This brings the discount to 7.5%, but you can save even more.

To get the best deal on iTunes gift cards, don’t buy them at the brick and mortar Costco store. Instead, visit and make your purchase with a credit card that offers cash back rewards. This will increase your discount. There are many different types of “rewards” credit cards. Basically, they refund a small percentage on everything you purchase. My credit card gives me 1% back on everything I buy. This brings my iTunes gift card discount down to 8.5%.

Some credit cards offer better rewards. You may be able to get up to 3% back, bringing the total discount to 10.5%. Shipping is free and there is no sales tax on gift cards. You will get your cards in a few days. It’s a great deal. It would be nice if the gift cards were electronic. Waiting a few days for your cards to show up is a small sacrifice for savings. Just be careful that you don’t splurge. I spent almost $70 on iTunes within a few days! Rest assured, even with the discount, Apple is making a fortune on this deal.

Keep in mind that a Costco membership costs money. The Executive membership, which offers a 2% rebate on most purchases, costs $110 a year. The rebate is awarded once a year and comes with your membership renewal form. If you shop at Costco often, this pays for itself. Beyond the rebate, their products are usually much cheaper than anywhere else. I plan on buying my next iPhone and iPad from Costco.

Search for Better Discounts on iTunes Gift Cards

Costco’s discount on iTunes gift cards is always available, but if you shop around, you can sometimes find a better deal. There are often temporary deals on iTunes gift cards, sometimes with discounts as steep as 20%. For example, PayPal offered a 20% discount on iTunes gift cards, which were sold electronically — no waiting for snail mail. Unfortunately, the deal was only available for a few days. Bed Bath & Beyond, OfficeMax and Best Buy also offer significant discounts on iTunes gift cards, however, these deals are only offered for a limited time.

I recommend searching for discounts on iTunes gift cards before making a purchase. If you find a good deal, you can stock up. If not, Costco is probably the best deal around, and their discount is always available. Always make sure there are no hidden charges, such as shipping fees. Sales tax is not applied to gift cards. With a little effort, you can save quite a lot of money on iTunes purchases. Just make sure not to splurge too much!

Follow iTunes Card Deals on Twitter

There are so many great deals on iTunes gift cards, it’s hard to keep track. Fortunately, someone is doing this for you. You can follow iTunes Gift Card Deals on Twitter to get the latest updates on discounted iTunes gift cards in the U.S. and Canada. It’s the easiest way to compare the different deals, both in-store and online, which may save you a trip to the store.

Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is another great resource for finding discounted iTunes gift cards. Gift card prices are presented in a table with the discount percentage and shipping costs. The columns are sortable, making it effortless to find the best deals. The site also provides discount information for virtually every gift card, not just iTunes. Gift Card Granny also offers mobile apps in the App Store and Google Play store.

Gift Card Granny iTunes Gift Cards

Other Ways to Save on iTunes Purchases

iTunes content is often discounted, but you have to act fast. The deals don’t last long. I once saw the complete Godfather trilogy (for purchase, not a rental) available for $9.99 on iTunes. Unfortunately, I procrastinated and it is now $29.99. It’s always a good idea to check out the main page on the iTunes store. They often feature a movie of the week, which is a $0.99 rental. You can also buy movie or album bundles. I purchased the complete The Smiths collection — every album, single and video, for $49.99. If you combine these savings with discounted gift cards, you’re really getting a great deal!



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