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play Amazon Instant Video on Apple TV

Breaking News! Amazon has finally released the Amazon Prime Video app for Apple TV. Amazon Prime members no longer need to fiddle with AirPlay. The Amazon Prime Video app has already shot to the top of the tvOS App Store charts. Download it today in the tvOS App Store.Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV

Amazon offers one of the largest selections of video content, featuring over 140,000 movies and tv shows to rent or buy. With an Amazon Prime subscription, you can watch many of these for a low monthly subscription price of $8.99. Unfortunately, Amazon does not have a content channel for Apple TV. Apple TV is one of the few devices that doesn’t support Amazon Instant Video. Hundreds of smart TVs support it, as well as select game consoles and Roku’s streaming media player.

The Amazon Video app for iOS allows Amazon Prime subscribers to beam video onto Apple TV using AirPlay. If you don’t subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, AirPlay is disabled for free videos. You can’t use mirroring or any AirPlay functionality unless you subscribe. Let’s take a look at how to beam Amazon Prime Video to Apple TV using AirPlay.

First, launch the App Store and search for the Amazon Video app.

Download Amazon Video App from the App Store

Tap on the Open button to launch the Amazon Video app after it has finished installing.

Open Amazon Video App

Next, enter your password and mobile phone number or email address. Tap the Sign In button to proceed.

Sign in to Amazon Video App

The Amazon Video home screen appears. Tap on a TV show or movie to select it.

Select Amazon Video Program to Watch

The video details screen is displayed. Select an episode or tap Watch Episode 1 to start the video.

Amazon Video Play Episode

The video playback screen will appear and the episode will begin playing. Tap on the AirPlay icon to display the AirPlay menu. If the AirPlay icon disappears, tap anywhere on the screen to display it.

Tap AirPlay Button to Display AirPlay Menu

The AirPlay menu is displayed. Select your Apple TV from the list of devices. Your video will now be displayed on Apple TV.

As mentioned, you must subscribe to Amazon Prime Video in order to use AirPlay on an iOS device. If you are not a Prime subscriber, you will see an error message.

AirPlay Only Works If You Subscribe to Amazon Prime

I even tried AirPlay mirroring, but they have that loophole covered too. Amazon has effectively hobbled AirPlay for non-subscribing users.

Amazon Prime AirPlay Mirroring Error

You can also play Amazon Video on Apple TV using AirPlay and your computer. This will even work for free videos. You don’t need to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video to use AirPlay from a computer. Fortunately, whether you have a PC or Mac, you will be able to mirror your screen using either AirParrot or OS X’s (Mountain Lion or later) built-in support for AirPlay screen mirroring. OS X Mountain Lion introduced AirPlay screen mirroring, however this only works with recent Macs. If you don’t have a recent Mac or use a Windows PC, you can achieve AirPlay screen mirroring with a third-party application. I recommend AirParrot.

If your computer is in another room, AirPlay screen mirroring can be an exhausting experience. You will have to run between rooms to stop and start the video. I recommend using remote access software, such as Splashtop for iOS. With Splashtop, you can control your computer with your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, while it is playing a video over AirPlay screen mirroring. This works well, but you have to start the software in the correct order. Follow these instructions to setup a media system with AirParrot and Splashtop. You can use this for anything, beyond Amazon. I often use it to watch Star Trek episodes. Football fans who have cancelled cable in favor of online offerings can also use AirParrot to watch NFL games on the big screen. It’s a great way to fill in the gaps that aren’t covered by Apple TV, for now. (continue…)

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  • At long last, Amazon will be launching an Apple TV app this summer! Users will soon be able to stream Amazon Prime Video directly on Apple TV.
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  • “Apple TV 4: The Unofficial Manual” is now available. Learn more about how to use your new Apple TV 4. It’s also a great resource for those considering purchasing a new Apple TV 4.
  • Amazon will be launching a tvOS app soon. The app will enable access to Amazon Video directly from the fourth generation Apple TV. It is unclear whether Siri will be able to work with Amazon’s upcoming app.
  • The Amazon Instant Video app for iOS supports AirPlay. You can now watch Amazon Prime content using an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Simply start the video and tap the AirPlay icon on the lower right corner of the screen, and the video will beam to Apple TV.


  1. I subscribe to prime.
    AND pay for discovery plus, but it still says I can’t stream free episodes… even though it’s not free

    1. I recommend downloading the new Amazon Prime Video app for Apple TV. It is much more convenient than using AirPlay.

      If you are getting error messages on the tvOS app, please let me know what they say. Maybe I can help.

    1. Strange… I tried it, but because I do not have an account, it showed a message that free content cannot be played via AirPlay. I’ll see if I can get an Amazon Prime membership and try it out.

  2. Amazon video worked with my MacBook until I updated to EL Capitan. But it works fine with iPad. Plus all the little info features on the side of the video for each scene is cool.

    1. Have you tried using another browser? In my experience, Safari for both iOS and OS X is not a good browser. Most complicated web pages and web apps don’t work well with Safari. For example, the PetSmart website to book grooming appointments doesn’t work at all on Safari, but works fine on Chrome and Firefox. I have had problems with my bank’s website and pretty much anything that goes beyond basic HTML. I also notice, just in terms of basic websites, they don’t look as good in Safari. They are poorly formatted and don’t adjust to different window sizes. I gave up on Safari a few years ago, but I try it out once in a while to see if they have fixed these issues. Nope.

      Try it on Chrome and it might work. I know they updated Safari in El Capitan, and added some neat features. Every time they make changes, they tend to break things.

  3. I’m air playing Amazon video from my Ioad to my Apple TV as I write this. great experience too because all the fun fact amazing video provides are coming up on my iPad and the video is displaying in my tv.

    1. I’m glad it works. A user posted a comment that it no longer worked, but it’s good to hear confirmation that it does. Amazon is developing a tvOS app for the new Apple TV.

      1. If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, download the Amazon video app. Then use AirPlay to beam it to Apple TV. There should be an AirPlay icon on the Amazon video app. If not, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to display Control Center, then turn on AirPlay.

        Any computer can beam video to Apple TV using AirPlay. If you have a newer Mac, it is built in. If you have an older Mac or a Windows PC, simply purchase and install AirParrot 2 and enable the app. Then play Amazon Video from the website and it will appear on Apple TV. There are also free AirPlay utilities for a variety of computers. I don’t know how well they work. I have used AirParrot for a while, and it’s great.

        Amazon is rumored to be working on a tvOS app for the new Apple TV. I don’t know when it will come out.

  4. I wish it worked properly! I clicked the Apple TV icon in the bottom right and heard the sound of the program but didn’t see a picture on my television. Any ideas? Thanks so much!

    1. Strange. That was how it worked before they updated it to work with AirPlay. Make sure you’re using the newest version of the Amazon video app. Maybe they hobbled it again. I have been reading that they no longer sell Apple TVs and Chromecast on Amazon. I’ll take a look into it and update the article as needed.

      1. I just tried to stream a program on Amazon Prime from my iPad to my Apple TV. I can see the content on my iPad and hear the audio through our stereo speakers but I cannot get the picture to play on my TV screen. I believe my Apple TV is a second generation, if that has any bearing. Any advice will be appreciated.

        1. I just tried it, and although it does support AirPlay, they disable the video feature for any free episode. I could only get the audio to work. It should work if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber. Their release notes also state that they support AirPlay. Make sure you are an Amazon Prime subscriber and that you’re logged in with that account. You may also want to update the app. It should work, but since I am not an Amazon Prime subscriber, I can’t test it.

    1. I have been following this issue for some time. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any momentum to deliver an Amazon channel for Apple TV. Apple doesn’t seem to mind competition on their set top box, so it may be Amazon that doesn’t want the channel. Amazon is trying to sell their own set-top boxes, after all. For now, you can only play Amazon video using AirPlay. I would personally like to see both Amazon and Google offer video channels on Apple TV.

  5. Another option I use is AirParrot. It gives access to all wifi streaming devices and lets you stream you ipad to your computer, your computer to AppleTV (or any other compatible device) and it gives you resolution control. To me this should be baked into all operating systems and the world would be ba much better place.

    1. I am a huge fan of AirParrot and have written a few articles about it. Just use the search feature and you can find the articles. That said, if you have an iOS device, you can just beam Amazon Instant Video to your Apple TV using AirPlay. I have tried it, and it looks good.

      I don’t use AirParrot that much anymore. Between the native Apple TV channels and more apps supporting AirPlay, I haven’t found much use for it. That’s not to say it isn’t useful. You can do some amazing things with it, such as play a video game on your flat screen TV.

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