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World of Tanks Blitz Economy

World of Tanks Blitz EconomyModern video games often feature their own economy and currency. Typically, players can buy or earn credits. Games often offer premium packages, enabling users to accrue credits faster. This article examines the virtual economy of World of Tanks Blitz.

World of Tanks Blitz models a somewhat complicated economy, but it makes sense. Their economy not only simulates currency, but experience. You can’t always just buy whatever you want, but they do offer packages enabling spendthrift players to buy their way into better tanks. This may be why you see some unskilled players as you progress in the game.

The interesting thing about this economy is that one can exchange the different types of currency. For example, one can convert experience into credits. This actually makes some sense conceptually. In the real world, you can trade your skills for currency, but you don’t lose your experience in the process. This tradeoff is a necessary to create value and scarcity. The game can’t model reality perfectly, but it is close. has gone to great lengths to make the experience both realistic and rational.

There are three types of currency in World of Tanks Blitz — credits, experience and gold coins. Credits are the main form of currency players use to buy tanks, ammo, consumables and equipment. Some high-end ammo can be purchased with gold coins. A conversion tool is built in to the ammo purchasing screen, making it easy to buy these with credits.

Experience is earned by playing the game, and for the most part, applies to the tank you battled. At the end of each round, users earn experience based on battle performance. There is also free experience, which can be applied to any tank. This makes sense. You will gain general tank experience (free experience) by battling any tank, but most of the experience will be specific to a tank. Experience is used to upgrade tank modules and tanks. Users can also buy experience by converting credits into experience.

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Gold coins are typically acquired via in-app purchases. When you first start playing the game, you may be awarded some gold coins for free. Gold coins have far more value than credits, and can be easily converted into credits. Users can maximize their buying power by purchasing bundles offered in the World of Tanks Blitz store. Buying gold coins is a great way to quickly get into better tanks, equipment and ammo. If you don’t know how to play the game, however, this can cause some difficulties. When you enter a battle, players are matched up with comparable tanks. The people who have earned their way into that equipment through hundreds of hours of game play will likely mop the floor with newbies who bought their way into advanced tank. I see this all the time.

Credits and experience are earned by playing the game, and cannot be purchased directly. They can, however, be bought with gold coins. The World of Tanks Blitz economy offers inline and dedicated tools for currency conversion. Just tap on the store icon on the top left to convert currency and browse for offers and packages. Don’t worry — you won’t accidentally spend real money without authenticating with your Apple ID.

Premium accounts will help accrue experience and credits much faster. Users who subscribe to the premium account earn 50% more credit and experience per battle. This will get you into better tanks and equipment much faster. If you are on a budget, you may want to wait for a special offer. I was able to get a 30-day premium account for only $1.99 (instead of $7.99). Special offers are sometimes presented after a battle. You only have one chance to buy it, but other offers may be available. I highly recommend getting a premium account, especially if you can get one at a discount. If you buy iTunes gift cards at a discount, the deals are even better!

Confused? I was confused when I first started playing the game. As you play and move through screens to acquire items, it will become more clear. The system makes sense and is designed to prevent newbies from spending their way into the best tanks and equipment, but this can still occur. There are some limits. One cannot just purchase the best tank for their first battle. This is a good thing. The game would be frustrating if experienced players had to deal with too many inexperienced users. I think most people like to earn their way into better tanks, perhaps with some assistance from a premium account.


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