Check How Much Storage Space Is Left on Apple TV

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Check How Much Storage Space Left on Apple TV

tvOS is missing an essential feature. Users cannot check how much free storage space remains on their Apple TV. This article explains how to check how much storage space is left on Apple TV.

Apple TV is a relatively new device, which means it is a bit rough around the edges. Its core operating system is derived from iOS, making it very stable. Unfortunately, the Apple TV team’s contributions are mediocre at best. tvOS is rife with annoying quirks and cosmetic defects. As with all Apple TV releases, they seem to break things with software updates. This also happened with my previous second generation Apple TV.

Let’s face it — Apple is not putting their best and brightest engineers on Apple TV. It’s probably a group composed of newly hired engineers and existing underperforming Apple employees who were reassigned. It makes sense for Apple to place their brightest employees on the iPhone and Mac. That said, Apple TV owners need to set their expectations appropriately. Don’t expect iPhone quality from Apple TV.

Apple TV Doesn’t Provide Storage Usage Information

The fourth generation Apple TV is available in a 32GB or 64GB version. With its App Store, Apple TV users can install apps from a growing selection. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to figure out how many apps can be installed on your Apple TV. Out of the box, tvOS doesn’t provide statistics on free and used storage space. This is unusual, as both iOS and macOS provide detailed information on storage usage. At best, you may be alerted that you’ve run out of storage space.

tvOS does provide a way to manage storage and view how much space each app is using. Clicking on Settings > General > Manage Storage displays a list of apps and the amount of storage space they use. Unfortunately, this isn’t accurate. For example, the Manage Storage screen shows that Asphalt 8 uses 167.9 MB of space. That’s the initial download, but once you start the game, additional resources are downloaded. The game ends up using almost 2 GB of space when fully installed.

Researching this discrepancy, I discovered that tvOS will automatically delete extra app data as storage space becomes scarce. This means that, to some extent, these statistics are accurate. As you fill up your Apple TV with apps, additional resources will be deleted, while the core app remains intact. If this happens with a game, the resources will have to be downloaded the next time you launch the app. This can take a long time! Also, if you don’t have enough free space, you might not even be able to download the assets for a game you already downloaded. Oops!

It’s possible that product managers decided not to show overall storage statistics, as they may be misleading. Given the way that storage space is dynamically managed, it’s difficult to say how much is really used. Some video apps may allocate a cache, which temporarily consumes space, but can be deleted. When you install new apps, temporary data and app resources are deleted to make room for more apps. This makes it all the more difficult to report used and available storage space.

Although it’s a complex situation, given the fact that users must choose between a 32GB or 64GB model, the amount of available storage space is important. Fortunately, a generous app developer has provided a simple and free app that can provide this information.

TV Storage Info Shows How Much Storage Space is Left on Apple TV

The App Store is full of great apps, but also has a few scams. In researching this article, I found numerous apps that provide system information for the exorbitant price of $20. Although these apps provide information about RAM and processor usage, it’s pretty much academic. You’re not going to upgrade the processor or RAM in your Apple TV. Basically, these developers are taking advantage of the Apple TV team’s incompetence. Since Apple doesn’t provide any useful system information, they’ve taken it upon themselves to extort users for information that should be free. Don’t fall for these apps. I don’t even know why Apple allows them in the App Store. next page →

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    1. It is now, but who knows what it will be in the future? It may be free again. It may cost $1.99.

      It would be nice if Apple had a web service for retrieving app metadata, but they don’t. In fact, if you don’t have an Apple TV, you can’t even see what apps are on Apple TV.

      Apple kind of sucks when it comes to the web. Their iCloud website is pretty impressive, but they’re no Google when it comes to the web.

      1. Nowhere else on the internet was this info. available. Thank you for posting this article. Unfortunately, Apple seems to have removed this app now. I’ve checked both in the Indian as well as US iosTv App stores. ?
        I wish they’d just get with the times and make this feature available already.

        1. Apple is a company that’s lost its way. I gave up. I just bought a OnePlus 8 Pro and a LG Gram 15 to replace my iPhone and MacBook Pro. I bought two Macs in the past 18 months. Both broke, despite being treated with kid gloves. I’ve never owned such fragile machines. As I type this on my LG Gram’s wonderful, responsive keyboard, I don’t miss my MacBook Pro at all. At best, the keyboard is horrible to type on. At worse, keys get stuck or break because a piece of dust infiltrates the butterfly mechanism. My LG gram is thinner, lighter, more powerful and better built than my MacBook Pro. My OnePlus 8 Pro is the best built and most advanced smartphone I have ever owned.

          It may take them years to add this feature to Apple TV. They neglect Apple TV even more than the Mac.

          I still have an iPad and my old iPhone. One of the Macs is under warranty and will be fixed. So I still have a view into the Apple ecosystem, but Android is much better. I prefer macOS to Windows, but I can buy a better and less expensive computer if I choose Windows.

          Apple’s best days are behind them. I encourage people to check out the best Android devices, such as OnePlus and Samsung. LG and Intel also make great Windows PCs. Don’t default to Apple. They care more about using marketing to fool people than being innovative and thinking differently.

          1. It’s disheartening to hear about your experiences, but I understand.
            I’m glad you acknowledge your MacBook Pro under warranty. That was my first thought when you said you had two which broke: Why not get them fixed?

            I am still using, daily, my MacBook Pro from late 2016. My son’s are each using one from 2012 and an iMac from 2016 (which is really the earlier model with some upgraded insides).

            Two years ago, I finally retired my iPhone 6s for an iPhone 11 Pro Max. The 6s still worked great, I just wanted a better camera.

            I’m sorry for your experiences. It seems Apple is working to be better. This is evidenced by the new MacBook Pro’s with their improved keyboards and return of different ports.

            To my knowledge, Android doesn’t have any stores that give the incredible customer service you receive at an Apple Store.

          2. The older MacBooks made under Bob Mansfield, which you own, are decent. When they strived for thinness, they ended up ruining keyboard and screen reliability. My MacBook lost its ability to charge after fewer than 10 charge cycles.

            Hang on to those Macs! It’s possible that the newest Macs are decent, but from what I understand, many succumb to cracked screens, and the users claim they didn’t abuse their MacBook. From the photos, I can see they’re telling the truth. The MacBook’s screen is shattered, without any other damage to the machine. They claim they didn’t do anything. They just opened it up one day, and it was broken. If you have AppleCare+, the repair still costs $348. If you didn’t buy AppleCare+, like a loyal idiot, you’re better off buying a new laptop — a Windows one.

            I’ve owned dozens of Windows laptops over the past few decades. Many of them are the cheapest imaginable as I worked at a Fortune 5 company (they’re excruciatingly frugal for all below the director level). NONE OF THEM failed as spectacularly as my last two Macs. They were THE WORST COMPUTERS I HAVE EVER OWNED. THEY WERE THE WORST PRODUCTS I HAVE EVER OWNED IN MY LIFE. F**k Apple for putting a complete, utter moron in charge of the Macintosh. F**k the Apple fans who gave MacBooks 5 star reviews when their keyboards broke from crumbs and their screens broke from opening/closing too many times. Even a cheap DELL Inspiron is more robust! Apple fans are completely delusional.

            I’m going on two years with my LG Gram 15 laptop. I couldn’t be happier. I love the Micro SD card slot. I bought two 1 TB memory cards. Can’t do that with a Mac. You’d need to use some cable or adapter. The microSD card fits right in the laptop, flush, without any protrusion. So it’s like adding 1 TB of storage (granted, not super fast speed) for less than $250.

            I think the iPhone is a great phone, maybe a little better than Android. Face ID is really cool. My OnePlus had a similar feature, which didn’t work at all. Overall, there isn’t that much difference between a flagship Android device (Samsung, OnePlus) and the iPhone. I like how my OnePlus handled Bluetooth connections. I always have to fiddle with my iPhone, manually connecting anything that isn’t made by Apple or Beats (owned by Apple). Also, Android’s web browsing experience is much better than Apple’s. Chrome is a better browser. Safari just does not render mobile pages right. I see so many sites with misaligned graphics, that look just fine in Chrome on Android. It’s not the web developer’s fault. Safari is a crummy web browser.

            Siri is smarter than the Google Assistant, perhaps by design. The Google Assistant sends you to the web for everything, for obvious reasons — Google makes its money from ads. Siri is much smarter and capable, both with device functionality, accessing services (buying tickets, making appointments, weather queries) and answering general questions. I have fun with Siri, sometimes asking for a bedtime story.

            I actually switched back to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, but I have to admit, it doesn’t have that much over the OnePlus 8 Pro, which launched about 18 months ago. The OnePlus had the 120 Hz refresh rate screen, and this 8th iteration wasn’t the first with this feature. Even their mid range devices offer 90 Hz refresh rates. OnePlus, Samsung and many others offer massive batteries. Apple’s “massive” battery in the 13 Pro Max is just above average, but with their processor and efficient software, I can go almost 5 days between charges. My OnePlus had similar battery life, but with true multitasking.

            Apple’s multitasking is still limited for sake of battery life and limited RAM. (Android devices often have 2-3 times as much RAM as an iPhone.) If you want to download a bunch of songs in the background, iOS often won’t let you do this. Sometimes you need to tick all the boxes — app in focus, never lock the screen and plug in the device. This is maddening! With Android, when you download music and video, it just works. Android doesn’t tell the end user — no soup for you, because we need to save battery life. My number one pet peeve with the iPhone is how it limits functionality of cellular and battery powered actions. The iPhone is most capable when plugged into a charger and connected to Wi-Fi. I think that’s really lame! I don’t even have Wi-Fi at home, because I live in SF and every ISP is a s**t show. So I partially regret switching back to the iPhone, because Apple made some really funny assumptions about how people use mobile devices. An iPhone can only achieve full functionality when meditating on its charger and Wi-Fi. Om.

            The A15 processor is where the new iPhone really shines. Qualcomm can’t match this processing power, and its SoC technology couples tightly with iOS. Really, Apple’s ultra fast, super efficient processors and fine-tuned software make it slightly better than Android.

            As for the Apple Store, I’ve had nothing but bad experiences. I purchased two iPhones this year, and haven’t set foot in an Apple Store since I picked up the iMac from its second repair attempt. I ended up selling that s**tty iMac. Two Fusion drives failed. It’s likely that one would too. Some moronic Apple-fanboy will enjoy sinking $3000 into repair costs, becoming good buddies with the Apple “geniuses”. Pathetic.

            If I ever buy one again, it will be a Mac Mini. The iMac and MacBook lineup are too fragile. I hate it when I have to treat stuff with abundant care. Stuff should be durable enough to keep up with life. Life shouldn’t be altered to protect stuff. The MacBook, unfortunately, is about as robust and stable as an ICU patient. It gets high ratings because only Apple fans buy Macs. Most iPhone owners have Windows PCs, if they own a PC at all. I’ve seen this in my site’s analytics data. (I can’t see anything private or individual, by the way.) I think that’s the most sensible choice.

            If you wear jeans, you don’t need to wear a denim shirt. You can wear a corduroy shirt.

            Sorry for the angry tone. I’m not mad at you. Just hang on to those Macs. I still have a 2009 Mac Pro tower that works, but it can only run OS X Mojave. Maybe the newest MacBooks are better, but this screen cracking issue has me concerned. It comes out of this same Captain Ahab-like desire to have the thinnest MacBook. The iPhone team gets it. That new iPhone 13 Pro Max is a brick! I bought a regular 13 for someone, and it’s also chunky. Who cares? It’s actually nice to have something that fills one’s hands. Too thin is harder to hold.

            The funny thing is that there’s a slew of ultra thin Windows notebooks, with touch screens, that are cheaper and more durable than the MacBook. The LG Gram series are the best, in my experience. They’re ridiculously light and have military grade durability certifications. It’s thinner and lighter than my last MacBook Pro, but with a decent keyboard that doesn’t break. I’ve been using this thing as my daily driver, running it solely off battery, and it’s still in top shape. The battery app shows the battery is still in top condition. My MacBook Pro? Dead after 10 charge cycles. I barely used it! It’s the worst product I’ve ever owned.

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