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How to Replace iPhone Battery

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how to replace iPhone battery

If your iPhone battery is unable to hold a charge, it may be time to replace it. This can be accomplished without taking your device in for service.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to replace an iPhone battery. When people claim this can’t be done, they are usually referring to the fact that the iPhone doesn’t have an easily swappable battery. A healthy iPhone battery should be able to last a whole day — 10 hours of use with a full day of standby time. If this is no longer true, you may want to look into calibrating or replacing the battery. If you require more battery life between charges, it is possible to purchase an external battery pack. These devices can recharge your iPhone without the need for an outlet or cable.

Try Calibrating the iPhone Battery

Battery calibration is a process which conditions the battery and resets the battery metering software in iOS. Before you look into replacing the battery, try calibrating it. For more information, please read How To Calibrate iPhone Battery. Regular battery calibration will ensure a longer battery life. The iPhone’s battery can only last for about 500 charging cycles. Beyond 500 cycles, the battery has less charging capacity. At this point, it may be worth replacing the battery.

Replacing the Battery May Void Warranty

Replacing the battery by yourself may void the warranty on your iPhone. If your iPhone is still under warranty, it is strongly advised to have the battery replaced by a qualified technician. The Apple store is a great resource for servicing an iPhone without breaching the warranty. If your device is still under warranty, Apple will replace the battery for free. You can also use other service technicians. Make sure that they are certified and your warranty will continue to be valid.

For most people, the battery will outlast the one year warranty from Apple. If this is the case, there’s no harm in replacing the battery yourself. If you lack the moderate skill needed to replace the battery, you could damage your iPhone. Take your iPhone to a qualified technician for battery replacement if you are not handy with simple tools.

Buy a Replacement Battery Kit

Every model of iPhone has a replaceable battery. The first step in replacing the battery is to purchase a battery kit. The kit includes a replacement battery and tools to work with the iPhone.

There are many vendors offering iPhone battery replacement kits. If you do a search online, you can find several options. I wouldn’t advise going for the cheapest option. Find an iPhone battery kit that comes with the best tools and instructions. Many kits also come with a warranty covering the replacement battery. Make sure that the replacement battery is a quality component and approved for use in the iPhone.

At the time of this writing, it costs about $30 for a battery replacement kit for the iPhone 5S. This is less than half the price of having it replaced by Apple, which costs $79. If your device is under warranty, Apple will replace the battery for free.

Overview of iPhone Battery Replacement

There are a few different iPhone battery replacement kits on the market. Each kit offers different tools and instructions for replacing the battery. Overall, the process is similar, regardless of the kit purchased. Most kits come with tools such as the iPhone 5-point pentalobe screwdriver, a tiny Phillips screwdriver, a spudger, adhesive strips, a small suction cup and tools for opening the iPhone. Other tools, such as scissors and tweezers, are typically not included and must be supplied by the customer. (continue…)

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