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Fix iPhone WiFi

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Next, enter the admin password for the device. This may (and should) be different from the WiFi access password.

type in router admin password and tap OK

You will now see a screen with specific information about your AirPort Extreme router. Tap the Edit button on the top right of the screen.

tap the Edit button

You will see a screen with a menu of options that can be edited. Tap on Advanced.

tap Advanced

You will see a screen with a menu of advanced options. Tap on Wi-Fi Settings.

tap on Wi-Fi Settings


The Wi-Fi Settings screen will appear. Tap on Radio Channel.

tap Radio Channel

The Radio Channel screen will appear. In my case, the wireless audio receiver operated in the 5 GHz range. I needed to adjust the 5 GHz channel on my AirPort Extreme to avoid frequency collision. Select the frequency that is used by a conflicting device. If Automatic Channel is turned on, you will need to turn it off in order to set a specific channel.

select frequency

A screen with channel options will appear. Select a different channel by tapping on one of the options. Then tap on the Radio Channel label at the top of the screen to go back. The channel will not be updated on the router until the update process is run.

select channel

Tap Done on the Wi-Fi Settings screen to go back.

tap Done on the Wi-Fi Settings screen to go back

Tap Done on the Advanced screen to go back.

tap Done on the Advanced screen

Tap Done on the main AirPort Utility admin screen.

tap Done on the main AirPort Utility admin screen

You will see a grayed out screen with a dialog box asking if you want to update or cancel. Tap on Update. This will update the settings on your AirPort Extreme. You will be unable to use the router while the update process is running.

tap Update on the dialog box

You will see the initial AirPort Utility screen, with an image of your AirPort Extreme router being updated.

wait for your AirPort Extreme to update

It is best to be systematic when adjusting WiFi channels. First, use an app or website like to measure your current speed. Next, change the WiFi channel and run the test again. Take screenshots or notes of each test. When you find the fastest speed, you can stick with that channel. This is an iterative process. You may need to repeat channel selections until you find one that works.

If the frequency collision resulted in strange noises on a cordless phone, baby monitor or audio transmitter, simply adjust the WiFi channels until the noise goes away. You will need to use the audio device and the WiFi connection after updating the AirPort Extreme router to verify.

This is all much easier if you know the frequency of each device. Unfortunately, if you live in an apartment, your neighbors’ wireless devices could be interfering with your WiFi or other devices. You might not even be aware of this and may be settling for a slower WiFi speed. It’s worth trying different WiFi channels if interference is a possibility.

Still Have WiFi Problems?

If you have tried everything in this article and you still have WiFi problems, try Apple’s support. You can either go into an Apple store or call their support number. Although Apple’s online documentation is rather poor, they do offer excellent customer support. If you don’t have an Apple AirPort wireless router, try contacting your router’s manufacturer. You can also visit their website. Please feel free to add a comment about any additional WiFi or router problems you are encountering, so I can improve this document.

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