Chand Bellur, Editor-in-Chief

A computer user since the 1980’s, Chand’s experience as a Silicon Valley software developer shapes every Appledystopia news article and tutorial. After earning a degree in International Relations from UCLA, additional studies in programming and applied math led to a career in software engineering.

Chand’s most significant accomplishment was working with electronic prescribing. A key contributor to the now-defunct iScribe electronic prescribing platform, Chand’s efforts helped save the lives of millions of Americans from medical errors. Additionally, he helped pioneer streaming media with research and development, enabling web-based Quicken “show me” videos almost a decade before Netflix or YouTube streamed a single bit of data.

Tiring of long work hours, he decided to become a writer and enjoy life. Founding Appledystopia in 2012, the site has grown to offer top-ranking news and technical articles.

Writing is something that comes naturally to Chand. Growing up, he typed academic papers for his father. In college, he honed his writing skills, authoring several research papers in a writing-intensive major. Winner of best student paper at the 1994 Western Decision Science Institute conference, Chand continued to write technical documentation in his professional software career.

Chand has been writing at Appledystopia for the better part of a decade. You can contact him on Twitter @Appledystopia or by adding a comment below.

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  1. Mr.Bellur,
    Hopefully you can answer a question for me or at least I can raise some awareness-while trying to watch three different programs on Crackle through my AppleTv device I was asked to enter a code (no other programs ask for this – and these three where religious based)
    (Is there a reason this kind of programing is being “handled differently”)
    Have you any idea to whom I would address this issue as there is no one at Crackle to actually speak to
    Thank you

    1. Please let me know what the programs are, and I’ll check it out.

      Was there any text on the screen prompting you to enter a code? If so, please let me know, so I can research it further.

      Thanks for the heads up!

      1. Thank you so much for replying and for any help you may be able to give
        The programs were
        -Israel, A Journey Through Time
        -Thr Naked Architect
        -Secrets of Christianity
        The prompt says – activate Crackle on Apple TV
        Start watching movies and shows.No hassle,no cost.
        1)go to /activate on your computer
        2)enter code below
        —I already have Crackle on my Apple TV device (and those are the only programs that I am unable to just start watching
        No other programs that I have tried to watch have ever asked me to do that
        Thank you again

      2. I replied to your message – I hope that was not deleted
        I am not seeing my reply – so I will send it again – in short – the programs that request my signing in with code BAAT (on my computer ) are
        -Israel, A Journey through Time
        -the Naked Architect
        -Secrets of Christianity
        (The message that appears is go to on my computer and enter coda BAAT-
        I am using Crackle for everything else and nothing else requires any type of code
        Thank you for any help!

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