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Chand Bellur, Editor-in-Chief

A computer user since the 1980’s, Chand’s experience as a Silicon Valley software developer shapes every Appledystopia news article and tutorial. After earning a degree in International Relations from UCLA, additional studies in programming and applied math led to a career in software engineering.

Chand’s most significant accomplishment was working with electronic prescribing. A key contributor to the now-defunct iScribe electronic prescribing platform, Chand’s efforts helped save the lives of millions of Americans from medical errors. Additionally, he helped pioneer streaming media with research and development, enabling web-based Quicken “show me” videos almost a decade before Netflix or YouTube streamed a single bit of data.

Tiring of long work hours and white supremacy in corporate America, he decided to become a writer and enjoy life. Founding Appledystopia in 2012, the site has grown to offer top-ranking news and technical articles.

Writing is something that comes naturally to Chand. Growing up, he typed academic papers for his father. In college, he honed his writing skills, authoring several research papers in a writing-intensive major. Winner of best student paper at the 1994 Western Decision Science Institute conference, Chand continued to write technical documentation in his professional software career.

Chand’s hobbies include music production, running, and archery. Although a semi-pro, he contributed to professional recordings as an assisting audio engineer. While at Intuit, he earned the nickname “Mr. Microphone” due to his collection of high-end mics, including a Royer R-121 and various Beyerdynamic ribbon mics. These days, he prefers to make electronic music on an Ableton Push 2 controller, with a much smaller collection of microphones and equipment.

Chand has been writing at Appledystopia for the better part of a decade. If you have any questions, comments or wish to report errata, you can reach Chand using the form below:


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