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Rachel Gold, Appledystopia Contributor and Chief Marketing Officer

A dedicated product specialist, Rachel Gold leverages her knowledge of Apple, Google, and Microsoft technologies to provide insight and information for our readers. Graduating from Oregon State University with a specialized CS degree in data science, Rachel holds a senior consulting position at a top logistics firm. Rachel’s career often tasks her with adapting “everyday” software and gadgets to work with enterprise systems, making her an excellent fit for the Appledystopia team.

In addition to writing the occasional article, Rachel’s fondness for social media earned her the (unpaid) position of Appledystopia’s chief marketing officer. Expect to see many posts and other friendly communications from Rachel, informing readers of the latest Appledystopia news. Follow us on Facebook for the freshest updates!

Rachel’s work takes her around the world, but her home base is in lovely Sunnyvale, California. When she’s not engaged with gadgets, writing, and data analysis, you can find her volunteering by day and salsa dancing by night.

Rachel has been an Appledystopia contributor for the past few years. If you have any questions, comments or wish to report errata, you can reach Rachel using the form below.


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