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Best Apple Deals at Amazon

UPDATED DAILY by Rachel Gold
May 29, 2023 at 10:47 p.m. PST
  • Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, with $514 billion in annual sales in 2022.
  • Founded in 1994, Amazon grew from an online bookstore to the largest online megastore.
  • Apple products were sporadically available on Amazon for many years due to both parties’ anti-competitive actions.
  • With its generous 30-day return policy (compared to Apple’s 14 days), Amazon is one of the best places to purchase Apple products.

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Best Apple Deals at Amazon

Shopping for Apple products on Amazon is a stochastic experience. There’s probably some order to it, but the patterns are practically impossible to discern. For example, at this time, you can’t buy a Mac Pro on Amazon. It’s not due to competitive practices. It’s just that no one is selling one.

To compete with eBay, Amazon lets just about anyone sell things. This means that some Apple products are used and even abused.

This article highlights only new Apple products sold by legitimate retailers at exceptional prices. The vast majority of these products offer a 30-day return window, which is much more generous than Apple’s 14-day policy. It’s not a comprehensive list. Instead, it’s a space to quickly find excellent deals on Apple products. This page is updated frequently. Fee free to add a bookmark and check back often.

The Amazon product links are dynamic but not in real-time. Sometimes the price shown is different than the price on Amazon. This article is updated almost daily to display accurate prices in the text. If in doubt, click on an Amazon link to view the product page.

When Amazon is out of new stock, we list the product as “n/a” (not available). You can usually click on the link and find a used one for sale. This article only lists the best prices on new Apple products at Amazon, not used ones.

Now that we’ve explained why Amazon is an excellent place to buy Apple products, let’s look at the best prices on Apple products at Amazon.

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iPad at Amazon

Apple’s iconic tablet computer took the world by storm. Then people realized it was just a big iPhone, and sales leveled off.

The iPad is an excellent content-consumption device. It’s a fixture on many coffee tables. If you travel a lot, it’s an admirable entertainment system. Avid readers may find it to be one of the best e-readers available today. It’s also a fun gaming device. Just don’t expect to perform miracles on your iPad.

There are configuration options for every iPad listed here. Sometimes a particular configuration (storage space, color, Wi-Fi-only, cellular) offers the best savings. We try to list these configurations because we’re consumer advocates. It’s a good idea to browse all options on Amazon to find the best deal. Just click on the current price, and you’ll see the listed product on Amazon.

2022 12.9″ iPad Pro; M2; Wi-Fi; 128 GB
current price$1049.00
lowest price$999.00
highest price$1099.00
2022 11″ iPad Pro; M2; Wi-Fi; 128 GB
current price$799.00
lowest price$739.00
highest price$799.00
2022 10.9″ iPad Air; M1; Wi-Fi; 64 GB
current price$551.00
lowest price$459.99
highest price$599.99
2022 10.9″ iPad; A14 Bionic; Wi-Fi; 64GB
current price$399.99
lowest price$399.00
highest price$449.00
2021 8.3″ iPad Mini; A15 Bionic; Wi-Fi; 64 GB
current price$399.99
lowest price$399.99
highest price$499.99
2021 10.2″ iPad; A13 Bionic; Wi-Fi; 64 GB
current price$269.99
lowest price$249.99
highest price$329.00

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MacBook at Amazon

MacBook at AmazonThe MacBook used to be ridiculously expensive. Now, it’s often cheaper than many Windows laptops. A mainstay of software developers, engineers, graphic designers, and audio-visual professionals, the MacBook is a true workhorse.

From 2015 to 2019, Apple made some of the worst MacBooks imaginable. The fragile butterfly keyboard mechanism combined with a glued-together product meant expensive repairs. My 2017 MacBook Pro broke after 18 months for no reason. I barely used it or even touched it with my hands, yet it broke. Appledystopia wouldn’t recommend any MacBook model for some time because they all sucked.

Today’s MacBook is much more robust and repairable. Although I’m happy with a Mac Mini and a Windows laptop, I may consider a MacBook Pro again someday.

The MacBooks listed here have many configuration options. We try to pick the one that’s the best deal. It’s a good idea to browse different colors and storage options because sometimes you can find a bargain.

2021 16.2″ MacBook Pro; M1 Max; 1 TB
current price$3099.00
lowest price$2699.00
highest price$3499.99
2021 16.2″ MacBook Pro; M1 Pro; 512 GB
current price$2084.99
lowest price$1999.97
highest price$2499.00
2021 14.2″ MacBook Pro; M1 Pro; 512 GB
current price$1799.99
lowest price$1599.99
highest price$2099.00
2022 MacBook Air; M2; 512 GB
current pricen/a
lowest price$1299.99
highest price$1499.00
2022 13.3″ MacBook Pro; M2; 256 GB
current pricen/a
lowest price$1099.00
highest price$1299.00
2020 13.3″ MacBook Pro; M1; 256 GB
current price$799.99
lowest price$799.00
highest price$999.00

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Mac Desktops and Displays at Amazon

Mac Desktops and Displays at AmazonNow that they finally ditched that horrible Fusion drive, the iMac is a much more reliable computer. We had a 2017 27″ iMac with a Fusion drive that bricked after six months, with little use. After two attempts at warranty repair, they fixed it, and we sold it off. It was in the shop so long that we had to buy a new Windows computer. It still just works. This disaster was all caused by one part — the Fusion drive.

Apple engineers finally came to their senses and put solid-state drives in the iMac. It’s much more reliable now. With the M-series processor, it’s even better. Appledystopia finally approves of the iMac.

The Mac Mini is one of our favorite machines. I’m using one right now! Partner it up with Apple’s display or pretty much any computer monitor, and you’re good to go. You’ll also need a keyboard and trackpad, but you don’t have to get those from Apple. I use an LG monitor, Logitech keyboard, and Apple Magic Trackpad with my Mac Mini.

Only one Mac Mini variation is in stock right now. These are very popular and sell out fast!

Apple Studio Display; 27″; 5K
current price$1499.99
lowest price$1299.99
highest price$1499.99
2021 24″ iMac; M1; 256 GB; 8-core GPU
current price$1449.00
lowest price$1149.99
highest price$1449.99
2021 24″ iMac; M1; 512 GB; 8-core GPU
current price$1699.00
lowest price$1099.99
highest price$1699.00
2023 Mac Mini; M2; 256 GB
current price$499.00
lowest price$499.99
highest price$599.00

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Apple Watch at Amazon

Apple Watch at Amazon

I used to think the Apple Watch was silly. I can look at my iPhone if I want to see the time. Then I finally bought one and it won me over!

An Apple Watch is not a rational purchase for most. It’s a fashion accessory. There’s nothing wrong with that. With myriad watch faces you can change with a swipe of a finger, an Apple Watch will go with just about anything you wear.

Athletes and people who don’t work on computers all day may find greater value in an Apple Watch. If you’re out on a fishing trawler or trying to fix a power line, the last thing you want to do is reach for your iPhone. With an Apple Watch, your important messages, emails, and calls are right on your wrist so that you can focus on work.

Amazon has excellent Apple Watch deals. If you don’t care about owning the latest model, you can often purchase last year’s Apple Watch for much less. There are many color and band variations available, some at lower prices. Make sure to check out all of the available options. It may seem like the Apple Watch Ultra is sold out, but if you click around, you’ll find a color/band variation that’s still in stock (for now).

Make sure to select an appropriately sized watch and band.

49mm Apple Watch Ultra; Cellular
current price$749.00
lowest price$739.00
highest price$799.99
45mm Apple Watch Series 8; Cellular
current price$459.00
lowest price$459.00
highest price$529.00
41mm Apple Watch Series 8; Cellular
current price$429.00
lowest price$429.00
highest price$489.99
45mm Apple Watch Series 8
current price$429.00
lowest price$359.00
highest price$429.00
41mm Apple Watch Series 8
current price$329.00
lowest price$329.00
highest price$399.99
44mm Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen); Cellular
current price$299.00
lowest price$299.00
highest price$319.98
40mm Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen); Cellular
current price$269.00
lowest price$269.00
highest price$299.99
44mm Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen)
current price$249.00
lowest price$249.99
highest price$279.99
40mm Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen)
current price$219.99
lowest price$219.00
highest price$249.99

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AirPods at Amazon

AirPods at Amazon

Although there are myriad wireless earphones and headphones, if you own an iPhone, nothing beats AirPods. They integrate perfectly with all of your Apple devices with ease and simplicity.

When AirPods first debuted, they were pretty expensive. Now, you can find brand-new AirPods that may be a generation or two old. If you’ve been holding off on getting a pair, now might be a good time.

For those who had problems getting AirPods to fit, the new 2nd generation Pro model has interchangeable and replaceable tips to fill almost any ear with beautiful sounds.

AirPods Max
current price$449.99
lowest price$449.00
highest price$549.00
AirPods Pro (2nd Gen)
current price$199.99
lowest price$199.00
highest price$249.99
AirPods (3rd Gen)
current price$159.00
lowest price$139.99
highest price$169.00
AirPods (2nd Gen)
current price$99.00
lowest price$79.00
highest price$159.00

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Apple TV

Apple TV, the device, offers much more than any smart TV on the market. Even if your television has the Apple TV app, it’s not the same as an Apple TV unit.

The newest Apple TV features an A15 Bionic processor and the App Store. Although some TVs and video devices can stream video and play simple games, an Apple TV can do much more. With Apple TV, you have access to thousands of apps. It also fully integrates with the Apple ecosystem. You can even control Apple TV with your Apple Watch!

Apple TV 4K (3rd Gen; 128 GB)
current pricen/a
lowest price$139.99
highest price$149.99
Apple TV 4K (3rd Gen; 64 GB)
current pricen/a
lowest price$123.49
highest price$129.99
Apple TV 4K (2nd Gen; 64 GB)
current price$134.95
lowest price$99.97
highest price$199.99
Apple TV 4K (2nd Gen; 32 GB)
current price$129.95
lowest price$79.97
highest price$179.99

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Why Buy Apple Products at Amazon?

Years ago, it was difficult to find Apple products, either online or in brick and mortar stores. Your only choice was to buy them from an online or physical Apple Store, as the company was notoriously protective of the customer experience.

After Steve Jobs’ passing, Tim Cook and Apple’s leadership attenuated some of the company’s more restrictive policies. Apple is far from being open; however, you can buy many of its products at Target, Costco, and various stores. This is a smart move, as one may impulsively purchase a MacBook while shopping at Costco for groceries. Selling Apple products everywhere increases sales. While this may seem simple, its execution is not.

It wasn’t possible to buy Apple products on Amazon for a long time. Even after Apple was willing to vend its products on Amazon, the latter party wasn’t always reciprocal. Famously, Amazon stopped selling Apple TV, as the device competed with its Fire TV offering.

Today, one can purchase just about any Apple product on Amazon. A comprehensive list isn’t possible given the multiplicity of options and constant price fluctuations.

It’s often better to buy Apple products from Amazon than from Apple. For one, it offers a way better return policy, at least for items sold within the Apple Store on Amazon. Apple’s return policy is only valid for only 14 days. Amazon will let you return most Apple products within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. You can check a product’s refund eligibility below its “Buy Now” button.

Amazon also sells Apple products for much less than the Apple Store. AirPods, in particular, are a steal on Amazon. But it’s common to see brand new MacBooks going for $300 less than Apple’s price, plus you get a much better return policy. If you’re an Amazon customer with credit card rewards or a Prime member, it’s all the more reason to buy a MacBook, iMac, or AirPods from Amazon.

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Don’t Buy an iPhone From Amazon

Despite being the largest retailer globally, Amazon isn’t the best place to purchase an iPhone. If you’re looking for an unlocked device, they only have “refreshed” models, which is a euphemism for “used”.

If you’re looking for an unlocked iPhone, purchase it from Apple. In fact, the best deal seems to be the iPhone Upgrade Program, where one pays a monthly fee, obtaining a new iPhone every year, backed by AppleCare+.

Those who don’t mind signing a multi-year contract will find the best deals directly from carriers. Costco also offers excellent deals on the iPhone if you’re willing to stick with a specific cellular provider.

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