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Chad Evans, Appledystopia Contributor

Chad EvansA dedicated veteran of Boston’s tech scene, Chad Evans leverages over a decade of relational database and data science experience in his writing. Graduating from the Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology with a degree in computer software engineering technology, Chad excels at explaining complex subjects to a lay audience.

Beyond contributing to Appledystopia, Chad’s words have graced the pages and screens of countless books, magazines, and websites worldwide. He’s also a full-time employee at one of the most prestigious consulting firms in the greater Boston area.

When not working, Chad enjoys hiking, windsurfing, and reading classic literature. Chad resides in Wellesley, Massachusetts, with his wife, teenage son, and elderly basset hound, Wanda.

Chad has been an Appledystopia contributor for the past few years. If you have any questions, comments or wish to report errata, you can reach Chad using the form below.


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