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How to Fix an iPhone That Won’t Turn On

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If these steps don’t work, it possible that the battery is no longer working. If you have had your iPhone for a long time and the battery life has diminished, it is likely that your battery is shot. It’s also possible for the battery to be permanently damaged if it has been left in a hot environment, such as inside a car or on a radiator.

If you suspect that your battery is dead, you can take it to an Apple store or one of the many authorized repair services. You can even purchase an online kit to replace the battery yourself. Contrary to blogosphere myths, it is completely possible to replace an iPhone battery. A complete battery replacement kit for the iPhone 5S costs about $20 and comes with video instructions and tools, as well as a replacement battery.

Try A Soft Reset

If you are sure that the battery is not the issue, try doing a soft reset. Simply hold down the home and power button at the same time. You should see an Apple logo within 10 seconds. Release the buttons and your device will boot up.

Restore Your iPhone with iTunes

Before sending your iPhone off for service, try using iTunes to restore the device. First, plug the device into your computer’s USB port using the cable provided. Next, start iTunes and wait for your device to be discovered. If iTunes finds your device, it will appear in the upper right hand corner of the iTunes window.

Click devices then click iPhoneClick on the device and you will see the summary screen. From here, you can click the Restore button and follow the on-screen instructions.

This works best if you have backed up your iPhone with iTunes. It may be possible to do the backup immediately before the restore. If iTunes can discover and access your device, it’s worth trying to backup your device before you restore it. Restoring your device will reset it to factory settings.

Broken Screen?

If iTunes can find your device, it is possible that the screen is broken. Perhaps the connection between the device’s graphics processing unit and screen has been damaged. You can verify this by trying to turn on your iPhone. Hold the sleep/wake button for a few seconds, which should power up your device. If your screen is damaged, you will not see an Apple logo. Next, call your iPhone. If it rings or vibrates, your phone is working but something is wrong with the screen. You can take your device to an Apple store or find a qualified repair service to fix it. If you have nothing to lose, you can try fixing it yourself. There are many DIY iPhone repair sites that sell kits with parts, tools, and video instructions. (continue…)

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