2 thoughts on “Bad Apple

    • Sorry to hear that. If it’s only 2 weeks old, it is still under warranty. Take it in to the Apple Store or contact Apple’s customer support. They will either fix it or replace it with a new one.

      I personally haven’t had a bad experience with Apple’s hardware. I own several Apple devices, and their quality has exceeded my expectations. My main gripe with Apple is that their stock apps aren’t very good. There’s also some things I don’t like about iOS. These are easily overcome. I often use third-party apps instead of Apple’s stock apps.

      In addition to all my Apple devices, I still have an iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Even though they’re old, they still work and the devices themselves are in mint condition. The battery life still lasts all day. I have found that Apple’s devices will live long past their obsolescence. That’s good for the customer and the environment.

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