Protecting the Siri Remote

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Some cases come with wrist straps. Using both a case and strap provides the most protection for your Siri Remote.

Extended Warranty

As with many products, extended warranties don’t prove to be a good deal for Apple TV 4. Only AppleCare+ offers coverage for Apple TV 4. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover accidental damage. AppleCare+ will not cover replacement or repair of a shattered Siri Remote. SquareTrade doesn’t offer warranty coverage for Apple TV 4. At best, your credit card may offer protection for accidental damage.

Use a Different Remote

You don’t have to use the Siri Remote with Apple TV 4. If you’ve shattered your Siri Remote or are worried about doing so, you may want to replace the Siri remote with something less expensive or more robust. If you have young children, it may be a good idea to have them use a different remote.

An old iPhone can serve as an excellent replacement for the Siri Remote. Apple’s Remote App for iOS turns your iPhone into a remote control for Apple TV 4. Unfortunately, the current version only offers basic controls for Apple TV 4. It doesn’t offer support for Siri. It doesn’t even have a Home button. The upcoming version of the Remote App will offer Siri and a Home button, as well as a dedicated gaming mode. Of course, an iPhone is just as fragile as the Siri Remote. If you have an old iPhone lying around and don’t plan on selling it, there’s nothing to lose.

You can also use the stainless steel Apple Remote that shipped with the 2nd and 3rd generation models. This works with Apple TV 4 without any configuration, however, it provides limited functionality.

Virtually any remote can be configured to work with Apple TV 4. Simply go to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Learn Remote and follow the onscreen instructions. None of these replacement remotes provide Siri capabilities. Although it is fragile, nothing beats the Siri Remote. I would only recommend a different remote if you break your original Siri Remote or you are accident prone. The Siri Remote is the best thing about Apple TV 4.

No Parts for Siri Remote

In theory, it should be easy for anyone to repair a shattered Siri Remote. Only the top face is made of glass. It’s all one unit that can be pried off. Unfortunately, there are no spare parts for the Siri Remote on the market. I was also unable to find any repair service for the Siri Remote. This may change in time, as Apple TV gains in popularity. At this point, there just aren’t enough Apple TV owners to make the replacement parts and repair market profitable.

If you break your Siri Remote, you either have to replace it or use another, inferior remote. You may find cheaper prices for the Siri Remote, but be wary of any deal that seems too good to be true. I found Siri Remotes for less than $60, but I have to wonder if they are authentic. With the iPhone, many warranty and repair services offer replacements that are mostly constructed of counterfeit parts. Only the logic board is genuine. I would suspect that a $60 Siri Remote may not be genuine. If that’s the case, the gyroscope, accelerometer and microphones may not work as expected.

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