World of Tanks Blitz Tips

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World of Tanks Blitz Tips

Don’t Buy Training

When you purchase a new tank, you are presented with the option to send your crew to different training academies. This virtual training is instant. It is another item to purchase. Training increases the skill set of the crew, which increases battle performance. You will be able to fire your guns faster and more accurately as your crew training level increases. Your vehicle will also become more maneuverable. Crew training is important, but you can earn it by playing the game.

Basic training is free, which gets your crew up to 50% proficiency. The other options will provide up to 100%, but the prices are steep. You will find that it takes some time to save up and buy a new tank. You will likely get to 100% crew training, simply by playing the game, before you have enough credits to purchase a new tank.

Do Buy A Discounted Premium Account

The premium account is a purchase I recommend, but if you are patient, you can get one for a fraction of the price. I resisted buying a premium account for a long time. On occasion, I was presented with some discounted offers, but there was nothing compelling. I passed on these offers. Then, one day, I was offered a 30 day premium account for only $1.99. I snapped it up. You don’t have time to think about it. It is a one-time offer, but you will get other offers.

Be Brave, But Don’t Be Stupid

World of Tanks Blitz rewards players for being brave. You gain experience by moving and engaging in battle. Capturing the base also increases experience. If your tank or crew are destroyed in battle, don’t worry. They will be restored at the end of the battle. If your team wins the battle, you will be rewarded accordingly. Even if your team loses, you will still acquire some credits and experience, especially if you engaged in battle. There’s nothing to lose by being brave, but if you are too brash, you won’t help your team.

Being a sniper is sometimes the best strategy. If your tank is slow and lacks maneuverability, or your crew is poorly trained, being a sniper might be best for your team. In fact, I equip all of my tanks for sniping. I buy the camouflage net, binocular telescopes and tank gun rammer. Then I will find a good place to hide — usually somewhere I can quickly duck behind a barricade if I am attacked. When you have the right equipment, you can hold back and take out several tanks for your team. This will help your team much more than being overly aggressive and getting killed quickly.

You should decide your strategy based on your tank, equipment, map and the match up. If you are at the top of the match up list, being more aggressive may be a good strategy. Your tank and crew are better than the competition. If you are familiar with the map and know a great sniping location, being a sniper may also be a good idea. Keep in mind that being too sedentary will affect accrual of experience. You get more experience if you travel more distance during the game. But destroying tanks will get you the most experience. If you are good at sniping, you can easily take out several tanks in a battle. They won’t even know what hit them! This will get your far more experience than being aggressive and mobile. (continue…)

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