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World of Tanks Blitz Tips

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World of Tanks Blitz Tips

I just haven’t seen consumables pay off. The small advantage is offset by a huge cost. As you progress to better tanks, consumables cost even more. Unless you pay for them out-of-pocket (with in-app purchases), consumables will slow your progress.

Do Buy Equipment

Equipment are durable items that are permanently added to a tank, unless you decide to dismount and sell them. A tank can only have three items of equipment. When sold back, users can only recoup a fraction of the cost. For example, if you buy a camouflage net and decide to sell it back, you may only get 50% back. If you sell your tank, the depreciated price of equipment is taken into account. Given this reality, pick your equipment wisely. Don’t sell equipment to make room for another item.

World of Tanks Blitz equipment

My favorite equipment items are the camouflage net, binocular telescopes and tank gun rammer. These three pieces of equipment work in synergy, allowing me to be an excellent sniper. If you are getting attacked and can’t find out who is the aggressor, it could be me! If you have a slow tank, sniping is a great way to get kills, earning experience and credits. I find it surprisingly relaxing — almost like fishing.

Choose Ammunition Wisely

World of Tanks Blitz offers many options for ammunition. Typically, a tank gun will support two or three different types of ammo. When you purchase ammo, you will find that one type of ammo costs a lot more than others. This ammo usually has better armor-piercing capabilities and can produce more damage. You will be able to damage and destroy tanks better with high-end ammunition. The problem is that it doesn’t pay off. If you are paying 4400 credits for a single round, you will likely spend more credits than you earn. High-end ammo isn’t that much better. You are paying a premium price for something that only marginally improves your ability to destroy tanks.

Whenever you buy a new tank or upgrade to a new gun, you will need to buy new ammunition. As your guns get better, the ammo costs more, but you also earn more in each battle. Just keep in mind, if you upgrade your gun or tank, you will be required to buy new ammo, which will be more expensive. Make sure to account for this.

World of Tanks Blitz ammunition

Don’t Purchase Extra Slots

As you progress in World of Tanks, you will be able to buy new tanks. The problem is that you have a finite number of parking slots. Players get eight slots for free. Purchasing additional slots is quite expensive. It actually costs more than some tanks!

World of Tanks Blitz garage slots

You should sell your old tanks instead of buying new parking slots. The sales revenues will enable you to buy new tanks or equipment. Furthermore, you probably won’t want to play an old tank. They are slow and don’t have the firepower. The only benefit to playing an older tank is that the battles are easier. World of Tanks Blitz matches up players based on their tanks’ capabilities, amongst other factors. It might be fun to play an easy battle once in a while, but I have never had this temptation. These battles also pay out fewer credits and experience. My advice — sell your old tanks when you start to run out of parking slots. I like to keep at least one tank from each nation — U.S., Russia, Germany and Britain. (continue…)

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