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World of Tanks Blitz Tips page 5

Use Sniper Mode

It is often easier to target an opponent while moving by using sniper mode. You can toggle between sniper mode and standard mode by tapping the binoculars icon on the lower right. In this mode, you can accurately target opponents from a greater distance. You can also see your tank and maneuver quite well. I often play the majority of a game in sniper mode, however, standard mode is more effective for close combat.

Don’t Always Hold the Device As Shown

When you are waiting for battle, on-screen instructions advise players to hold the device and use their thumbs to tap the screen. This isn’t always the best way to play. Sometimes I find it more effective to prop my iPad on my legs and use my index finger to control the screen. This prevents any accidental firing of weaponry that can occur when you use a thicker digit, like your thumb. If you accidentally fire your gun, you’ll have to wait for it to reload, leaving you vulnerable. Furthermore, I find it fatiguing to hold up my iPad for several minutes. However you hold your device, make sure it is secure and won’t be dropped. This seems to be an advantage of propping it up on your legs while sitting.

Take a Break

It is important to take breaks and not get tired. When I first started playing, I would play for several hours. As time progressed, I would get sloppy and make stupid mistakes. This is sound advice from a cognitive psychology perspective. Your attention span decreases over time. You can optimize your attention span by playing 20 minutes and then taking a five-minute break.

It’s also a great idea to take several days off from playing World of Tanks Blitz. I think this happens naturally for most people. After a while, one starts to get bored with the game, but when you return, you can regain your passion. I took a few weeks off of World of Tanks Blitz and was welcomed back with 2 free days of a premium account. A one day premium account costs 250 gold coins, so this is a generous gift. It is an incentive to encourage experienced players to keep playing. They don’t offer this if you play every day, but you may get offered a discounted premium membership.


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