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Use Old iPhone as HomeKit Controller

Use an Old iPhone as a HomeKit Controller

There’s quite a buzz about “the Internet of things” and home automation. Countless products already exist, such as the Nest thermostat and Phillips smart lightbulbs. These smart appliances often need to be configured with a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Leave your old iPhone in a central location so that anyone can operate your smart home appliances. This will save you from having to hunt down your iPhone when you need to adjust the thermostat or lighting. If you leave guests at your home unattended, they will also be able to use your smart appliances without using your iPhone or configuring their device.

Use Your Old iPhone for Car Navigation and Security

Do you remember stopping at gas stations or bothering pedestrians for directions? This isn’t a thing of the past. I still get asked for directions from time to time. Sometimes I will look up directions for people using my iPhone.

An old iPhone is a perfect GPS navigation system. Simply purchase an inexpensive mount and appropriate charger. This will ensure you always have access to a navigation system. You won’t have to worry about forgetting your iPhone, because it is already in your car. You might want to stash it away when you park your car. In my experience, some people will break into your car to steal a pack of gum.

You can also use your old iPhone as a security device for your car. While this setup might use cellular data when you are away, you may be able to use WiFi when parked at home. Anyone who has had their car dented in a parking lot will appreciate this. Just make sure to position the device in an optimal location so the camera can capture as much as possible. The App Store doesn’t seem to have anything specific to car security, but any home security app will do. If the auto burglar steals your iPhone, you can use Find My iPhone to locate your device. Be careful. Don’t take the law into your own hands.

Take Your Old iPhone to the Gym

Do you workout and sweat heavily at the gym? If so, you probably don’t want to get that brand new iPhone drenched in sweat. The gym has other hazards. As you bounce around on the treadmill or mount various machines, you could drop or knock your iPhone.

An old iPhone is perfect for the gym. You can load it up with music or use apps like Beats to provide the perfect workout soundtrack. Pair it with an Apple Watch or a variety of fitness devices to keep track of your progress.

Install Ubuntu or Android on Your Old iPhone

Even though your iPhone was made by Apple, there’s no reason you have to run iOS. iOS is designed to get the most out of the iPhone. I recommend sticking with iOS on your main iPhone. An old iPhone, however, is ripe for experimentation.

There are several tutorials and sites dedicated to installing Ubuntu Linux, Android or other operating systems on your iPhone. This is one of many advantages of owning an iPhone. Hundreds of millions of iPhones are out there. With so many devices, there actually more diversity in terms of hacking this device. Installing a whole new operating system goes above and beyond jailbreaking.


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