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Uses for Old iPhone

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Use an Old iPhone in the Kitchen

Kitchen Timer

An old iPhone serves as an excellent kitchen timer. The stock clock app in iOS features a versatile timer. Maybe your oven or microwave already has a timer, but it can only run one instance. If you need to set times for different foods, you can set multiple alarms using the iOS clock app. I actually use my old iPhone mainly as a clock and timer. If you have Siri, you can ask her to set timers and alarms.

Your old iPhone has many more uses in the kitchen. You can look up recipes and keep track of a shopping list. If you are on a diet, you can use an app like Livestrong’s MyPlate Calorie Tracker to keep track of your dietary intake. This app has just about every food you can imagine, including brand name foods purchased at the supermarket. All you have to do it input how much of the food you ate, at Calorie Tracker does the rest.

Security Camera

When you are away from home, an old iPhone can give you peace of mind. There are several apps that can turn an iPhone into a home security camera. A free app like Manything can even send you alerts based on motion detection. When you get an alert, you can view the camera and check if you have an intruder. Why spend thousands of dollars on a home security system, when you can just use your old iPhone instead?

Baby Monitor

Most baby monitors are still fairly low tech. They will only let you hear your baby cry, but you can’t see what is going on. They only work over a limited range. Inexpensive apps, such as Cloud Baby Monitor, can turn your old iPhone into the best baby surveillance device imaginable. The app works over the cloud, so it has an unlimited range. You can sooth your baby to sleep by playing white noise or a lullaby. You can even use it to control the client iPhone’s nightlight. Cloud Baby Monitor can detect both sound and motion, and even allows you to speak to your baby.

Apple TV and Universal Remote

I actually like the slim, aluminum Apple TV remote, but there are some advantages to using the Apple Remote app. The Remote App is a far better way to play music on Apple TV. The on-screen keyboard makes it much easier to enter text. You can also browse the web on Apple TV using AirWeb. With these great Apple TV features, it makes sense to keep your old iPhone near your Apple TV.

Of course, the remote capabilities work just about anywhere. If Apple TV is your multimedia hub, you can use your old iPhone to control music playback from just about anywhere. If you are in the back yard doing some gardening, just grab your old iPhone to change things up. You can even activate different AirPlay targets, if you have AirPlay enabled speakers located throughout your home and yard.

An old iPhone can control a lot more than an Apple TV. There are a variety of iPhone-based universal remotes on the market. These are more than just apps. They often feature an accessory to beam IR signals, so your iPhone can control just about anything, but with a much nicer user interface. You can create your own macros, enabling you to turn on devices in sequence with just one tap. For example, with one button, you can turn on your TV, stereo and streaming media player. Logitech’s Harmony Smart Control system is just one example of many universal remote systems for the iPhone.

iPod Touch

If you love music, your old iPhone will serve very well as an iPod touch. In fact, an iPod touch is really just an iPhone without cellular capabilities. This actually makes an old iPhone even better than an iPod touch. For example, I could connect my old iPhone to my car stereo and download new music wherever I am, using my cellular connection. Some people are reluctant to download music on to their iPhones, as they need space for apps. If you have an old iPhone, you can fill it up with music. This will keep space available on your new iPhone for apps. (continue…)

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