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Tips for Updating iPhone Apps

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Contrary to what I found on the Internet, restarting your device will not allow you to use the non-updated version of the app. Also, switching to Airplane mode, restarting, and turning Airplane mode off does not work. Once you’re back online, the updates continue. Closing the App Store app will not work either. Updates will download whether the App Store is running or not. These techniques may have worked in the past, however, they no longer work with recent versions of iOS.

Once you make this mistake, you will probably never hit “update all” again, at least when you have 20+ apps waiting for updates! I would only recommend updating several apps at a time if you don’t plan on using your Internet connection for some time, for example, before bedtime.

How to Update a “Stuck” App

Sometimes app updates are frozen.

iPhone app won't update

You see a message that it is installing, but it has been like that for hours (or days) with no progress. This happens rarely, but it’s easy to fix. You just need to delete the app and reinstall it from the App Store. If you paid for the app, you won’t need to buy it again. The App Store remembers every purchase you made.

You can easily find “stuck” apps, because they are darkened and have a download progress bar on the icon.

Stuck iPhone app on home screen

If you are forgetful, make sure to note the name of the app you are deleting, before proceeding. To delete the app from the home screen, hold a finger down on the app icon until all of the icons start to jiggle.

Delete stuck iPhone app

Next, tap the “x” on the app you wish to delete. Press the home button to exit the home screen edit mode.

Once the app has been deleted, go to the  App Store, find the app and install it. If you already purchased this app, you will not need to buy it again. You will get the latest version of the app. There’s no need to update it, at least for a while.

If you have ever inadvertently hit “update all” with dozens of apps pending updates, you know how painful this is. Trying to pause these updating apps, one by one, is a chore, especially if you have a lot of apps. Researching this issue, many people are annoyed when this happens. Apple should make “update all” work as a toggle — pressing it once will change the label to “pause all”. Then when you press it again, it pauses all updates and changes the label back to “update all”. iTunes has the ability to pause all downloads. It’s time to add this to the App Store!

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