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A reset does more than restarting the iPhone. It will reset the operating system, without losing any data or settings. In fact, Apple recommends doing this before you bring an iPhone to the Genius Bar. The reset solves numerous problems — slow iPhone, app crashes, and Bluetooth issues, to name just a few. If you have iPhone or iPad problems, try the reset first. In fact, you’re better off doing the reset (hold down sleep/wake + home) than just a restart (hold down sleep wake and slide to power off). The reset takes a little longer, but will accomplish much more.

Apple doesn’t divulge what the reset does, but it seems to clear the SSD space that’s used for virtual memory. I tested this by leaving two apps running and doing a reset. When my iPhone was up and running, the two apps were still there, but their multitasking previews were blank. When I launched one of the apps, it had to reinitialize instead of pulling its state from memory. A reset probably clears out cached operating system parameters as well. This is only speculation, as Apple doesn’t explain what happens. It would explain why a reset fixes many Bluetooth problems.

Restore to Factory Settings

Restoring your iPhone to factory settings is a last resort. Do this only if all of the other tips haven’t worked. It’s actually not that bad, just time-consuming. Simply connect your device to iTunes and do a backup. Next, use iTunes to restore the device to its factory settings. When this is finished, you can restore from the backup you just made. You may just want to add apps and content that you need, now that your device is a clean slate.

backup iPhone with iTunes

Time for a New iPhone?

iOS 7 is a great operating system, but it does impact performance. It’s not as bad as many people suggest. Some people started posting criticisms immediately after upgrading, unaware of the post-upgrade optimization process. Few people will redact these statements when they realize the initial performance degradation was only temporary. Others have every bell and whistle turned on. Of course iOS 7 will be slow with all of these features turned on. Many of these features, such as automatic app updates, are worth turning off even if you have the new iPhone 5S. It’s not just about speed. Do you want a potentially buggy version of an app to be automatically installed?

Following these tips will speed up iOS 7. If you find iOS is still unbearably slow, it may be time to upgrade your device. It’s a good time to buy the iPhone 5S. With the new 64-bit A7 processor, it will be eligible for years of software upgrades. If you have an iPhone 4, keep in mind, the device is 3 years old. iOS 7 runs fairly well on an iPhone 4, but it is a bit slower than iOS 6.1.3.

It’s great that Apple gives people the option to upgrade. This is simply not possible with many other smart phones. Apple is trying to build brand loyalty. Tim Cook’s Apple is more generous to the end user. As a satisfied Apple user, I will continue to buy their products, but also keep an eye on competing products. Buy what’s good now, not what was good or what might be good. Every time I am in the market for a new device, I do my homework. Buying Apple products is not a knee-jerk decision, but their customer loyalty is well-deserved. They make mistakes, but they fix them quickly. I can’t say that about other technology companies.

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