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With iOS multitasking, some apps do run in the background. If you want the best performance from iOS, close any unused apps. This will make your device faster because iOS will not need to use processing power to manage your resources. Furthermore, if an app is doing something in the background, closing it will ensure that the app you are using gets all of the resources. iOS does a good job of doing this automatically. Closing unused apps is something I do rarely, but it can help. It can also preserve battery life.

Delete Unused Apps and Content

iOS 7, like any operating system, needs some elbow room in order to run smoothly. If the solid state drives are full, the operating system will be sluggish. iOS devices only have 512MB – 1GB of RAM, so the solid state drive has to be used as virtual memory.

Go to Settings > General > Usage and examine how much free space you have. 1GB of free space should be enough. You can delete apps and content directly from this screen. The apps are sorted by storage size, with the largest apps at the top. Freeing up space will also help with iTunes WiFi sync. This process needs free space in order to work properly.

While you may regret not getting a larger capacity iPhone, even an 8GB model can be cleaned up by removing infrequently used apps and content. All of your apps and iTunes purchases are stored in the cloud. If you delete them, you can get them back. You can also back up your photos and other personal data to either iTunes or iCloud and get them back later.

Restart or Reset

Sometimes your device may be slow because an app has gone awry. Perhaps a background thread has gone rogue or an app didn’t clean up resources when it closed. The App Store is good about auditing apps, but some sloppy apps get through. Some of Apple’s stock apps are of poor quality. Restarting your device can fix this. There’s two ways to do this. Restarting your device is done by holding down the sleep/wake button on the top of the device, then slide to power off. After your device has powered down, restart it by holding down the sleep/wake button for one second.

You can reset your iPhone or iPad by holding down the sleep/wake button and the home button until you see the Apple logo. Release both buttons when you see the Apple logo. After a reset, the device typically takes longer to boot up. It may take some time until you see the lock screen.  (continue…)

reset iPhone with sleep wake and home buttons

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