iPhone and iPad Battery Tips

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iPhone and iPad battery tips

Beyond Apple’s suggestions, I did some research on lithium-ion batteries and found some additional tips to improve battery life.

  • For long-term storage, do not fully drain the battery, but keep it at 40% capacity. Over time, the charge will deplete, but it keeps the battery active. Apple recommends always using the device, which affirms this suggestion — keep the ions moving. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide this tip for long-term storage!
  • Don’t use a charging mat, as they elevate the heat of the battery. I have never seen the appeal of these devices. You have to plug in the charging mat. Something needs electricity from the grid to charge a device. It seems like a novelty to me. When one can beam power across the room to a device, then I will be interested! Tesla’s dream will be realized!
  • Don’t use a faster charger. You should use the charger that came with your iPhone or iPad. Don’t use the iPad charger for your iPhone. I actually found a few people claiming they did this, and it shortened battery life.
  • Charge your device when it is cool. Don’t charge it after a two-hour long video chat. If possible, turn the device off while charging. Heat is the enemy of your battery. Charging the device when it cool will prolong battery life.

Beyond these tips, in my own experience, I would suggest avoiding the charger as much as possible. I have noticed when devices are constantly being charged, they tend to lose battery life faster. Neither Apple nor Battery University make this claim. In fact, they say a charge cycle is from 0 – 100%, and if you only do half charges, they count as half cycles. My theory is that when devices are constantly charged, whether they need it or not, they are exposed to more heat. The last 20% of a charge (the “trickle” phase) takes longer than the first 80%. I recommend draining your battery all the way. Sure, there are situations when you are at 10% and you are going out on the town. By all means, charge it. The closer you can get to full charge cycles, the better. I can find no research to prove this (beyond the effects of heat), but I have always found it to be true.

Apple also has a list of suggestions for configuring iOS to optimize battery life. Follow these as you see fit. There’s a balance between convenience and optimizing battery life. With a little care, you can avoid replacing the battery on your iOS device. These things are not meant to last forever. If you take proper care, your battery can last until your device is obsolete.

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  1. You offer no proof that what you say is true. Let’s see you take some video or some readings from a multi-meter.

    1. The recommendations in this article are based on research conducted by the battery university website and other sources, including Apple’s recommendations. I’m not running a laboratory. I think it’s fair to do research and present it to readers. I linked to my sources as well.

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