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iOS 8 Tips page 4

Share and Customize Reminders

iOS 8 improves on some of the stock apps. Reminders now allows limited customization and the ability to easily share reminders with contacts.

It is now possible to change the color of a Reminders list. This will change the color of the list title, as well as the color of the filled in bullets. At first glance, I thought this would be more useful, allowing users to color code items on a list. At best, you can use it to color code lists. To change the color of a list, tap the Edit button at the top. You will see two items appear — Color and Sharing. Tap on Color, then select a color. Tap Done when you have finished.

The ability to share lists is a useful and powerful feature, and is very easy to do with iOS 8 Reminders. First, go to Settings > iCloud and ensure that Reminders is turned on. Next, while in a Reminders list, tap the Edit button at the top, and then tap Sharing. Tap on Add Person and then tap the “+” symbol or type in the name of the contact. Tapping the “+” symbol will launch a Contacts sheet where you can select the person to share with. When you’re done, you should see the contact added to the list, with Pending next to it. The person will be emailed and informed that the list is being shared. They will also need to have Reminders turned on in iCloud to see the list.

You can do some really amazing things with Reminders sharing. In combination with geo-location, sharing a list can remind someone who is nearby a particular store or location to do something. For example, if you need milk, sharing the reminder with location data will prompt anyone on the list when they are near the store.

Email Contents of a Web Page

The Reader feature in Safari is a very useful tool for viewing a website without the distraction of extraneous graphics, social media toolbars and other cluttered content. Most people are unaware that one can send the entire content of a web page over email by using the Reader feature.

Simply tap the Reader button on the left side of the address bar to render the page in Reader mode. Next, tap on the sharing button on the top right and tap on Mail. This will launch Mail and you will see the contents of the web page inserted into the email message. Just add a recipient and subject (optional) and you can send the content of the web page to anyone. I often send web pages to myself so I can read them later, without having to reload them.

Keep in mind, this feature only works in Reader mode. If you share a web page over email in the standard browsing mode, Safari will only insert the link into email.

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