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Setup Family Sharing

If you have used the Apple ecosystem for some time, sharing media by authorizing computers can be cumbersome. It doesn’t really work on iOS without a computer. Sharing apps wasn’t really an option, until now.

iOS 8 introduces Family Sharing. Now, up to six family members can use the same apps, movies, TV shows, and other media purchased from the App Store, iTunes and iBooks. Purchases for a family can be made with one credit card. Parents can authorize their children’s purchases. Family sharing also integrates with Photos, Calendar, Maps and Find My iPhone.

You can set up Family Sharing by tapping Settings > iCloud. Once configured, family members will be presented with an invitation to join Family Sharing. After that, the familial features are integrated into Apple’s apps and ecosystem.

Find Out What Song is Playing

iOS 8 integrates Shazam’s song recognition technology into Siri. If you hear music playing, you can ask Siri “what song is this?” and she will reply with the artist and song title.

Use Messages to Send Audio

Messages has transcended simple text messaging in iOS 8. It can now send audio messages. Simply touch and hold the microphone icon and record your audio message. The recipient will be able to play back the recorded message.

Find Out When a Message Was Sent

If you use Messages a lot, it is often useful to find out when a message was sent. After all, text messages are usually of a timely nature. Simply swipe a text bubble to the left and you will see the messaging timeline.

Mute a Messages Thread

If you are involved in a long messaging thread, it can be a bit irritating to be constantly notified about updates. Fortunately, in iOS 8, you can mute a message thread. Simply tap Details on the message thread and then turn on Do Not Disturb.

View Original Photo When Editing

When you edit an image in Photos, it is now much easier to see the difference between the original and edited photo. Touching and holding the image will reveal the original, unedited photo. Releasing your finger will return to the edited photo. Now you can easily see if your edits are improving the photo, which is essential.

New Custom Message Options for Mail

With iOS 8, it is even easier to manage individual mail messages. Users can now configure how a swipe will handle an email message. For example, you can configure a right swipe to mark an email message as read. Tap on Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Swipe Options to configure Mail message options.

Get Notified When Email is Replied To

If you have an important email, you may wish to be notified when someone replies to it. Fortunately, with iOS 8, you won’t have to tap dance around Settings to do this. After sending off your important email, go to sent messages and tap on the email you just fired off. Next, tap on the flag icon at the top right and then tap Notify Me. A small box will pop up providing details on the email notification feature. Tap Notify Me on the box, and you will be notified when anyone replies to the email thread. Any reply to the email will show up in Notification Center, as well as displaying your preferred on-screen notification.

When you no longer need to be notified, you can turn this feature off. While displaying an email in the thread, tap on the flag icon and then tap Stop Notifying.

Access Inbox While Composing an Email

One of the most frustrating things about iOS was that Mail made it difficult to access your inbox while composing an email. If you needed to reference another email, you would have to save the draft, go to your inbox, and go back to the draft. With iOS 8, you can just swipe down on the email and go to your inbox. When you’re done, tap on the minimized email bar, and your draft will slide back into place. (continue…)

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