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Move Messages to iCloud

Apple has taken another step to save storage space on your device. With iOS 11, iPhone users can now use iCloud to store iMessages. Not only does this save storage space, but it also performs a cascading delete. When you delete a message on one device, it is deleted on all of your devices that use the same iCloud account. You can access this feature from the Settings > Messages screen.

Switch Image and Video Formats

iOS 11 introduces new formats for storing photos and videos — HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) and HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding). Both formats save a lot of space on your iPhone, especially if you record a lot of 4K video. The only problem with these formats is that they are not compatible with all devices. It’s not a huge problem, as users can easily convert images or switch to more compatible formats. You can adjust these settings by tapping Settings > Camera > Formats. Not all iPhones offer these settings. My iPhone 6 only works with the older formats and does not offer the Formats settings.

Preserve Camera Settings

The iOS Camera app will always default to Photo whenever you launch the app. This can be obnoxious if you’re recording video. You always have to remember to set it back to Video. iOS 11 allows users to preserve two camera settings — Live Photos and mode (Slo-Mo, Photo, Video, Pano and Square). If you alter these settings, they will persist when you close and re-open the Camera app. Simply tap on Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings to change these settings.

Pick Key Frame for Live Photos

I dislike the Live Photos feature so much that I have turned it off. It’s a storage hog and I don’t see the value of a mashup between a photo and a video. The actual photo you get is picked from a series of frames using an algorithm. As with most of these intelligent technologies, they’re often not that smart. The key photo may not be the one you want.

With iOS 11, users who haven’t disabled Live Photos can now pick their preferred key photo. Simply tap the Edit button on a Live Photo and use the slider to make your selection. This actually makes the Live Photo feature useful. For example, if someone blinks during a photo, you can just select the key photo that doesn’t have closed eyelids. If your subject moves, you can select a key photo that isn’t blurry.

Protect Your Privacy in FaceTime

iOS 11 introduces the ability to take FaceTime screenshots which exclude the UI frame. Unfortunately, these screenshots can compromise your privacy. Maybe you’re not looking your best when you take a FaceTime call and a “friend” decides to post this online. The good news is that you can prevent people from capturing your image during a FaceTime chat. Simply go to Settings > FaceTime and turn off FaceTime Live Photos. next page →

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