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Use the Apple TV Remote App

The Apple Remote app has been around for over a decade. It’s actually older than Apple TV and was originally used to control iTunes. The Remote App just wasn’t very useful and Apple didn’t seem interested in improving it.

With iOS 11, the Apple TV Remote app has undergone a complete overhaul. iTunes Home Sharing functionality has been stripped away. Instead, the new Remote app is designed to just control Apple TV, and it does this very well. In addition to providing full control of your Apple TV, it allows users to issue Siri requests. It even supports gaming! After about a decade, Apple finally released a decent remote app for Apple TV. I still prefer the Siri Remote, however, if I happen to break it, at least I have a decent replacement.

Make One-Handed Typing Easier

One-handed typing is often necessary when using a smartphone. Over the years, Apple has gone to great lengths to ease one-handed iPhone usage. The Reachability feature, introduced in iOS 8, makes it easy to reach the top of the screen, simply by double-tapping the Home button. It seems obvious, but no other tech company thought of this solution. Apple’s competitors rushed into large smartphones, but never provided a good way to use them with one hand.

Apple continues to make one-handed typing easier by adding one-handed keyboards to iOS 11. Unlike Reachability, I’m sure other smartphones had this capability before Apple introduced it. Nonetheless, the feature makes it much easier to type with one hand, as the smaller keyboard is shifted to either the right or left of the screen.

Switching to a one-handed keyboard is easy. Simply long-press the keyboard switcher button and select either the right or left aligned one-handed keyboard.

Auto Answer Calls

If you actually use your iPhone as a phone, there’s a new feature that may simplify your life. iOS 11 introduces the ability to answer calls automatically. This capability is extremely useful if you’re expecting an important call while your hands are occupied. You can even specify that calls are routed only to the speakerphone or bluetooth headset. The feature also allows users to set the duration before a call is answered. After all, you probably don’t want to seem too desperate.

You can configure your preferred call audio routing by tapping Settings > General > Accessibility > Call Audio Routing. Tap on Auto-Answer Calls to set up automatic phone call answering.

3D Touch X Button on Notification to Clear All

If you are inundated with Notifications, it can be a chore to clear them all off. iOS 11 makes this task much easier. Just hold your finger down on the X next to a Notification, and you will see an option to clear them all. This only works on devices supporting 3D Touch. next page →

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