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Unfortunately, it only took one attempt to discover that this feature is quite flawed. Audio and video are not in sync. If you are planning on using this for creating instructional videos, you will need to re-synchronize the audio track with an editing tool. If you were hoping to use this feature to capture video for offline viewing, this flaw complicates matters. I’m sure Apple will fix these defects. This feature is still quite useful for bloggers and YouTubers who create instructional videos. It’s also great if you need to show a friend, family member or colleague how to do something on an iPad.

Use the Files App

The lack of central file management was always the Achille’s heel of iOS. Apple stubbornly held on to an ambitious and futuristic notion that file management should be more abstract. This only made it more difficult to use the iPad as a proper computer. With iOS 11, the iPad takes a step closer to working like a proper computer. You can finally browse for files using the centralized Files app. It provides access to user-generated app data files on your device. You still can’t get into system files, which is probably for the best. Even most desktop operating systems hide critical system files from the average user.

You can launch the Files app from its icon. I recommend adding it to your Dock, because you will probably use it a lot. In addition to files on your iPad, the Files app is compatible with Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox and other cloud-based file storage services. These services will automatically display on the left side of the screen if they are installed.

The Files app is far from perfect. For example, I can’t actually browse local files on my iPad. I have apps that have local files, but the Files app can’t access them. In fact, I don’t even see the “Files on my iPad” category on the left side of the screen. It only works with specific apps. It still isn’t on par with tools like Finder on macOS. I can only really access iCloud, which I could do before. Nonetheless, file management for iCloud is much better. When I sort by date, it sorts by date and time. Prior to iOS 11, I would completely lose the chronology of video files uploaded to iCloud on the same day, because it sorted them by date and then name. The Files app also makes it easy to select multiple files. Simply hold your finger down on a file and tap others to add it to the selection. You can just drag all of those files into a supporting app.

It is clear to me that Apple wants people to think the iPad can replace a computer. They don’t really want that to happen. They want you to buy an iPad, MacBook, iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Watch and Apple underwear. Rest assured that the iPad will always be slightly less competent than the Mac. Or, if you are a hopeless Apple fan, you can internalize the notion that the iPad is good at iPad things. It is. But Apple continues to position it as a computer replacement, until the new Macs launch. They even admitted they do this on 60 Minutes! next page →

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