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Scan Documents on Your iPad

Just about everyone owns a scanner. I have an HP all-in-one printer and scanner. It’s a piece of junk and is remarkably frustrating to use. Thanks to iOS 11, I probably won’t need to use it again. The Notes app now includes an excellent document scanner. Simply open Notes, tap the + button on the bottom right, and tap on Scan Documents. All you have to do is point the iPad camera at your document and follow the onscreen instructions. It works remarkably well.

The scanned documents actually look better than what my scanner can do. This shouldn’t be surprising. After all, a modern iPad features a 12 megapixel rear camera. The optics and sensors are much better than most all-in-one office machines. The user interface is superior to anything you’ll find on one of those old, clunky devices.

Track Flights on your iPad

Busy travelers often need to install flight tracking apps to stay informed about departures. With iOS 11, Safari offers built-in flight tracking capabilities. Simply type the flight number directly into the address bar. You’ll see current information about your flight presented in an attractive UI panel.

Type Siri Requests

iOS 11 now allows users to type Siri requests and edit voice-issued requests. This comes in handy if you’re in a noisy environment or have a sensitive request that you’d like to keep private. I’m not fond of this feature, as it is a band-aid for imperfect speech recognition. If you have to type something, you might as well just use Google Search instead of Siri.

Editing Siri requests is enabled by default and available with every request. Just tap on Tap to Edit and use the keyboard to edit your request. If you prefer to type Siri requests instead of speaking them, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Siri and turn on Type to Siri. This disables Siri’s ability to interpret voice requests and presents a keyboard instead.

Record Your iPad’s Screen

As iOS becomes more complicated, it’s much harder to instruct users on how to accomplish a specific task. We can take screenshots and create written instructions, but this is difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately, with iOS 11, Apple provides a great new tool for capturing video footage of your iPad’s screen.

The Screen Recording app is not available by default. You will need to add it to Control Center. We covered how to customize Control Center previously in this article. Simply add the Screen Recording control to Control Center. Launch Control Center and tap the Screen Recording button. You have 3 seconds before screen capturing commences. The Screen Recording feature captures audio in addition to video. Press the Screen Recording button again to stop capturing on-screen video. Your video is stored in the Photos app. next page →

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