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Save Webpages for Offline Viewing

Cellular data is still expensive for most people. Conserving data is important, because overages can be costly. Additionally, Internet access is not omnipresent. I often have problems accessing my cellular network while riding public transportation or if I am in a remote area.

Tech companies are finally starting to realize that the perfect world of inexpensive, omnipresent cellular data is still far off. Netflix recently allowed users to download select programs for offline viewing. iTunes has always provided this functionality. Now, with iOS 11, Apple provides the ability to download webpages for offline use. Simply tap on Settings > Safari and turn on Automatically Save Offline. Now, when you save a web page to your Reading List, it will automatically be saved to your device for offline viewing.

You can also manually convert any web page into a PDF using Safari. Just tap on the share button and the tap on Create PDF. This will save the web page for offline viewing. You can also edit and annotate the document.

Consider Turning On Experimental Safari Features

Browsing through iOS 11 screens, I stumbled on advanced options for Safari. With iOS 11, Apple has given customers the ability to turn on experimental features of the WebKit rendering engine. These features affect Safari’s browsing capabilities. Some of these experimental features are trivial, while others may dramatically improve performance. For example, you can turn on WebKit’s ability to display web animations or activate WebGPU. A few of these items are turned on by default. If Safari exhibits odd behavior, your best bet is to turn these off.

These options are not just for geeks or developers. Some of them should improve performance or offer improved webpage rendering. Keep in mind, however, that these are experimental features. They may compromise Safari’s stability. You can access Safari’s experimental features by tapping on Settings > Safari > Advanced > Experimental Features.

Preserve Camera Settings

The iOS Camera app, by default, will always return to Photo when you launch the app. This can be obnoxious if you’re out recording video. You always have to remember to set it back to Video. With iOS 11, users can now preserve two camera settings — mode (Slo-Mo, Photo, Video, Pano and Square) and Live Photos. If you change these settings, they will persist when you close and re-open the Camera app. Simply tap on Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings to toggle these settings.

Free Up Space on your iPad

Conspiracies abound that Apple is trying to make a fortune from selling storage space. Whether you buy a higher capacity iPad or more iCloud space, Apple profits from power users and pack rats alike. They have actually gone to great lengths to conserve storage space, with HEVC, a new, more efficient file system and other optimizations. iOS 11 offers some innovative new features to save space. Apple is investing money to develop technologies that actually detract from storage space sales. This is not altruistic. They profit from brand loyalty. It’s refreshing to see a company looking at the big picture instead of just the next quarter. next page →

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