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You might not ever shut down your iPad, however, there is one good reason why you should. Charging your iPad after shutting it down reduces heat stress on the battery. It also charges faster. If you’re the type that uses your iPad while it charges, your battery probably won’t last long. I’ve been charging all of my devices like this for years. This is why I can still use my old iPhone 4. I charge it once every two weeks, and apart from charging, it’s on all the time. I use it every day, mainly as a clock.

Drag Screenshots into Documents

I really love what Apple has done with screenshots in iOS 11. When you take a screenshot, a thumbnail is briefly displayed on the lower left corner of the screen. You can hold your finger on the thumbnail and drag it directly into a document. It will appear in full size. From there, you can use Markup to draw shapes or annotate the image. Simply tap on the image and then tap on the marker icon. Use the on-screen tools to draw on the image and tap Done when you have finished. With the new screenshot and Markup capabilities, I was able to quickly highlight something on a web page and send it to a confused user. Indeed, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Hide Notifications on Lock Screen

Privacy is a big concern for Apple users. The company clearly values customer privacy, even pushing back on the government to do so. Unfortunately, by default, your notifications are displayed on the lock screen. I think this is what most people want. If you have privacy concerns, this is easy to change. Simply tap on Settings > Notifications > Show Previews and select the appropriate level of security.

Refresh Your Wallpaper

People get bored with technology. In fact, some people get so bored, they will just go for something that’s different, but not better. I know people who switch between the iPhone and other smartphones frequently, because they’re just bored with iOS. They usually come back, because they learn that different isn’t always better. Unfortunately, I know people who forget this lesson over and over.

As far as tablets go, the iPad is peerless. While the iPhone has some pretty impressive competitors, the iPad stands alone. Even people who are easily bored will stick with their iPad. If you are getting tired of your iPad, I recommend changing the wallpaper. iOS 11 offers some beautiful new backgrounds. You can also download new wallpaper from websites, which offer thousands of appropriately sized images. That said, the new ones in iOS 11 are simply gorgeous. Redecorate your old iPad by tapping Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper. next page →

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