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Add More Apps to the Dock

iOS 11 brings a lot of macOS functionality to the iPad. The Dock now allows up to 16 apps, regardless of device orientation. Users can add up to 13 apps to the Dock and, by default, iOS displays 3 recent or suggested apps on the right. You can turn off suggested and recent apps by tapping on Settings > General > Multitasking & Dock and turning off Show Suggested and Recent Apps. Turning this off will not allow you to place more than 13 icons on the dock. I guess Apple’s iOS product managers are not triskaidekaphobic.

As you place more icons on the dock, the icons diminish in size, just like on the Mac. In portrait orientation, they can be quite small. If you have thick fingers, this may present some difficulties.

The new Dock can be revealed just about anywhere in iOS. Simply slide your finger up from the bottom of any screen to display the Dock. You can tap on an icon to launch an app directly from the Dock, without visiting the Home screen. This makes multitasking much easier.

Use the New App Switching Interface

Apple critics often complain that the company only provides one way to accomplish a task. Most of these detractors haven’t used a Mac since the mid 90s. The truth is that Apple makes modest, incremental changes to their products over time. This is done to ensure quality. iOS 11 now offers four different ways to switch between apps.

All of the previous app switching capabilities were carried over from previous iOS releases. The old App Switcher has undergone a major overhaul. It now combines Control Center in a user interface that looks very similar to Mission Control on the Mac. Despite what critics contend, Apple does not steal these ideas from competitors’ operating systems. They are influenced by their own creation — the Macintosh. Their competitors are also influenced by the Mac. For example, Mac OS X was the first consumer operating system to offer widgets. Apple had widgets before smartphones even existed. Unfortunately, since the Internet is full of fake news and outright lies, this truth is only evident to long time Apple customers.

The new Dock is the easiest way to switch between apps. Simply slide your finger up from the bottom, just enough to reveal the Dock. Tap on the app you wish to launch. If you slide up more, you will see the full App Switcher interface along with Control Center. This view makes it easy to see the content of currently open apps. Simply tap on an app thumbnail to switch to the app. Flick an app up to the top of the screen to close it. It’s so easy and intuitive!

Customize Control Center

Apple takes a beating when it comes to customization. The truth is, most customers don’t care about customization. Geeky bloggers and YouTubers can harp on the lack of customization, but in the end, most users don’t really care about it. Market research backs this claim. Even HTC found that only 10% of their customers actually use widgets. next page →

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